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  • get what working? my computer? no.. its still crappy despite my offering of cookies... *cries*
    You're either really tired, or you just can't type very well at the moment- I can barely decipher what you're attempting to say anymore.

    At any rate, not being able to sleep when you want to sucks. I love staying up when I choose to, but if it's something like last night, where I laid in bed all night coughing, unable to sleep, that's not any fun at all. Sometimes though, I do wish I had insomnia, at least a little more than I do now. It seems like it would be a pretty neat thing to have, much like I've always wanted glasses, despite having better than 20/20 vision.
    Wow, so you're even an hour later than I am, out here in Illinois.

    I was wondering because it seemed like it would be pretty late, and the majority of people are sleeping this late on a Monday night. I'm a night owl myself, but I don't know too many people who share that trait.
    Oh, so you were talking to me to actually talk to me then. Well, that's alright.

    Just out of curiosity, what time is it where you are?
    It could be. But you're not going to get a chance to try.
    Yes, it's where you put the adorable dragon egg in your sig, and then try to whore clicks off of people so that it hatches and grows. Altogether, it's a bit of a stupid concept.

    Is that the reason you bothered adding me, so I'd click on your dragon?
    There's a difference between funny, and annoying. You're from the latter.
    It's on the fucking internet.... you're just creepy, stop messaging me.
    So there isn't anything exciting you'd like to discuss? Talking to new people is always such fun, you're apt to learn loads of interesting things, and you never have to worry about repeating something you've said before.
    Not altogether too much. My dad's at work, so I have the house to myself, where I'm up to my usual shenanigans- staying up all night, listening to music too loudly, and making food whenever the hell I feel like it.

    It's the good life.
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