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Optimus Rhyme
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  • uh.. no! XD i don't quite know if she recieved his name yet or not.. XD so she was asking for his name... XDXD

    and she WAS a piplup! ^^ now she's a prinplup!!!! *runs around shooting off confetti*
    i napped from like 12 - 5 am

    then i watched anime

    i'm sorry buddy i promise i'll make it up to you
    OMG WHAT A WONDERFUL POST USER NAME!!!!!! I'm not just saying that either. That was truely amazing,I could see the events vividly. Wow keep it up!
    Welcome back User!!!!!!! I hope you stay this time ^^ I havent seen you in a loooooooong time! Anyways I ish the master of the pokemon DNA Rp and I say......... My goodness what an awesome temp,I see nothing wrong. Welcome aboard!

    Also a few things I'd like to point out,The MAIN lab. is located on top of that cave that's in between Rustburo and Vandenturf city/town. That's were you can start if you want,if not,you can start near Slateport,cuz that's were the action is. If you don't want to start of in either place,well go ahead and choose were to start off,just try to interact with others so you won't get bored.

    Also,there is a link to Pokearth on the very first Page of the OOC. It's in my post,(which is post #2) you'll see it dun worry. Anyways it opens up a map of all the regions so you can use that if you need to know the locations of cities and stuff. And most important of all respect everyone in the OOC and come to me if you have any problems or Ideas you'd like to share.

    I'll see ya soon ^^
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