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  • Did you use the smaller one for your avatar? That should fix the transparency issue.
    No, the movie doesn't have anything to do with the show really, it's just the cast on tour doing a concert, and I guess the movie shows backstage and such. The cast in the movie are more than likely going to be referred to by their real names. It's not like the movie is going to be like an episode of the show. If that makes sense. Go watch a trailer and you'll understand.

    Lol the reason her sang about the bird dying was because the bird belonged to his school and he was supposed to take care of it, I mean, that could still be considered lame, but they are a glee club so he would sing about a bird dying. Other than that, IDK I like a lot of the episodes, I guess the show is pretty limited in its audience in that sense.
    I don't think you'd have to know anything, so far as I know it's just the cast on tour (kind of like that Justin Beiber movie).

    And you should.
    this would be a good time to not pretend you're a female ;)

    also, lay me some beats optimus rhyme~
    well, i asked him a long time ago but he never got around to it... until recently D:
    it looks like its having an anurism lol
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