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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Part of it is that I just utterly despise Larxene as a character. xD She's probably my least favorite Org member (Xion isn't a member in my book. ;D) Seriously, I hate her more than I do Roxas. xD That being said, I also just don't think it'd work. Axel would've more likely done a repeat of what he did to Vexen to Larxene, had Sora not taken care of her already. xD
    I'm starting to drive myself nuts. I'm watching a show called Ghost Stories about a psychotic man that passed himself as a Turkish Sultan. And, he ended up ended being burried alive in the backyard and his whole family and harem was slaughtered.
    Exactly why you shouldn't have to worry. >:) *glomps* <3

    Plus, he'd officially have a heart to love whom you feel he loves. ;) Be it Ventus, Roxas, Larxene (*cue EPIC gagging*), or an imaginary character! 8D
    I have a better profile picture on my myspace actually. :p

    hehe thanks, some people think I'm cute at first sight.... heh :p
    I think he looked his best during his appearance at TKG. <3 Xiggy enough, but certainly a good enough distinction and let's be honest, that eyepatch is SEXAH. <3
    Stop lying and say I'm ugly. xD

    Nah that's not actually the BEST picture I've ever taken of myself. :p
    I saw! :D My old high school from last year is planning on doing that too. xD Lucky! <3
    D: You don't remember your debating with me to get me to liking it again? YOU BROUGHT ME BACK!!!
    So, umm, yeah. I've had this SoKai forum around for a while and I'm bringing it back; wanna join? :)
    One Sky, One Destiny
    Agreed. And I think they'll only get better from here on out. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming. lol
    I like Willa Holland. She did a good job, especially since it was her first time voice acting. ^_^ That said, I DO think they could have casted someone else. Personally, I would've picked Cristy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible) or Kari Wahlgren (Lady from the DMC series) as Aqua, but Willa did good. ^_^

    Jason Dohring was okay as Terra (and utterly epic as him at times too), but I would've casted Crispin Freeman as Terra, personally. He would've been AMAZING as Terra. <3
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