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  • Yeah, dude it sucks. Just a heads up, Bo Burnham's new show is quite offensive. He has a whole song about people from God's perspective. It's reeaaally not cool. The only truly funny part, was when he was making fun of modern pop, and has the audience chant "repeat stuff, repeat stuff" as the song chorus, and then he jumps up from the piano and starts doing the nazi march.
    Haha yeah. Here, this is my rant to my TIU friends. About being away from Trinity for a few hours and hating it.

    So, I've been home for about 5 hours. I ALREADY MISS TRINITY. I MISS YOU GUYS. I hate having only non-christian friends back here. Especially because evangelizing is an instant conversation shut down. Anyway, it's my best friends birthday today, and he and his girlfriend as about as far as Christian as you can get. I spent the evening with them, and realized just how unprepared I am to face the world. TIU is special, and safe. I forget just how nasty the world is... and well, I feel super down. Mainly because I had to sit through a highly offensive comedy show by Bo Burnham. And I think the thing that actually hurt the most is that I'm definitely looked at differently. It's as if since I go to a Christian University, suddenly I'm too Christian. My best friends parents are Christians, though they barely lived it. They pray for meals at meals out of habit more than anything. Anyway, they said "I think the Christian boy should bless the meal." I mean seriously what in the world? I'm still the same guy. Just more solid in my faith than before. Sigh. It's going to be a loooong few weeks.
    Oh that's right. They changed the effing structure. I'VE BEEN WORKING FOR PLATINUM SINCE MY TIME HERE. WTH.
    Just two days ago. Name changes are free until Christmas. So I figured, why not?
    Most definitely. The only thing is, I'm not 100% certain what I enjoy doing that I could turn into a career. I'm not really all that great at any one thing. I'm pretty good at a whole bunch of things, but I don't have a specific talent.

    But I suppose, in the art world, that's kind of a good thing since flexibility is a must.
    I have nothing against piles and piles of money, but it is important to do what you enjoy.
    Yeah, you'll never want for work -- kind of ironic when you remember that we're talking about majoring in art. There's this whole thing of "artists can never find work", but in things like Graphic Design and Film, as long as other industries make goods, there will be a need for package design, advertisements, commercials, etc. So you'd be pretty much set for life if you know how to find work!

    Freelancers like me, on the other hand...
    I was looking at Graphic Design for a while too. The thing about Sequential Art is that comics are more of a niche. Sure, you can branch out to thins like cartooning, animating, and storyboarding, but graphic design is such a broader thing that you could pretty much find work in any art field. But I guess I just have to follow my heart and all.
    That's sweet! It's great that you can care about something enough to, well, go to the trouble of tearing it apart and fixing it. I've had to do that with my stories before, and I think they always come out the better for it.

    I'm a Sequential Arts major (fancy name for comics) at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA!
    Well it's good to have you back!

    As for me, I haven't changed much. I'm not doing as much writing, but I am doing plenty of art! I'm in my freshman year of art school, actually.
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