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    And oh jeez. The sights and the blood, and the deadhands. D: My poor little Roxas!Link!

    ...Okay, so I named him Ponnie by mistake. But in my head, I named him Roxas. XD
    XDDDDD INORITE. Gawd. I raged so hard at that place. Took a day and two hours to get through. :|

    Now I'm in the Shadow Temple. O___O I'm...distrubed.
    ;D Right. *giggles*

    And I know right?!! :D That's why I started posting there again.

    And just for you. :3 I started Zelda again!

    And roffle. Looking over my old posts in the Organization fanclub. XD Dude. I was crazy.
    ;) Dearest. Don't you worry. I plan on having nearly EVERY single relationship fluff there is. Most of the AkuRoku scenes will take place during the second chapter. But it all falls full circle in the last chapter. ;D Think of this, Roxas makes Axel and Xigbar snow globe like presents that look like glowing hearts for the ones he know they lack for Christmas. In shock both he and Xig run to find the kid to thank him, only to find him and Xion asleep on one of the Gray Room couches in front of the Christmas tree that they put up the day before. So of course, not to wake them they just cover both the kids up and sit down beside 'em (Roxas mushed in the middle of both Axel and Xigbar) and basically cuddle with them, watching the Christmas tree.

    Cus, darling. To me...that's what Christmas is. <3 Sitting by your loved ones and just enjoying the look, smell, and feel of Christmas. <3~
    <3 *hugs* Thanks for understanding. And awww. Thanks for that as well!

    And basically. I wanted to work on the idea of Roxas coming across someone in Twilight Town getting ready for Christmas, coming to Axel and Xigbar and question them about it. And them telling them, in their own way how to celebrate the holiday. Needless to say, Xigbar teaches him the ways of FUDGE (After kicking Xaldin out of the kitchen, and having to deal with Roxas wanting Sea Salt fudge.), Axel taking him (And Xion.) to a snowy world to understand snowball fights, snowmen and snow angels, and then the final chapter about decorating Christmas trees, gifts, and what Roxas got both Axel and Xig for Christmas.

    It's like this huge corny family storyline. XD But I want to do it so badly, it's not even funny.
    >//////< Heheheh. Thanks, honey. That's really sweet. I know, I agree with you. But she was just angry. I know I shouldn't have let it get to me. But, you know. Things just effect me so much when I don't mean them to. DX Ugh. I am made of fail.

    But awww. Awwwwwwww! Xigxas plushie! <3 *cuddles it* Sooooo cute! Speaking of Xigxas...you know, during all those down times, I actually did manage to think of a new multi-chaptered fan fiction for the hoildays (Christmas) <333
    I DID TELL YOU! D: From the get-go!

    But yeah, I'll try not to bad mouth Roxas in your presence. ;)
    Ah, it's okay. It's nothing too personal. I just had a really bad fight with my sister/best friend the other day. She kinda insulted my love for Xigxas and told me that what I loved was based upon nothing and that there was no way that Xigbar ever really cared for Roxas. And it made me feel uncomfortable and really upset, that I even began to question the relationship...and my *own* connection to Braig himself.

    And I've also been having computer problems. TT___TT So yeah. It just keeps adding, and adding. D: *deep heavy sigh* DX
    A million times better than I have felt in the last few days. TT____TT So much drama lately in my life. So much DONOTWANTAGE. :p
    Chi? THIS is why I didn't want to talk about my hatred towards Roxas. :( Because no matter how hard you try, you're not gonna change my opinion. I may have flaws in my logic/reasoning, but it's something that's personal and can't be swayed. And it's only cause a lot of stress between you and me if we pursue this. :(
    Chi? THIS is why I didn't want to talk about my hatred towards Roxas. :( Because no matter how hard you try, you're not gonna change my opinion. I may have flaws in my logic/reasoning, but it's something that's personal and can't be swayed. And it's only cause a lot of stress between you and me if we pursue this. :(
    "No one would miss me." Even when I first played KH2 in 2006, I got pissed at that line. The fact that Axel was THERE and rather clearly trying to talk him out of leaving, was proof enough that Roxas was dead wrong. And I just felt terrible for Axel.

    Tragedy? I would've been affected, if I had good reason to care about Roxas. But the longer I played as him, the more I wanted it to be over with. By the time he faded away and the logo "Kingdom Hearts II" flashed up with Roxas' Theme playing, I was thinking, "Finally! Now the game begins! >:3 Sora, it's been a long time!"

    Maybe. However, he clearly has his own personality, and I utterly despise that personality. It bothers the heck out of me how a guy who's created from two uber-happy dudes is the one of the biggest Debbie Downer's in the series.
    I know there's a difference between hate and not connecting, but every time I look at the freaking character, I feel the sudden urge to break something. I DESPISE Roxas. It's difficult to put it into words, but I just utterly hate the guy. He comes across as such a jerk to me. And yet, so many people flock to him like they would a little puppy. -_- He treated Axel like shit (it's shown even in KHII), and he even did it to Hayner once too. I just don't see Roxas being all that great a friend. =/

    Not to mention the *facepalm*-worthy "HAYNER! PENCE! OLETTE!"-spamming that seemed to become Roxas' idea of how one solves all their problems. Dx
    Both. I really don't like him at all. And it doesn't help that I can't connect with the character at all.
    Again, he's a character I could never connect with. It's hard to explain, but I just downright hate the character. xD
    And its a sad thing to say that I actually preferred him in Days, where he's a massive Xion fanboy, compared to KH2.
    I hate the character, but I LOVE the theme (I wish it was Sora's... >>; *shot*) That said, I particularly like Riku's Theme. Not sure if it's my favorite though. xD
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