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  • Oh, well I am not entirely sure since I do not watch the show regularly nor do I make Fan fics...
    Been planning to though.
    If you checked the "About Me" column on my page you'd know; I am in fact MALE
    It's just so people can nick name me that instead of typing my whole name or the latter more annoying one, yttr *shudder*

    Oh so there's a new girl in your life, interesting, and the personality fits yet again.
    And she's physically attractive, so that's a plus (but don't mention is so many times =_=)
    So she's got both personality and looks, but you are lacking the actual large amount of contact needed for a relationship.

    Best thing you can do is keep doing what you've been doing now, eventually ask her out and somehow manage to see her after school hours; considering the lack of time you see her now as it is might as well hang out on the weekends right?

    I approve..so far.
    Also a little advice, a bit of punctuation doesn't hurt.
    lol nope not much. Just been busy with life.... yay =p

    Oh and Midnight Club LA is only for PSP, 360, and PS3 :/
    i dont know what to say about that...it always worked for me...maybe its something screwy with the site?
    I guess that's the road you should follow for now.

    Broaden your horizons and figure yourself out before getting into things like this.
    You have all the time in the world for relationships so don't let things like that control your life =3
    Then just wait if you think you're too young enough to date.
    You have plenty of time to do so.

    Honestly you're a bit young for it anyway.
    Well at least you figured out what you were doing wrong.

    Try and start with a regular conversation, then lead up to the climax: actually ASKING her out.
    Or do what ever method you prefer, it's only advice :\
    I was in a bad mood beforehand, so you don't have to ask for my forgiveness.
    Just use your head kid *doink*

    Well you have next time so don't fret.
    sorry man i didnt mean the looks thing like that i was thinking to much sorry man forgive me please!

    I can understand the lack of sleep, that could lower your confidence level.
    But the sheer thought of you not doing anything just because she wasn't looking all that great today pisses me off.


    And eh, you're mom is realizing that you are getting older, and boys your age start getting interested in women. It's only natural that she try and pry into your relationship life, just don't let her meddle with you too much.
    You better try your hardest tomorrow, at least assert yourself this time.

    Christ that just got me in a bad mood -_-
    Eh everyone has their off days I suppose ~shrugs~

    Why didn't you do anything?
    Was something holding you back?

    Then again puberty has its ups and downs :\
    When you say stupid shit, you're going to be treated like a person who says stupid shit. For the record, evolution does exist, and no legitimate scientist without an insane religious agenda would refute that. I don't intend to debate you because that would imply there was some degree of doubt here (I mean seriously -- who the fuck doesn't believe in evolution, or at least some combination of evolution and creationism, at this point in history?)

    Quit making such a huge deal about the rep. If you stop making shitty, ignorant, misinformed posts you shouldn't have trouble earning it back quickly.
    they think i bashed them, but i worded things wrong so i sounded like i was bashing athiests which i didnt think its possible but its Sam and somebody else (this is the second time sam did this to me) they said i should come back when i get smart
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