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    News ► Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package Arrives March 17th 2020 on PlayStation 4

    Really love the boxart! Super cool that they finally used the picture frames with this art :)
  2. Nazo

    News ► Project Xehanort official title revealed: KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road

    The more I think about it, the more I think a similar but more fitting title would be Kingdom Hearts: Road to Darkness as a full callback to the ending of CoM. Or if we want to keep the super weird naming convention, we could call it Kingdom Hearts Umbral Path or something xD
  3. Nazo

    News ► Project Xehanort official title revealed: KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road

    A lot of people, myself included, assumed it would be Kingdom Hearts Another χ but I would imagine that would be bad from a marketing standpoint to name it that. Even as a fan, your knee-jerk assumption is that it is tied to the Chi Saga or is yet another rebranding. I imagine most people's...
  4. Nazo

    KH Fans what are your plans for the future of the franchise? and Will you move on or stay till the end?

    There are definitely times where I get frustrated with and/or tired of the series and think "Maybe this is it. Maybe I'm finally losing interest." Never lasts more than a few days, lmao.
  5. Nazo

    Concern over Xehanort’s character and Project Xehanort

    There is something that has been weighing on my mind since finishing KH3, has persisted through ReMIND, and now continues into this new Project, and that is Xehanort’s character.
  6. Nazo

    News ► Tai Yasue talks about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind in Twitter Q&A

    I doubt they would be able to fix any potential translation issues with Master Xehanort considering Rutger Hauer passed away. However, one "fix" that would be nice is if they edited the second Terranort scene slightly. I've seen so many people get confused thinking that the exact same cutscene...
  7. Nazo

    A year later and I feel more at peace with KH3

    My experience with KH3 went something like this: 1. After first playthrough: Utter bliss, felt like the game was totally perfect and satisfying 2. Starting reflecting on the plot and the way I felt after completing it. Began noticing that I was starting to feel a bit more negative about the...
  8. Nazo

    Xehanort's Character in the DLC

    Preciesly. Even before KH3, people were confused over exactly what it was that Xehanort wanted. It was never explicitly made clear. The Secret Reports throughout the series provide a lot of explanation, but they offer several different motivations. Xehanort is simply curious and obsessed with...
  9. Nazo

    Xehanort's changed fate before

    Honestly. I know Nomura was saying "but if I do that, then the Xehanort Saga wouldn't have ended with KH3 after all" but I don't think most people would mind such a thing. Plenty of series have had a big finale-type game and then followed up with a smaller prequel or interquel to fill in some...
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    Film ► Frozen II - November 2019

    Frozen II was incredible. Loved it. If they stop the franchise here, it is a great stopping point. But I would 1000% be on board for Frozen III.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Cornerstone of the World's Rebirth

    I'd say it's a very safe bet that ReMIND will release in January 2020 though. Not only is it one year since the release of KH3, but it corresponds to the new KHUX story updates as previously mentioned. Given that Nomura seems to want KHUX to intertwine with the console games, it makes a lot of...
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    Should Kingdom Hearts Explore DATING/RELATIONSHIPS?

    The only ship that should move beyond subtext is Lea/Isa. Even with Sora and Kairi, if they were to outright "confirm" their pairing, I think at this point it works better as something we feel (or don't, if you don't buy them as a pairing) rather than see. It serves the story better that way...
  13. Nazo

    The end of Xehanort *SPOILERS*

    Really liked everything you said, alexis. There is one thing that I do think wasn't addressed with Xehanort that should've been, and that's that it doesn't feel like he answered for his crimes or properly held accountable. I always felt that the characters, by that point, were ready to move on...
  14. Nazo

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade Keychains Releasing March 2020

    Has anyone managed to purchase these yet? I'm still getting errors with the checkout. I contacted the site support already, but I wanted to see if anyone else in NA has tried successfully to add all 4 of these to their cart. I can add just one and everything's fine, but the moment I add more...