A Band of Thin Light and Faded Blues



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May 18, 2007
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A Band of Thin Light and Faded Blues

On small abandoned steps do I rest
By ruined remains of lost ages
Steps littered with cracks and torn pages
The seldom noticed heave of my chest

This inheritance binding my wrists
A band of thin light and faded blues
Inscribed with words I was wont to choose
My will to do and strength it constricts

These passersby up and down the street
Worries echoed as thoughts in their mind
As jewels submerged in ocean to find
Troubled eyes with me will never meet

"That they be content would here be well"
The contract upon this binding band
Dreams of selfless power clasped in hand
Yet from lofty heights this glass heart fell

To aid the one affects the other
And happiness is a fleeting sort
Some birthed of deeds where lives are cut short
And those to whom success would smother

Stayed by this band with my goals a wreck
A shallow existence lacking means
Passed on the street as though empty screens
This band of mine leaps from wrists to neck

My fingers scratch amid thinning breath
A figure lost to those in the world
Tenuous reality unfurled
Lack of power shall beckon my death

In a flash did it expand anew
Stretching across our lonely blue star
This one notion pried my mind ajar
"Perhaps if I were mere human too."

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Sep 25, 2010
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Rare to see a poem from you, Nyangoro. :) A mighty good one at that. I'm not sure how to look at it quite yet; some deep thought will need to go into it before I say further. But some lines in particular stand out to me amongst the rest. The last one was the most fascinating line for me to read, because I didn't expect it at all.