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  • Do you mind taking a screen capture of what the thread looks like to you? I want to get this fixed for you.
    I know. They're lucky they made those policy changes on that thing. I mean, the fact that they COULD change it, and so quickly too, shows that they were being money-hungry bastards about this generation. But, still. At least people will actually buy the console now, lol.

    I heard a rumor that, before Microsoft announced all of its changes, the PS4 was outpacing Xbox One pre-orders by about 8 to 1. It would make sense too. Numbers like that would force Microsoft to back down the way that they did.
    Yeah that's what I've heard about them. My dad gave me a terabyte backup hardrive so I'll probably back all my data up to there one day should poop hit the fan
    But they usually compensate if it screws up. Like I still have my launch window (bundled with MGS4) PS3, still works just fine. I'm surprised I haven't ran out of gigs yet as it only came with 80
    Well infamous Second Son looks boss, I can't wait till the PS4. I really hope I'm able to get one at launch, that'd be something
    Sucker Punch was around the on N64, they only made one game called Robot on Wheels or something like that. Never got too popular though. And with Insomniac, they're kinda getting bad now, last good game they made was Ratchet A Crack in Time (unless R3 came out after, then that was pretty good). Shame
    Yeah both are definitely vying for goty this year. I already completed Infinite now I'm just working on the Last of Us, survivor mode is actually kinda tough so far
    Google haha. Figured I'd make it since Infinite is GOTY, except for The Last of Us. That and the fact that he kinda resembles me, I've been noticing a lot of protagonists have some resemblance to me lately haha.
    One of these days I might make my own with some cool background or whatever
    Yeah dude, been seeing your stuff here and there. I bought photoshop during my first year at college, parents thought it'd be a good investment for my architecture stuff. We had one project dealing with it so I'm not half bad with it. If I really wanted to I could make some cool looking stuff. Maybe one day haha
    Ugh I know that movie too...

    Yeah I've been here off and on, but now since KHIII was announced I'm here a lot more often. And now with the new usergroups, I'm 300 posts away from Gold. =D
    Yes sir. I have been plagued with non tag requests, or some completely absurd request, and I kind of am feeling tired of it. Want to hop on staff? I unfortunately cannot change the staff list because the lovely girl who created the thread has been MIA for too long.
    Well, I spent three weeks at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, attending a Center for Talented Youth program. Basically it's summer school but awesome, because I was taking a class on graphic novels. You get to experience college life, meet some awesome people and have tons of fun. Did the same thing last year.
    Then I spent a week and a half with my grandparents, first in their home in Cape Cod, MA, and then with my grandpa and dad in Chicago.

    Since you won't be visiting her very regularly, should we just be exchanging emails or something instead?
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