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  • Honestly, I really have no clue haha.
    I just really like languages, so I figured translating would be the job for me :p.
    haha id rather have a week because of my substitute science teacher - hes so boring and i hav to stay with him for 2 and a half hours every week - he even falls asleep sometimes! ive got a science exam soon and i havent learnt anything in months because of him >.<

    its a rather good film - you may hate me for saying this - but avatar is the best film ive seen so mayb percy jackson just looks not as good because of that :p

    I was going to choose both haha - mayb ill reconsider that XD

    Awesome - i hope its good
    I'm only in my first year of college, I'm definitely majoring in German and I'm going to pick another major to double, but I'm not sure what that's going to be just yet.

    My DREAM job would be being a translator for the UN or something...we'll see how that turns out :p.
    id love a whole week - i was trying to start a protest last week to get more days off haha >.<

    Yeah its not the best film ive seen but it was definetly funny and the action seens were cool - i even bought the book today because of it lol

    Im glad i dont have to read that although if i do English A levels apparently i might have to >.< - but a party sounds fun! :D
    Oh jesus. I couldn't stand it if it there were only 2 days of sunshine.

    But yeah, it's pretty nice in Michigan. Our biggest disaster threat is tornados, we've got the lakes, we get all four seasons with lots of sunshine, it's not too bad.

    I'm actually considering moving to Germany once I graduate. There's a fellowship they offer German majors, I pretty much live in Germany and teach English there for at least a year.

    Weeeeee'll see how that turns out haha.

    So what are you studying?
    Well now its 6:44, and it's 6:44 a.m. in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, where I go to college :p. I'm from a city right outside Detroit, Michigan though - Dearborn.

    And I hear that it's always raining in England...how true is that? haha :D
    That's good ^^

    Nothing fun really im off school for 2 days then im back again >.< , although i did get to see the Percy Jackson film so that was fun :D how about you?
    No problem!

    I'm up at 4:12 a.m. trying to concentrate on homework, so I could be better haha.

    How are you?
    An ACT test is a college-level test that basically tells you the areas that you excel in. The worst score you can get is a 1. The best score you can get is a 36. A few months ago, I took it and got a 21. Just recently, I took it again, hoping to improve my score.

    And yes, I am so glad that it's half term. XD

    Oh, by the way, I just gave you some reputation.
    Yo welcome. =D

    Well, I've been pretty busy with school lately. Had to take the ACT recently. I'm still anxiously waiting for my results. :)
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