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  • aww sorry man. =/ No, I personally can't do anything about it. If you think negarepped you for wrong reasons the mods said to take a screen shot of the rep and send them.
    It should be in there somewhere; I deleted my inbox and outbox recently so I don't have it.
    KK im just a giddy 13 year old so dont mind me, i wonder how many more points till i get two green boxs?
    Oh, I haven't read any of your fanfics but sure enough I will in time.
    Also I'll rep you, don't worry ;3
    Oh well it seems that you did well without my help; also I'll rep one of your posts soon ;3
    Not for the sig, just for something cool you posted.
    well to bad but i need my question answered please what happens when u edit layers cuz every time i do it mess' up the pic
    Yes it's free similar to photobucket, though a program file is installed; it would become a desktop icon.
    Don't worry though, it's free as can be and causes no harm to your computer.
    ummmm what does the layers thing do to the picture? and does gimp work wth KHI like photobucket does cuz photobuckets free as well and my dad wont let me down load stuff onto his laptop cuz its the only computer hooked up rite now
    You could always use Gimp

    It's free.

    Somewhat of a substitute for Photoshop which is costly to buy.
    Also if you need advice with digital works such as photoshop (which you have decent skill with as I've seen) check out the digital media section.
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