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  • Oh, sorry with all that's happened this week I must have forgotten.
    Still my suggestion still applies, and try to show her your better side.
    Oh so there's someone you like huh? Is it one of those girls from last time?
    Well just find time to talk to her more often.
    That was a quick change of subject. I need one as well, but since we work on a plan I have to get it from them. Even if I wanted to pay for it I don't have the proper amount of money for such a thing.

    But I just got 50 from my pops.
    Well just because of that it doesn't mean she'll grow up to be a whore.
    I mean yeah she's a bit of a tease and all but that isn't necessarily true.

    And yes I did see that.
    Even if I knew you in RL, I wouldn't want you to waste your money to buy me something.
    Wait...really? You can consider me a brother?
    Well then don't take it too seriously unless she starts getting physical...I'll stop there.
    And yes I turned 17, woo!
    I think she's just flirting with you, and being quite immature about it.
    She'd be trying to seduce you if you two were alone...I don't want to go into detail, you're a bit young.
    Hey, nice to meet you... but I have a few questions
    1. Are you a Petafile (just kidding)
    2.Why am I suddenly seeming like a good friend to you
    3.I see you don't lie about your age (but that isn't a question)
    4.So you say you finished eight grade or something, I am in eight, but you talking about an advanced student, I should be taking the same classes like you in terms of grade level, don't talk trash.
    5.Look up Ultimate showdown on youtube.com
    Just be yourself, it doesn't take that much.
    Ok, I'll be looking forward for more in the future.
    It's pretty good. I agree with some of the advice given in the thread by others too. But good work. I'll be looking forward to more :p
    I've heard of all of those books, and I don't really care to read them.
    Reason being that I don't have a proper set up to hold all of those books.
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