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  • Ahhh <333333 ilu~

    Oooh that is awesome! :D I'm already halfway through my second year and I can tell you, it's not half as scary as you probably think :3 And hey, if you ever need someone to talk to, or go over an essay or something you can ask me <3

    I know how it feels :c Days really, really broke my heart and my interest in the series swung from purely fanfic to purely interviews and translating things. And now I basically have no translating to do news-wise (*guilty look at novels*) and I don't really feel interested in fanfic anymore... WHAT DO I DOOO

    I am mostly ok! Family issues + 'that time of the month' pains + a cold + school + best friend moving back to America soon = *curls up and cries* Buuut yeah, mostly ok lol. Still breathing! aha

    How are you~?
    hey bbg
    Chi! :D How's it going?

    BTW... I'm considering giving Roxas another chance; what is it about him that makes him such an interesting character to you? :)
    the last cosplay was as deidara being a rendeer xD in some days more I expect to cosplay as roxas C: I have the wig now *---*
    congratulations! what are you going to study O:?

    I've been fine C: going out with my boyfriend, hanging out with friends, cosplaying n.n
    ;A; sorry for not replying in mooooooonth!!!! I have been sooo busy with college >.<
    how have you been chii C:?
    It's odd; a year ago, I didn't really care too much about it. Now? I'm so excited about the game! :D

    Skyloft looks so beautiful... ;A;

    Wut up? :3
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