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  • nothin just chill'n after a hard days work.

    and dont worrie about the sig (i still have to figure out how to put it in my sig) so just get around to it when you can
    Well I am only human just like you, and I have my own set of needs, and last night I needed my sleep.
    Alright, what's going on this time?
    Well in time you learn a bit, and the more you learn and the more you adapt you'll do fine.
    It takes time and you got a lot of that so don't worry about it now.

    Trust me you'll have an excuse to goof up first year of highschool so try not to dwell on mistakes when you make them.
    Oh alright, and ironically I do have an outline due for that exact class no less, tomorrow.
    But it's not nearly as long, just for one section in a chapter :p

    And yes I am a junior. By the time you make it to 9th grade I'd be a senior then.
    Bits and pieces, yes, and it was alright.
    A few inconsistencies here and there but it was good for a second try.

    Keep it up and in time you will improve.
    Oh god no, I don't drink.
    I just haven't eaten all day, so I became irritable and weak, not to mention paler D:

    I'm a bit better now that I have something in my stomach, but I'm still in an awful mood.
    Don't worry though I'm fine.

    Eh, I'll get down to it in a bit.
    I have a massive head ache right now, so my tolerance for n00bs today is low =____=

    No, I'm not talking about you.
    Well I don't really have room to criticize since I don't write myself, so I suggest asking a good writer to see what you can improve on. Sorry that I can't help, just with my lack of experience if I tried to help with my constructive criticism I might just make things worse.

    Ok, just checked out your fan fic, not bad for your....first?
    It's your first one right?
    I tried to download something... <_<
    You're a bit too young to understand...

    And why do you ask that?
    Well that sounds nice, good luck with the fic.

    As for my weekend it was incredibly boring, I could have done so much more with my free time.
    Stayed up till 7 for some reason, mostly because I was trying to debug my pc from spyware (which it still has)
    Other then that it was average at best with a few let downs.
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