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  • Poor Braig...But,y'know,he's on Xehonort's side...THAT MAKES HIMA CUTE BAD BOY!!!!AHHHHHH!!!:D
    You saw the picture in my albums?
    My favs are the Akuroku,Axel,Roxas,And the Braig one.Man,he's cute in that one....+>.>+
    Whats so good about dsi anyway. I still have my ds lite. Lol I might get dsi or that new ds whatever its call.
    I still haven't watch the first one. Should probably watch it someday. lol
    It is still early in the morning going towards noon for me so i should be having lunch about now ^^ i havent had my lunch yet.
    I dont really like Axel in COM for as he is a sadist who could kill his Comrade without regret i only started liking him in Days when i saw the extend he would go to help both his friend Roxas and Xion makes me see that despite all the cruel and sadist thing he did in COM Axel actually has a soft and kind side inside him which makes me like him :p How about you what makes you like Luxord?
    I didnt really like like Demyx in KH2 i only started liking him after playing Days i like his guitar playing and his slacky attitude and he is always the joker of the group :p. I like Xion cause i admire her bravery and her sweet and kind caring attitude towards her friend. No wonder you like Xion she is a mysterious character.
    Wow you drew Axel too that cool i am ok Vexen with he is not in my favourite cause he feels creepy to me XD
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