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  • My top 5 favourite organisation member in order :)
    1. Roxas
    2. Axel
    3. Xion
    4. Demyx
    5. Xigbar
    Just seen it i love your drawing of Larxene ^^ the rest are not bad who is your favourite top 5 organisation member?
    Hell yeah I do. My favorite p4 character is yosuke
    and my favorite p3 character is junpei
    well, the Rp is almost over, but to join a Rp you usually have to make a character in the sign up threads.

    usually after you make a character according to an Rp's rules you have to be accepted.
    You haven't. It was just really annoying to see the post you put in the RP thread. We are almost done with the current RP, but we are in the mists of making a sequel to the... well... sequel. Ask SilentTrinity for the link or look for it in the OOC ^^ Sorry if I scared you.
    Okay to sign up to our roleplay thread, go to your home page and find the thread neat Sign ups and OOC, and find memories of hearts sequal one and look up all the rules and such then ofcourse join, thanks for being interested in our roleplay Nexark. WELCOME TO KHI!!!!! if you need any help Jo is here to help. And don't worry about Silenttrinity, hes just cranky =P
    next time please use the Sign Up thread instead of the actual roleplaying thread.

    it will be most appreciated.

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