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May 18, 2007
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The short film series "Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition"
presented by Studio Khara and Dwango

Original projects, spin-off projects, promotional films, Music PV, and VJ Films etc...
Various omnibus animations produced with love and energy, regardless of any genres.
The digital distribution anime series bring opportunities for project development, R&D, human resources development, and free production under limited period and budget, to explore the possibilities of future film production.
Hideaki Anno said:
We planned this short film project for believing in the pursuit and exploitation of fun of images that Japanese animation has, deepening and diversity of flexible expression, understanding and exploitation of inidivisual talents, and the dreams and possibilies to the future, which are inherent in Japanese anima(tor)s. I appreciate your kind support and approval with this small resistance as many as possible.
Nobuo Kawakami said:
Honestly I am completely out of anime, but I do believe that all the innovations come from reckless challenges. The challenges come not only from young abilities but also from mature skills of experts. But we cannot start anything without setting opportunity to offer challenges. I hope this small project would be a part of contribution to the future development of Japanese anime.
In one of the coolest things of the year, today marks the first of some 30-odd animated shorts (by various animators, naturally), to be aired weekly.

Best part? It's free. And available at the website below. And said website has both Japanese and English options. And there are English subtitle options as well.

日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 / Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibit

To get the English subtitled version, click the "Title List" (second link, if you're viewing it in Japanese), then click the video you want. From there, you can find a video with subtitles available.

As you may have guessed, you can switch to English language on the site by clicking the "EN" at the top right corner.

Quick link to the first one to start it off: The Dragon Dentist

Animation lovers, get hyped.