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  • lol Driving is honestly cheaper these days depending on where you go. People with those big house sized RVs got it made.
    Well that sounds sucky. The plane takes all your fun out of the first day! D=
    Your off all August!?

    I didn't go to no refuge. It was mostly a beach trip. I wasn't to impressed tbh. The ocean didn't wow me. I've had more fun at local lakes.

    You think he's good you should hear the japanese Donald.

    Why? x'D

    I dont think he can juggle all these plot threads. Just look what happened when SE and Nintendo demanded more games than he intended ON TOP of all the other projects he does at a given time. He's stretched way to damn thin.
    I honestly hope these days that KH3 has some troll reboot ending. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and Mickey keep their memories but everything else is changed. Easy copout but makes any next saga more potentially viable. No baggage.

    Its sad but in both DDD and KH2 the only truly decent worlds were Trons. Sora's Tron in DDD is the only time his story is better than Rikus visit. In KH2 it's the only truly unique world that doesn't copy & paste the movie plot. Tron is tightly interwoven into the Radiant Garden world and what's happening there giving it a creative feel.
    They should AT LEAST make places that are supposed to be inhabited have NPCs. Just a town area would do. For most of the worlds with wilderness setting it makes sense you see no people but having no people in towns like Notre Dame is just plain ass laziness.
    Aside from the KH2-DDD Tron worlds the only game post KH1 to have what I felt like was a original take on the worlds was Coded. People cry rehash but Coded doesn't follow the original plots of Kh1 OR the movies in the worlds DataSora visits. They're just setting there, the larger story of the datascape takes presidence.

    Probably something lame like "sensing" it like Aqua sensing her strong light. Anything kairi would be nice. lol

    Exactly. xD

    Days NEEDED less Xion focus. Days was meant to be about Roxas and the Org but was about Xion from Roxas' view. The manga did Days far better.
    They needed less receptivity in story and missions. They stretched the story to long.

    I agree.

    6am?! I dont plan to ever take a flight. lol
    haha People are still doing the vaca with summer almost over? I look like a zombie every morning myself. lol
    Sadly I have never been to a Disney World. Family could never afford it. I have been to Tennessee, Virgina Beach and Indiana though.

    A lot of Disney voice actors do multiple roles if you look. They seem to keep talented people for any occasion. =3
    Not sure I'm to keen on a Haunted Mansion world myself. It'd be like Luigis mansion with goofy. lol

    Maleficents treatment will always scorn me. She came back in such a fanservice way that it's almost insulting. THEN she becomes Jesse. If they wanted to have Pete running around and to bring Maleficent back they should've made it Petes goal to revive her. Having him eventually succeed. Then boom queen of evil returns in a way that makes sense.
    Notre Dome in total was wasted. Big bustling city, empty. One of the most evil villains a person can use? Wasted.

    That or Kairi remembered after being saved since Sora saw some of her memories. Can blame it on one of those resonance things. She does say after Sora mentioning the grandma "oh yeah, we were together" as in he had her heart at the time.
    The only experiment on Kairi was throwing her into space. She has no darkness to experiment on....though throwing a 4yr old into space could be way worse than any torture. o_o

    I have no interest in the parents after so many years. I can always headcanon it as he worries off-screen. At least KH doesn't use the orphan cliche for them. Riku mentions Soras dad, we hear Soras mom and he mentions parents in general in KH1.
    It's such a nice break in the orphan cliche in rpg.

    A lot of things should've got focus in Days & BBS.

    Oh man tha'ts old. I remember when that first hit online. Xemnas has never shown one so I'd consider it a ditched idea like most of the "terra-hints" in Xemnas.
    Amano needs to be on writing staff! Then they need whoever wrote KH1.

    That should be the slogan. We should paint it on SE's building. XD

    It was definitely thought up around then I say. All those fun debates over the hints of "is it terra or xehanort" when you saw Xemnas or Ansem do something is all but gone now. He threw out the possible stuff for just old man Xehanort.
    Roxas discovering things on the Organization would've been far better. A good reason to explain him leaving.

    Ugh Dont remind me of Maleficent. First she just poofs back in KH2 and how she is a joke with her comedy duo Pete.
    I remember those old Terra & Maleficent scenes. It made it look like you had several things happening between Terra, Xehanort, Ven and Aqua. TnT

    I want to be in that dimension. I want KH that is better. lol
    Those things would be nice. I think Nomura threw out the Kairi possibility in KH1 though when Sora asked her and she said she liked where she was. I'd give up on the parents too. Riku mentions them twice, Soras moms voice is heard, yet all but not present. I'm not really interested in the parents though.
    Exploring some of the actual interesting Org members would be nice.

    Well from what I get of those posted quotes Leas ceremony was when he appeared in Yen Sids tower. He literally went there to ask for one like he said he did in the game. lmao Given only Yen Sid & Mickey was there that only leaves to masters to do a ceremony though. I hope getting hit with one isn't the new accident ceremony. xD
    I think the current excuse for no Jack keyblade is Sora's lack of mastery at the time. I dunno. XD

    The foreshadowing was pointless even since KH1 already happened as we seen what she was hinting towards. =/
    Ven and Vanitas is a missed opportunity and a lazy one as far as Im concerned. The clone thing is just stupid at this point.
    I think Ansem & Xemnas couldn't wield due to their nature. Ansem was a heartless stealing bodies, he had no real humanoid form. Roxas could wield because Sora was normal again and could himself. Ansem couldn't so by that logic I'm assuming it hurt Xemnas in turn.

    Disney!? You lucky dog! ;A; Have fun. *waves*
    lol Thats another thing, the Org was done so much better. Demyx was funny in the manga. I laughed when Roxas went on a mission with Lexeaus in the Days manga. Dat face. XD

    lol That's the story of the series though amirite? xD

    Nuuuuu dont jinx it!

    Whats most annoying is that for years Terra was hinted in Xemnas at least but they decided to throw it all out for the old Xehanorts "lol was all me".
    Now we have nothing but a mess that we all know Nomura undid in the cheapest way possible with that recompletion junk. You can totally tell he's using it to bring them all back minus the fusion crap. This bypasses more interesting Xehanorts like the apprentice...well formerly interesting.

    It shouldn't have existed but it's role could've been done as is as well without doing the damage it done to normal keyblade lore. The PoH should've been crucial somehow instead of just tourist stops. These 7 beings hold up the light realm why aren't we seeing more of them!?
    I bet BBS' initial plot was far better.

    Exactly. There's nothing wrong with a device-driven plot if it starts out that way BUT if you start a series as character-driven, have most of the damn series like that, then it's just an obvious "I'm out of ideas" when you shift the driving factor.

    Lea had a ceremony it seems. In all those quotes I see member post, the only time Nomura called a person an exception was Sora. Meaning Leas must've been off screen. Wwwwwhich isn't all that much better. =/
    It exists solely for forced connections. Worse yet for only four characters, Terra-Riku & Kairi-Aqua. That's literally it. These people meeting should've been enough foreshadowing and connection. Terra senses a new chosen one in Riku comes back later as Ansem, much simpler, same plot, yet no ceremony needed. Aqua didnt' even need to meet Riku & Sora, her meeting Kairi would've sufficed.
    And dont even get me started on Roxas clone Ventus. Just ugh to all of that. He's literally Roxas with Sora syndrome.
    Oh mean the accidental thing was such bullshit. Worse than Sora being an exception or Leas forced as hell yet off screen ceremony and keyblade. That was just no, just no freakin no.
    In the context of the war when these things were made sure I can see them being forged and handed out but thats what makes them randomly appearing and choosing people in modern days better. Kinda like the keyblade wised up and got pickier. Better yet just take the making of keyblades in general out.

    Probably what Marluxia said as he died. xD
    lol I know right? I love her little moments in the manga like trying to squeeze out of the bars.

    I would've rather opted for no Xion at all personally. One of Aquas charming aspects is that she is basically the only character with no clones. lol

    It not only makes them incredibly less interesting but it throws out all the "is it terra?" aspects of Ansem & Xemnas. They are no longer interesting just doing the old mans word. No individuality.

    I would love to know his original outline. You know it would've been simpler and held more of the KH1 magic that the rest of the series lost.
    Ugh that 13 vs 7 is such bullshit.

    Whats worse is they'll go to google and wiki only to find the massively misinformed wikias on the series. xD

    It rendered a lot of things redundant. "The PoH can open the Door to Darkness, a path to KH itself, but oh wait just forge the Xblade and it comes to you! Better yet you'll actually be able to open it now!" It is just poor forethought which, to Nomuras credit, there wasn't any since this series definitely wasn't expected to last past the first game.

    It cheapens other keyblades and at the same time turns a character driven plot to a device driven one as I saw one member point out. Nothing good comes of a story driven by a device over characters.
    Whats worse to the superfluous aspect is that Soras keyblade did pick him showing that the ceremony is just plain stupid in all ways. It literally wasn't needed for Sora.
    I remember those theories! They were so good and fit so well! Hell even if they didn't do the training idea they still should've kept the aspect of the keyblade choosing. It's not like we needed a reason for masters & students. It'd be perfectly normal or even acceptable if you just had older keyblade masters seek out younger ones to pass on what they know. No ceremonies, no fancy training process, just older wielders seeking out freshly chosen young ones to keep the profession going.
    I mean people seeking out apprentices is what all other professions ever have done. It's not like you need elaborate reasons for them searching.

    I just say Namine wiped to much memory by the time he woke up in KH2. Brain damage. haha
    The only girl he could mean is Kairi. At least thats what it hints too. He saw this girl on a beach and she looked like Xion. Xion is based on Soras strongest memories Kairi. Thats how she sees herself and how her closest friends see her.

    That's actually a decent theory. I dont mind the unversed being underwhelming myself since I figured we'd have a fodder enemy due to lack of heartless. Your idea would've been interesting to see though. D=

    I remember the most popular theory was the DS was Riku. lmao

    My thoughts exactly. MX is so uninteresting compared to his other versions. Many of the other versions because uninteresting after Xehanorts "it was all me" reveal too.
    I think KH would be a lot different but more straightforward and simple. Nomura only planned three games, KH1 which didn't expect to get a sequel, KH2 which he had concepts for during KH1 but no solid ideas, and BBS which he had obvious plans for but got changed. Just imagine what those initial three would've got us. TnT
    Terra himself would fall under a fallen hero category I think because the evil Terra idea is he loses memory and becomes Ansem. Ansem of course being a different personality. I think it'd be a simpler aspect of "Ansem" would hold a subconscious desire to find KH thanks to the interest sparked in Terra by Xehanort. Ansem can't remember it all but now has the curiosity which he developed as an apprentice to the real Ansem.
    Just a gradual change into a personality himself. Evil amnesiac Terra would just explain how "Ansem" got there.

    Thats just it though, it's that workaround that let Nomura keep from retconning anything. lol
    Days practically was fan fiction. lmao

    It'd be impossible to pull in casuals at this point. Nomura minds well give up that pipedream.

    The best I can figure is it all equals out. Sora and his friends strong lights vs Xehanorts strong darkness which balances and makes an equal in polarity Xblade. Just a guess though.

    I know you know but I dont mind the number of wielders now but how they're being made relevant. It's like you can't be important without one now when that was never an issue in older games. Its just sad and a bad way to route a story.
    I do greatly dislike the ideas of Xblade and Ceremonies though. You could've had this special Xblade without hurting others. We already had that special keyblade in KH1 so another one existing like the Xblade would've made sense and didn't need to be elaborated on as the "original".

    That's because of that "shounen" burst during the mid 2000s. It affected everything and in KH's case done so badly. Sora even got dumbed down into a shounen idiot lead.
    Using already existing girls would've been better indeed. Especially if it was Kairi who's had pitiful development or use as a character.

    Oh mean those old theories! They was so damn good! I loved me keyblade and Roxas debates. TAV were interesting to....well Terra & Aqua were then, not Ven. I remember when Vanitas was called "Dark Soilder" and MX "Enigmatic Mage" haha.
    The really good fics do put a lot of thought into their story. I think Nomura did at first too which why it worked despite ambiguous parts. It was okay up till after KH2 when Nintendo threw Days on him and Coded somehow came about then BBS, the one he actually did plan, got shifted to PSP. His creativity has been hindered I say.
    I'd love to have seen Nomuras original vision without the added games he didn't plan. (chain of memories, Days, Coded, DDD, Chi, etc)

    Ah you mean the scene of throwing Riku the keyblade. I remember a fan saying that raped their childhood. lol

    I KNOW RIGHT! Evil Terra made so much more sense and was simpler. Better yet it would parallel Rik's route and explain why Ansem was there to lead him down it. Terra would've been the example of being lost and Riku the example of redemption.
    Just imagine it now. Throughout evil Terras fall he still holds his friends and master dear until Xehanort kills Eraqus and Ven destroys himself to stop Vanitas. Sends him over the edge and he destroys Xehanort but gets caught in the Xblades explosion losing memory with only his keyblade remaining on the battlefield signifying it's loss as well. Boom instant apprentice Xehanort.

    haha Sorry. I've been in so many things having to clarify retcon and plothole that it's automatic anymore. TnT
    I think the proper term would be bad writing. lmao
    Your arguing muddled ground to be honest. Thanks to the nature of Xions death the KH2 Axel was being honest in his stance, there was no lie or retcon there because he forgot. Her existence literally changed nothing of KH2 thus why Days is called fanfiction and filler.

    He definitely makes it overly complicated. His initial ambiguous parts and hell the parts that wasn't even ambiguous was straightforward. He completely wrecks it because he now has to build a story on top of his initial ideas thanks to the greedy demands of his employers and in the case of CoM the fans.
    You can tell he's had to tack on story that deviated from his initial plans due to how pretty much all the handhelds build up the story while KH1, CoM and 2 aren't altered at all but interconnected to make it all work.
    It's like he had a simple lego house but is now adding blocks then connecting them to that original house.

    My sentiments exactly. It was good on paper but poor in use as it were. If the posts I see by older members are right the PH aren't even useful to the story or Xblade at all since it's 7 lights are separate ones from the lights of the PoH.
    If the PoH had been the Xblades 7 light pieces they'd at least still had use.

    Like Ethy once said the ceremony took the fun out of the keyblade. It honestly truly did. It doesn't do things for mysterious reasons now it does them because old people guided it too.
    The Ceremony is obviously only there to force Terra-Riku & Kairi-Aqua connections when them just meeting was enough.
    Roxas getting Xions plot would've honestly made more sense when you take his KH2 scenes into consideration. I also saw a good idea of Xion instead being some girl Roxas meets on a mission and befriends. A normal girl. Teaching him friendship and all that magic sh*t.
    Its kinda sad how many much better fan ideas or fan fiction ideas I've seen work compared to the actual plots. lmao

    I can ignore deep dive since its one of those concept videos and such....now if only I could ignore Days.

    lol Think so? Simplicity born out of a mind trying to dance around genderbending. lmao
    lol It's weird but I consider it one of those disney magic things. It just does so I roll with it. haha

    Solving mysteries does indeed take away magic. Nomura is answering things that dont need it and leaving things unanswered that do. If he's gonna take such an approach then he shouldn't answer things at all.
    It saddens me every time I see that comment because KH2 gave reasons to those questions but they was simpler. Roxas was plagued by Sora dreams and the keyblade so sought him out. He longed for a normal life after being trapped in that virtual town, etc. THOSE were answers. Fans sadden me.

    Another mystery that was overly done was Xehanort in KH2. He was introduced to show us Ansem & Xemnas' human form. He was a cliche amnesia yes but thats all we needed. What the character Xehanort turned into was just annoying as hell.
    I preferred the "evil terra" theories of old. Terra is pulled to the dark, turns on Xehanort, loses memory, takes the name, then takes Ansems name. It was such a simpler route.

    Thats just it though nothing was retconned because nothing was stated. The only retcon in the series was that KH1 Ansem wasn't actually Ansem. Retcons are alterations of established facts, not elaborations on ambiguous ones.
    It's the same thing with the term "plothole". The only one of those so far is Sora's body after Roxas was made. You wouldn't believe how many times I've quoted the actual term for plothole because someone didn't know what it meant.

    Actually Xion was never stated so she wasn't a fact to retcon thus adding further to her and days' filler feeling and superfluous story. They added nothing but contradicted nothing.
    Xemnas is a muddled area because his plan was to absorb his kingdom hearts. That much was always true. Nomura just added to that plan rather than retconning the information.
    From what I see of Sephiroth0812 posts the 7 PoH only open the Door to Darkness. I think this was even in KH1. They open the door too kingdom hearts but that stupid Xblade plot device just summons it to you. It doesn't retcon the 7 PoH it just makes them outright superfluous which is worse than retconning.
    This may just be a topic of how you spin it however. How it is viewed in a sense. I only consider Ansem to be the only retcon because it's stated bluntly in the 1st game that he is.

    Maybe we'll get lucky and Nomura trolls everyone with a reboot ending to KH3. haha A fresh start for the jaded fans like us.
    Have I showed you my old threads on Xblade and Ceremonies?

    I find such few agreement with people on these notions. ;-;
    I could not have said any of that better myself! It's so sad how much you can care about the manga versions. It only shows you that the game versions could've been done better.
    Hell the Days game ignores even Roxas and Axel. It's pretty much about Xion from Roxas's point of view.
    Just do like I do. I tell myself that Xion wasn't meant to copy Sora but his powers. Aka she was meant to copy something nonphysical rather than Soras body and features.

    Tbh I dont think it says. Namine added the data, or memories (can't remember which), she found fixing Soras memories. It's why the Journal is still blank and why bugs appear when they encode it. The Journal is tied to Sora because Disney reasons thus the loss of it's text in Chain of Memories so I guess adding things not meant to be there just causes glitches in the encoding process.
    I somehow got really technical there despite being technologically stupid. haha

    That's the truly sad thing. Facts arent' getting changed they was just never stated to begin with. The series was left ambiguous in places which at the time was fun. I was a part of and saw many very great and calm discussions about keyblades and whether Roxas has a heart or not.
    Back then facts told in interviews wasn't high in number, BBS began that. So all you needed to know was things said in game or in Jimney's Journal.
    Nomura has basically thrown out the fun aspect of ambiguity for overly complex plot while not offering proper in-game explanations to said plot. It is bad writing or laziness.

    I dont know. Will likely depend on how Xehanort is ended.
    lol I see. I wouldn't even be trying if it's as bad as 6yrs back. What's sad is Amano with his manga does Days in the only way that's been enjoyable yet. =[

    Recoded is definitely straightforward and lighthearted. The most complex it gets is that your playing a data Sora. haha Plus whatever Namine did to the Journal from KH1.

    To be honest I used to keep up with it all but I stopped. The more you know about the series the less you can like it. Reasons why Roxas can wield, Xehanort, realms, time, the more you delve into game journals and interviews the less possible it is to enjoy this series for anything.
    I quit caring and now only just take the casual approach.
    Good glob your actually managing to tolerate Days?
    Recoded depends entirely on ones perspective. It is similar to KH1 and the movies but it's meant to be. Your fixing the KH1 journal but its not the same thanks to the alterations made by the glitches.
    For instance in Wonderland you spend more time wandering around maze like spots finding Alice inklings so she can remember where the keyhole is. Aladdins world in Recoded focuses almost entirely on Sora, Jafar and Genie.

    That is exactly how a handheld game should be! Such a wise soul, I thought I was the only one to understand this. Its meant to have story yeah, it's meant to be connected to it's main story yes, but a handheld title shouldn't be some story heavy BS that complicates crap further.
    Recoded was the only one that really felt like a handheld or sidegame. It was lighthearted, held some importance but not enough that you HAD to play it, it was fun to play, etc.
    They wont know what's going on. SE and Nomura have fucked themselves. lol
    lol I used to be that way. I just realized I'm not to happy with a lot of how it's become. Your post reminded me of mine on the first page of that thread. x'D
    lol That show~
    Hi. How are you? I saw a post so agreeable in the KH1 section I had to say hello. xD
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