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  • This was the result this time:

    Didn't really help me either.....the only job listed there near me is the railroad and you dont get into that job unless you know somebody. They hoard that field like it's gold. =/
    I may have to accept that I just dont have any particular interest or ideas. If there were more normal job options I'd likely be better off that route....

    Oh I'm a waiting on it. It's gonna happen and it's gonna be hilarious when they try to defend the story.
    xD How'd you lose the manual!? The last time his age was stated was in the kH2 manual saying he was 15. That as ten years ago now haha. I remember that Riku was always a year older and Kairi was the same age too.
    The current system may be a good way to get one started but I dont think it's the best bet overall. Just the best they got right now until someone thinks up something better. (but who knows when that'll be)
    I've always noticed how most language basically rearrange the words like that. Like in Japan the surname comes before the given one. It also makes it hard since many languages can have a word that mean several things while English can have multiple words to mean one thing.

    I'll just never be able to accept that since the only "planning" I ever saw was peeking into a teachers manual or just letting kids run through the given subject book on their own. (I apologize but I just can't =[ ) If they done any work it was grading but only because it's mandatory of them. I just can't give school any credits, I hate it to much and dont know any positive examples besides my high school carpentry teacher.
    Ugh I HATE parents like that. They're so freakin stupid. They act like a B is some Satanic accident. All those parents see is a school pet rather than a child.
    I know because not one teacher I've ever known talks like you are right now. Probably why we're so far behind in education, most countries have college level by the time your in high school. You can also choose not to keep going after 16yrs of age in most places since after 16 is more of a college trudge than anything else.

    I didn't have one. I had an english class that had you work from a book. It was basically breaking down sentences for 12yrs which I sucked at horribly. The closest I ever had to creative writing was that one time a teacher tried to get us to write something but it didn't go well. I'm the type that summarizes a paragraph into a sentence, not take an idea and make a paragraph. They got so pissed at me just because I couldn't get a paragraph out. Made me sit until school was over. (jokes on them though, leaving me in a room to myself unsupervised for the entire day was like a perpetual recess)
    Actually yes, yes they can. Aside from the basics of reading and writing you dont really gain anything from that kinda exercise. =P Usually if a person enjoys writing they take it up as soon as they learn to read a book or write a paragraph and find themselves on places like fanfiction,net or like the creative writing section we have here. Life experience and personal interest will always be ones greatest teachers. Hell most of my own vocabulary comes from games or shows I'd watch as a child. (for instance pokemon blue helped me read better than school did after I knew my basics)
    School is a social setting but it's not the only one. Its just one place in a huge list of socialization that kids and people have to do. =3

    Well that just stupider than I expected it to be. Your basically pressured into homework that neither the teacher, kids nor parents like or want to deal with just because some board will fire you otherwise? Stupid so stupid. I'm sorry to hear you have to suffer homework as well then.
    Teachers never feel like the homework isn't much but it almost is always more than it should be. It's fine when your in kindergarten or 1st grade but after that it gets ridiculous. Makes me wish I still had that link of a teacher and kid debating homework. It was a damn good set of gifs because it basically shows what the teacher viewed as "light" vs what it was really like to kids. (it was a highschool level though)

    The societies are honestly all thats changed. The only real differences there though is usually the level of technology they have. Or at least that we're aware of for now. Those helicopter and submarine symbols in some pyramid hieroglyphs kinda make me wonder. xD
    That's something that I find extremely odd. What records found are in stone. Nearly every culture big enough had a record in stone somewhere. Kinda like an instinct "stone doesn't age so lets put it there". Yet they say there are no records. Makes me think the records are either 1) destroyed like how the spanish burned most Mayan scripts they found 2) they just aint found a record yet or 3) they keep it hid for whatever reason.

    The communication thing makes me laugh a little. People are so thickheaded over it yet most of the things "mainstream" swore never happened is discovered to be true. (like a round earth or there being something smaller than atoms or that viking settlement 400yrs older than Columbus being here or even some old place in turkey older than 6000yrs which is how sumeria is)
    Not sure if they ever came here or not myself. Those Sumerians think they did though. Most of their legends are older versions of Biblical ones and the term they have for their gods basically means "those who came from the sky". Have you ever read a sumerian legend?
    I'd laugh hard if that alien guy got last laugh. Though myself I'm more inclined to think that there was just some human civilization who advanced more than we did with science (or other means) or hell for all we know the assassins creed game might be spot on with some progenitor race. (they are always finding new yet extinct types of human)
    Fun fact, it's believed there's some ancient store of records under one of the Sphinx's paws. Many ancient records were also burned with the library of Alexandria as well.

    Optimistic about kids is all one can be. xD
    Stitch. ;A;

    I actually did the flying machine easiest haha. It's the horse riding and carriage driving I hated. I dont mind every accomplishment being tied to them tbh. I dont find it corny since they're always as historically accurate as possible when not adding the fiction parts.
    Yeah Desmond dies at the end of AC3. I know what ya mean, he got kinda dull by AC3. AC4 has you playing from the first person perspective of an unnamed intern for abstergo industries gaming division. It's kinda cool to work from the templars view. The templars are making games based on memories which means they're making AC games in the AC series lmao. It's a cover to search memories for artifacts of course though. Your job in the game is to search through the genetic samples of "sample 17". (the templars basically harvested Desmonds dead body for material to search more memories with)
    However only AC4 is said to still use Desmonds blood in any way or bluntly stated so anyway.

    90s for life yo!
    Like your grandparents? Are your grandparents cool? All of mine are stupid. xD
    That's actually mysterious point to me. Is it really because globalization? I mean just sit and think about it. People had known of each other worldwide for hundreds of years the 1800s. Yet all of the sudden, keep in mind this in a span of barely 80yrs at most, we go from horse carriages like we've had for eons to cars and spaceships. That is just so odd to me. That's just so much so quickly. I've always found it....questionable. Not going against your own point but I just find it so strange.
    lol I doubt my mind well be talked about 2000 years from now. I dont like spotlight so I'm not likely to ever do or leave anything to generate it. haha

    At this point the party divide isnt even a divide it's a pitiful sibling spat. It's extremely pitiful since it shows on a global level how dysfunctional we are as a people. Nothing "united" as we claim in a sense.

    To be honest it's not possible. You can get close but never capture it again unless they remake KH1 or something.
    Ugh so basically disc plus motion controllers just to play a game I likely wont keep? Great going nintendo.
    Almost makes you wish Riku had died at the end of KH1 while developing Kairi through KH2 instead doens't it? xD

    Summons are typically useless unless they're Stitch or Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell in KH1 is hax for support haha.
    *spits at days*

    o_0 He just asked you out randomly? Wow go him. Sorry to hear it didn't go anywhere though. ='[
    I'm beginning to wonder if your a female me. TnT I've never known what love is either or a spark or a crush....the closest I ever came was feelings for a friend that got a bit further but in the end she liked someone else. That's literally the most I've "felt" of anything in all my years.
    I dont feel to awkward or the need to leave myself but I also dont really do anything to stand out. I dont know how to impress just how to talk bluntly and frankly with them as I would anyone. I just dont know how to play the dating game I guess. You at least have dated though! =O
    If you see no point in dating then your likely to prefer someone you've always known but for it to get more than that. Takes something already established instead of just dating randomly till ya get the right one.

    Usually? A mix of nostalgia and fanboyism for their favorite character. They're willing to overlook anything for they're fave character and a pretty opening theme. =/
    I think the panel system had potential myself but then again I also hate it because of how it's potential was wasted. lol

    It's not really tangled, at least not as much as KHs. The only mysteries are the innocence, Noah and the relationship of Allen, Manga and Neah. I imagine we will soon since such a huge reveal was in that last chapter. I imagine Allens age is due to him having innocence and a noah in his body for whatever reasons.

    Hold on, copyright keeps taking places down. Try this one: Tokyo Ghoul Vol.1 Ch.01 Page 1 - Mangago
    I have ad blockers and Norton so I'm not sure if it's loaded with virus' or not sadly. I apologize. =[
    That sounds fun and also u know if you practice drawing a image by hand you will get a good artistic ability
    oh god hahahaha i don't even want to think about it, i'm stressed already :rolleyes: i'm hoping to be able to take a gap year for an internship (or traveling but that doesn't look like it could happen) and then maybe grad school (if affordable) and then off to an architectural practice hopefully! which would be slave work for another 5 years until i can open my own practice...but really what's 5 more years :p
    Well finally found at least two career test things that didnt try to charge me or making me sign up....can't say the really helped me much though. =[

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    From what I can tell the glee is mostly because those that didn't play them all find the games stupid. Which is incredibly hypocritical because each and every damn one of those fans who played every game has some they find stupid as well. They just hate that someone else hates that one portable game they love. =P
    Ya know whats sad? Even the manuals never had much info besides Sora's age haha.

    That's the pitfall however. Because just having a paper saying your more knowledgeable doesn't mean the person is nor that they will do the job any better. Someone lacking said degree whos been working at it longer for instance my be far more qualifying than the person with a degree but they are skipped over just because they lack it.
    This topic however may be far to subjective to think about. To many variables such as the ones you mentioned or for instance someone like you who's working and getting the degree.
    It sounds like it'd be incredibly hard to teach english as a second language. Seems even harder to get a kid to read more if they dont enjoy it. Though that's just counting kids who dont enjoy it, many more just dont have the attention for it. Which you can't really blame them. Young and full of energy yet you have a school telling them to sit down and read. lol

    We'll just have to disagree continually on this one then because I will never consider school something that truly teaches a kid skills beyond their basic math, arithmetic and social skills. Most of what I remember was more for making them ready for college or to get high scores to ensure funding.
    I dont remember seeing any teachers that cared so much either but this is obviously a matter of area or person. For instance I never had a course called language arts. I've never even heard of that subject until I read this message even. But to be fair a portion of the skills you listed for language arts are also learned through social interaction and life experience. How well its learned of course depending on the person.

    Standardization will be the fall of the education system if they dont change it. Where I live kids are given more homework that school work. Literally hours of their day sucked away from a homework assignment on topics that should've been taught in a classroom. The elementary school gives so much that my parents put me in that christian school I mentioned. Even if a teacher doesn't like homework they have little choice either. (though I'm sure they have some control over how much)
    A lot of kids also dont have time for homework, especially those in rural areas with farms or such.

    To be honest I wonder if we even evolve at all. A testament to unchanging humanity was shown to me on history channel the other day. If you go to ancient cities that housed a populace with language you can still find graffiti from some person of that era. For instance Rome & Greece still has graffiti telling the so and so ruling person at the time to go f*ck himself or there was even one that had some guy writing down he slept with a woman in that spot lol.
    Human behavior has never really seemed to change much. What has seemed to change in our tools such as cars and computers but then again you also have so many unexplained things that can't even be replicated by current technology such as all those ancient cities made of stones that can't even be replicated or lifted with current machines. (usually alien junkies flood to these places as proof of ancient astronaut theory) (regardless of aliens or not though they do exist, they can't be explained and they're there)
    I remember seeing on such city on history channel. Some alien theory ranting or something (can't remember). But I was kinda freaked out by the city. It had this wall full of small faces along it but each face seemed to be made to look like a specific group of people. Asian, European, Native American and so on.
    I dunno...a lot of the time I wonder just how evolved or advanced we are in comparison to older civilizations considering we know so little yet what we do know is usually a repetition combined with so much absent history that is constantly shattered and reformed.

    Here's to hoping a newer generation takes after the better ones of old then. xD
    lol After all those alien movies on cute critters being demonic little shits I think I might wanna pass. x'D
    If dorms are required may be a state specific law.

    I love the Assassin Creed series. I love how it makes a story out of actual history and people. To me the only ridiculous parts are some things Ezio did like surviving being dragged by a wagon and such. x'D
    Ugh dont bother with 3. Trust me now just dont. It is such a huge let down it's pitiful. If you want a newer AC game to play then get Blackflag. It focuses on Conners grandfather Edward Kenway. Blackflag is just as beautiful and amazing as Ezios games were. It's so fun to sail your pirate ship and your crew sing an actual shanty or to dive into almost entirely realistic ocean. Edward is also, like Ezio, an incredibly believable character and heavily flawed. Ezio fought for revenge only to see it make him lose more than he gaind. Edward fights solely to gain fame and fortune only to mature like Ezio focusing on his better qualities.

    lol It may seem hypocritical but things now are worse than they was then so I think it perfectly within reason.

    True but speculations based on very bad situations. Little to think otherwise as it were.
    To be honest I dont rate greatness at all. In my mind I can never call a man I never met "great". To me an obscure person only me or a few know that never has impact on anything can be a far more great individual than any person I never met despite what famous people have accomplished in comparison.
    What I was rating by is was accomplishment or influence. I went to philosophers as my example because during their own eras and then again in the Renaissance they influenced or shaped people for ages through ideals or teachings alone. I didn't mean to overshadow their own negative traits but was thinking of all the other famous people the influenced long after they themselves died.

    Many of the people you mentioned however didn't have that same level of accomplishment to me. I dont mean to say several didn't, especially Ben or Wright and so on. But to me people like authors or political leaders largely only affect people in tune with that area. Especially in the political leaders area were we haven't had a substantial one in ages now.
    I wont lie though this view is a bit unfair as there's no way to tell how people ages from now will be affected by what they have done. Probably a moot topic for me to even try to explain on myself in that light. I can see them as being big in their fields but that's about all. (I do find some fascinating as people though such as Tesla)
    It's definitely not unique to America which is what I meant to point out. Sadly I'm not sure atrocities can be stopped. Even if we do some civilization will do them later down the line. There will always be one group to do something horrible. Not trying to be pessimistic but just from a realistic and statistic point of view.

    A lot of attention is what Tesla needs. Especially on all his plans and drafts that were stolen when he died.
    If the party system isn't the downfall I'll honestly be surprised. You can't be a "united states" when no one is actually united about anything. =/

    Imo he's already in a slowly dying series given the contrast between now and 2005. I'd worry if Disney took to much rein. I think they need to keep Nomura on a straight coherent path though. KH1 was magical and that magic slowly died. If he did it once he can do it again with right control.

    Damn I dont have a wii. I have that wiiu but it'd cost a fortune for the game and all the motion crap. TnT
    Oh man I'd be even more pissed if she gets kidnapped yet again. There's been to much damsel in distress and that's coming from a guy! x'D

    Ugh I died so much back then too haha. Eventually I learned to keep Stitch summoned and trolled those battles lol. The interesting contrast of Demyx though is that before the battle he drops that friendly "we have hearts" act and is far more volatile. Makes you wonder how much of it he actually believed.

    Oh man dont even mention parallel universes. That would suck so damn hard. If time can't be altered then a parallel universe would only contradict that since there is no string theory of time to support it. Then again....that wouldn't be beyond Nomura. =__=
    lawl Sora-Faunz~

    I'm not sure there'd be much time to flirt in class though. haha
    I'm not even sure what type of woman I'd want. I dont even know how to start considering what to want or what not too either. So women that like bluntness exist? That's nice to know because blunt is all I am. TnT I dont pick up on that flirting or hints jargon either. If a person doesn't tell me directly I dont know. =/
    lol I imagine there's not really much to pick from among school staff as is anyway. xD

    I find the fanboyism practically a form of idiocy personally. There's so much they let slide because it's KH and solely because of that. =/
    Hell I cringe at the Diz-Xemnas moment now. It feels so cheap since when you think about it Xehanort was only an apprentice for a year. Hardly the time to be that deep a connection. =/

    My interest in Xehanort was already shot so DDD only made it much worse for me. I still hate Days more as well though. Days had some moments like the stick but just a few sprinkled over a boring and repetitive story and gameplay.

    Your brother has the HD collection? Find it! DMC's chronology is a bit all over the place but all you really need to play is 3. It was the pinnacle of this series. 1 is good too though and 4 has more refined gameplay. The DMC timeline is 3>1>4/Anime>2.

    That is the million dollar question right now because nobody knows who Allens Mana was. We also dont know why Allen is so young now when it was an older one that we seen in Neas memories offering to be his host.
    They are but you'll always find people prefer one FMA to the other.

    Want a link to the Tokyo Ghoul manga?
    I still need to find a career test haha. I worked 9hrs today, couldn't get to it. xD
    Thank you~ =w= heh heh

    That makes sense and saddens me as well. I've found some hardcore fans that are understandable of people that couldn't buy or watch youtube but for the most part they're little twerps about it. Many dont even understand the damn plot themselves to make matters even more foolish.
    No one would expect too and not everyone who found out that all these portable titles on all these different systems were pleased with that and didn't bother. Which in my opinion is understandable since you shouldn't have to buy several damn consoles just to understand one series. Worse yet only to learn all the real info is in some interview.
    Definitely not. Many stand-alone or side games are the best in their series' because they are fun and not important to the larger story. A good place to draw in new fans and such. KH though throws this principle out the window in favor or stupid decisions.

    You get paid more for a piece of paper rather than how well you do the actual job? =[
    A masters specifically for reading? o_0
    You live where you can get hurricanes!? D= That must suck. My internet has always been rather crappy so I'm not used to decent internet. TuT
    lol I see. xD
    They do but we both know the problem is the school system which doesn't actually educate kids. It makes them memorize things for standardized questions. They learn very little that applies or helps in real life and worse yet they are taught in a way that makes them think creatively. Standardization is a narrow mindset which schools follow and beat into kids for 13 years.
    Kids just aren't really educated in my opinion these days. Not in ways that helps them most in life anyway. Ya know how much more beneficial a finances class would be for a kid than just more math?

    It saddens me to know kids find school safe given how much I hated it. To me that can only mean home is something far worse to hate. Sadly I dont think mistakes or repetition are avoidable. So many things repeat in history across generations, centuries and even eons.
    Although in that same train of thought maybe a new generation would be a repetition of intelligence or a golden age. They could be more like the WWII era or other eras in which people had sense and thought and cared.
    Nah I dont think we're the same generation as these kids. I find our generation pretty bad so I'd rather think of kids as a newer one that will see us and their grandparents, think of us as stupid, and strive to be different.

    I can try finding a test after I send this then. =3
    lol Didn't they already find microscopic life in space?
    Nope. Most are just places kids go to then head home. Only two I know of are big enough to have dorms. =3
    Game design is.....very complicated. There's a whole list of jobs between the designer drawing on paper and the 3D model. And that's just counting the characters of a game. For instance the Assassin's Creed series seamlessly blinds real history and people into it's fiction of Templars vs Assassins. You can even pull up images or blogs of Assassins Creed and see were people have take photos in-game and compared them to the real life locations. It's like two halves of a photo. (I'll try to find you an example)

    Sadly many adults aren't much better about social media. I'd probably ban social media if I had a child. Telling them to just call their friends like I had to at their age lol. I've heard of the suicides, it's pitiful.
    That's the point however. Even at a young age our country is already on the verge of collapse that others didn't reach for centuries. They were like slow burning candles and' we've been more like a bottle rocket.
    To be honest I dont view most of those as great as most do. Some did great things yes but largely only important to our country. At least thats how it feels whenever you hear of those people. That's not counting obvious global inventions though such as planes.
    Our country isn't much better for slavery I'm afraid. We dont have them now but it's still left a scar. The justice warriors and their idiocy aside there is legitimate issues with the ideology of what slavery caused. There's also the fate of native americans which have suffered the extinction of entire tribes, loss of their land, slowly pushed west until being forced into reservations and so on. Not that Rome was much better for many places it invaded but it at least had a policy of pseudo self rule.

    I think a movie would just butcher it. A book would do such a story better justice haha. Could even do a whole chapter on how it was Will that really flew that kite while Ben watched. lmao
    They could make something in Tesla too. He had ideas centuries early such as wireless power which is perfectly in the realm of possibility.
    You care yes but just think of how much a minority those who care are. Many claim to care but never do anything even when they get in positions of power. Your probably one of the few I've seen that actually care rather than just using it as an excuse to bitch or whine.
    We're already vulnerable to attack. Greatly so really. We rely on oil, our education is decades behind, little workforce, no gov money, etc. America can't rely on no one because no one likes us and many would profit better if we fell. The political system is one of our greatest weaknesses. Washington himself pleaded to avoid a party system.

    Seems like he did once. Kinda silly when KH was aimed at the generation that grew up with most it's movie material. Who were kids then when the series started. xD

    Sounds fun. ;A; It's only on Wii though isn't it?
    I'm over so many worlds. Olympus, Agrabah, etc. Though I'd tolerate Agrabah one more time if they used the third film as plot. I'm all for new worlds too. KH2 wrapped up the lingering parts of Sora's KH1 visits so I see no reason to keep bringing them freakin back. TnT
    If he repeats another Soranort or Rikunort story line I will rage so bad it's pitiful. It'll show just how out of ideas he is. xD

    ...Ya know...I think he maybe only have five lines! o_o
    I always hated Demyx because of how annoying his fight is. Those damn clones aren't a fun challenge just dragging out what I want to get over with. xD
    I'm not even sure he thinks he's in a corner. Usually time travel is the first sign of no ideas yet now he's adding Chi. He seems disillusioned.

    But college takes up so much free time. How can one do anything with people they meet? xD
    Your doing better than me then. I dont even have the experience of a date or girlfriend. It probably is better, breaking off when your unsure is better than to drag out what could end bad. I guess I dont have anyone to blame but myself either but between blood relations, drugs and my strong desire to not get serious with someone and end up stuck here makes it hard for me to look harder. Plus I just dont know how to even hit on women. I'm to blunt and haven't got the kinda looks that does the job for me. lol
    In that kinda situation usually only work or random encounter is a place to look. =[

    I KNOW RIGHT!? D=< I hate that "herr herr they got remixes now". Are people so stupid to not see that remixes doesn't fix the problem? Especially when Nomura is just console spreading it AGAIN with Chi on phones and KH3 on PS4.
    Oh man tanked hard doesn't even describe it. Theories took the worst possible hit in fandom.
    The whole apprentices-Diz thing could've been so good for pulling heartstrings. T_T

    One member once called Xemnas just the "nobody enforcer" now lol. It's honestly a little amazing how quickly one line from Geezornort shattered anything remotely interesting or individual about all the other villains. It was like destroying twenty or more plot points & characters at once with only one sentence. =/
    Riku deals with as much darkness and Ansem rants about hahaha. Days destroyed Roxas character imo. Went from interesting badass to whiny emo bitch.
    lol So true. I got rid of many DE's before I was done.

    Brother-vs-brother is such an overused troupe that it's hard to find an interesting one so when ya do you appreciate them most. I haven't play MGS myself but I can tell you that Dante & Vergils dynamic in DMC3 was almost as good as Moses and Ramses.
    Dante & Vergil aren't some mortal enemy rehash but twins of a legendary demon. Their father Sparda, for unknown reasons, turned against his entire race 2000yrs before the series even began and highhandedly defeated them and the emperor sealing the king away and closing most of the gates between the worlds. Basically put their father was a demon of almost godly status.
    So skip forward 2000yrs. Sparda suddenly reappears in the modern age and marries a human spawning Dante & Vergil. He eventually vanishes and dies for unknown reasons and not long after demons attack the home slaughtering their mother. This sets up a very interesting situation. Separated since the attack they grow up alone but their shaped much differently.
    Dante grows up despising demons and even denying he has a father. Vergil in contrast idolizes Sparda for his power and tries to emulate him. DMC3 starts with Vergil undoing Spards seals and activating a tower which acts as a gate to the demonic realm. His goal is a sword once wielded by Sparda which holds a large portion of Spardas power.

    So the entire story is Dante venturing through this tower after Vergil. Which is actually a nod to Dantes Inferno (the poem) where a man named Dante is given a tour of hell by a spirit named Vergil.
    They fight periodically but they dont outright hate one another. Hell I wouldn't even say they hate each other at all. They have little wit banter with each other even. This says a lot since any other time Vergil is stoic and serious. Though as a supporting characters notes they fight as if they were enemies like they derive a type of twisted pleasure from it. (which being half demons they likely do)
    Throughout this story you basically Dante mature. He eventually accepts he has a father and that he needs to do what is right. Vergil only remains blindly lusting for power but at times gives small insight such as his line that "Foolishness! Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself". The last time Vergil couldn't protect something their mother died which hints toward his lust for power.

    Eventually Dante and Vergil fight over the sword and for the first time Dante beats his older twin. Vergil then falls into the demonic realm choosing to stay. Its after this that the supporting character finds Dante crying and coins the title saying "perhaps even a devil may cry if they lose a loved one".
    It's a really very good story for a hack & slash game and one of the best stories of brother vs brother I've ever seen. Which combined with the gameplay made it a great experience.
    Also sorry about the rant but it's such a good story not to tell haha. If your truly interested in DMC then dont worry I didn't spoil much with that rant and if you do try some DMC then for the love of all that is holy do NOT play the reboot. DmC: Devil May Cry <avoid this title.
    If you want to take a romp through true DMC goodness then find DMC3 for PS2 or find the HD collection for PS3.

    lmao We all felt lost when we finally got that update. =] What's happening is the "14th" noah is awakening and Allen is on the run from the Order, Noah and a sentient innocence called Apokolypse. That latest chapter revealed that there basically isn't a 14th noah but two halves of the original Millennium Earl.

    I know. It's so sad too for a good anime to be ruined with filler arcs or worse yet an entirely different story. Fullmetal Alchemist has two animes because one was so early in the mangas run that it's story was vastly different in the end. The Brotherhood anime of FMA follows the manga plot exactly.
    Then you should check it out! Mushishi is like AoT, follows the manga story even animated, has episodic story and is like watching beauty in motion with animation. ;A;
    I heard. It's why I didn't even pick up the Blue Exorcist anime. Sad to hear the manga is up and down though.
    I'm the same. I prefer animation since I'm not exactly fond of reading lol but sadly the anime is one of those cases of a very bad butchering of the story. The manga's story is so much better and tragic. I can only recommend one read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul.
    Btw. Got any emails or something we can talk with just in case we can't on here. Your to awesome to lose touch with. =O
    *regularly fights with the mods and is never sure how long he'll be here*
    My email is here: ranagam34@gmail.com
    Ugh dont even get me started on those idiots. Many of those "hardcore" fans dont even know have the shit themselves. I know more lore than most of them do, it's laughable. I couldn't agree more, I even said as much in the thread:

    lmao Stockholm-syndrome is the most accurate way to word it I've ever heard. I dont spite them either since most of the damn lore isnt even in those portable titles. Seriously you get more backstory from Nomura quotes than you ever will from those titles. =/

    Why so you want a masters? What does that do?
    I've heard of online classes. My internet has trouble loading youtube though so I've never had a chance to try it myself though. My internet actually died a couple times posting this. haha
    Why do you have to blame yourself? xD

    I see. It's sad but true about the homes of most kids these days. Sadly I dont have that same hope you do. To me I think a real difference would have to be made on a larger scale but I'm not exactly sure what....but then again I'm wrong a lot so maybe your hope will pay off. A teacher like you combined with the idiocy of our generation and the before might make younger ones look at us with disgust and strive to be different.

    I've heard of career tests but never tried them. People in the college thread linked some but the site wanted me to pay for some of them. =/
    ALIENS ARE THE ONLY EXPLANATION!!!!! Tbh I'd laugh my ass off if the alien thing was true. Just because of the derp face I'd see on so many scientists and religious people. lmao

    They do? It's kinda sad if even the professors know it's not mandatory like that. haha
    Well most of the colleges around me aren't exactly large. No dorms specifically. So I'm not sure if such groups exist, I'm sure some tutor for whatever reason. The only colleges I know of remotely close to me with dorms would be two. The kinda only the scholarship or rich get into.
    95% sure. I always save the other 5% on the assumption I'm wrong. x'D
    Dont the concept guys usually have other jobs though? Like Nomura is mostly a designer. He didn't start getting concept status until around KH. That's at least when his name became important.

    That's kinda sad really. I'm on the internet usually because I have nothing else better to do. If I knew even half of the people I know on here in real life you wouldn't hardly see me haha. Kids can't bully as much in school now so they go online where they can't get caught until something bad happens to make it known. Probably sounds totalitarian but I dont think kids should have social accounts. Hell I'm not even sure if adults should have them.
    Probably worse than Rome. At least Rome and Greece made it centuries before collapse. All the while sprouting some of the most enlightened and intelligent people known to have existed. (mostly all those ancient scholars) America doesnt' even have that to it's name. Many of the founding fathers were great in mind and we've had a few appear since then such as Tesla but many of them were also horribly flawed in ways. Something history channel will teach you.
    Ben Franklin for example not only had slaves but has descendants through one to this day. He also had a bastard child who sided with Britain in the war. That goes to say for every man though I suppose.
    We can't get out of our mess. Not without a huge sea change in leadership, political system and most importantly populace. It's obvious hardly any in power or in populace care so I highly doubt a collapse will concern them either. I know I certainly wont care because I view it as deserved.

    I dunno. I honestly do not know. It's like Nomura thinks it adds to the games if they all make it harder for other games to be understood.
    I've not played Epic Mickey. It fun? I dont know, I am SO SICK of Olympus. Especially since Mirage Arena done it's job far better. MA was an entire simulated world just for fun. It didn't have to be important to story, just simulated bosses for challenge and less than interesting mini games but the point is it was all together.
    Just imagine taking Mirage Arena further. Making it a fun play house. An option at your start menu for secret or extra bosses, mini games and hell even places to platform and explore. All without needing a story. Just a fun place to unleash all those skills or items you get which serve you no purpose post game. =/

    haha Your face was better than mine. Going from the concept video to those cardboard keyblades with a Roxas clone, an idiot and Aqua was so buzz killing. I would've taken just a replay of the damn BBS Vid over that.
    Meh I dont think so since the entirety of DDD was basically a Soranort story. It'd be a rehash to do it again- wait...the series lacks creativity to not do rehashs....
    I hardly care for any either. I always found the Org a huge disappointment due to lack of screen time, lack of personality and the all around dropping of the ball in KH2. CoM set up such an interesting group only for them to be practically nonexistent in KH2. Dx
    I'm sure they realize. There's no way to look at the series and not say "what the hell is this?". Worse yet it's gets worse learning that the more interesting headcanons aren't true but obscure quotes are.

    Personally I wish he'd just leave it ambiguous. It was funner when it was ambiguous. If your not gonna explain in-game then dont bother outside of it.
    It truly is. It takes a truly lore loving nerd (not nerd as insult but just that level of a mind) to sit down and actually care enough to want to be a hardcore fan. Hell I dont even see people ask questions anymore about the series. It's been ages since I've seen a nomura quote spammed.

    Pffft I'd prefer to have just loved in general. Can't move out, has never dated, I can't exactly compare that phrase to myself even for a series haha. TuT
    Disillusioned in the worst way given how passionate they were at one time. It was the console spread, heavy story in portables and interview BS that sunk the popularity ship.
    Tbh The only tumblr fanbase I see is people making art, which I wont lie is quite good in many cases, and people spamming gifs. I just searched tumblr for KH facts even and found like five post results and one tumblr blog. lmao

    Reasons why Amano should be on the game writing staff. x'D
    It's almost a tragedy really. The apprentice had more merit as just some stray apprentice in KH2. You didn't even know he had amnesia back then if you didn't read a KH2 report. I'd even tolerate the Diz-is-Ansem reveal if we could go back to Xehanort just being a stray apprentice.
    Ugh those reveals.....they made so many things seem superfluous and stupid. The only shining light was Riku's story. Just like Chain of Memories Riku carried the story and it was actually decent to see. Riku's the only person to develop in this series at all. Sora's only interesting story moment was seeing Roxas. Even I liked that a bit since a proper Sora-Roxas exchange has felt needed since KH2. =/

    Gameplay was crap. Keyblades were even less effective than they were in BBS. Flowmotion is overpowered and annoying and hardly interactive. Dream Eaters, while fine as a party member, was completely turned into a boring exercise thanks to the stupid pet mechanics.
    Why couldn't we have just got a meow wow and bat as little sidekicks and have been done with it!? The ability charts and stuff make WAY more sense and feel less gimicky when you only have one little sidekick to worry about. Especially if we can actually keep the maxed chart in new files.

    Uprising was cancelled because Disney was stupid. Rather than let it garner ratings or a fanbase they wanted instant results so instead just did everything they could to get it dropped. =/
    TV studios dont seem to comprehend these days that a good show or fanbase has to be BUILT. Not instantaneous.

    Their dynamic truly was tragic. Raised as brothers and even considered each other as such only to fight. The brother-vs-brother troupe done right more or less. (kinda like how the brother-vs-brother troupe was done exceptionally well in devil may cry 3)
    So true it hurts. In the 90s it was dark material it was just truth. Things aren't pretty, plagues are pretty. The movies touched on things that happen. They didn't sugarcoat reality or worry about some little justice groups bitching.

    Gintama is so awesome! A story that actually maintains it's comedy roots while getting serious now and then. It literally switches between comedy and series throughout arcs. And oh my glob the copyright jabs! This series isn't afraid of nothing! I read chapter 100 something last night with Gintama making obvious use of Dragon Ball Z stuff lmao. In chapter also was a huge poke at console fanboy wars with two characters even ripping off the Mario & Luigi outfits down to the color. Only changing the hat letters. xD

    Aw thats sad to hear. I'm not to over saturated due to crappy internet but I watch most of it because it's far better than anything western tv is giving me. You'll be happy to hear that DGray Man finally updated a chapter a few weeks back. Now to see if it continues it's updates. The author has health problems it seems as well.
    Attack on Titan is one of my recent favorites. Mostly because it actually stays true to it's manga source. It doesn't make up it's own crappy story. It doesn't even delve into the horror that is "filler" content like anime only arcs or villains and so on.
    Mushishi is another series that retains the story and quality between manga and anime. I'd highly recommend you try Mushishi. It's episodic stories would serve you well since your busy. No overarching plot just smaller ones meaning you can watch it when you can and not miss anything.

    I gave up on Blue Exorcist myself. The anime greatly diverged in a less praiseworthy manner from the manga and the manga itself got dull for me.
    One manga series I'd highly recommend if you want back in the game is Tokyo Ghoul. But dont watch the anime, the tokyo ghoul anime is a horrendous alteration of the manga.
    Well its been alright i haven't played any games i need to start playing KH2.5 and 1.5 again but haven't had time lol and only watched a few anime eps so far lol :) but mostly been Drawing anime characters
    i ended up watching the kingdom of dreams and madness, this documentary of studio ghibli at the time where they were making the wind rises! i only got to watch half of it because I've been so busy lately, but it was really good...chill and a little weird, just like they are :rolleyes: idk if i'll be able to get to watching the rest any time sson, uni has officially begun and i already have an assignment- i have to design an object that will take my professor from my seat in the classroom to my seat at home where i work. wish me luck! are you starting uni/school soon?
    haha It's funny you just messages because I was getting ready to show you this: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-chi/207783-message-director-future-main-story-unchained-updates.html
    The key part is that "it seems the characters will become a part of the main kH story".

    IT DOES!! It feels like it's been forever since my bitching buddy vanished! Your still going to school!? I thought you was teaching school....too much school will swallow you! D=
    It's so rare to find a person who finds their job rewarding.

    I looked but didn't really find anything....it was all classes and topics that I have no idea what they are or have no interest in or so on. I'm not sure how far I'll get looking up when I dont know what I want. =[
    They dont know actually haha. There are lots of specials on Alaska and disappearances on science and history channels. You usually have to fly to get anywhere there which causes entire planes to vanish at times and whats more suspicious is that most of the people there are outdoors-men so they aren't exactly the same as a dumb tourist vanishing on a vacation. I think the last special I watched said the disappearance rate is over a hundred percent.
    Why are they mandatory? I'm skeptical on how easy they are since I was told the same about high school stuff which wasn't. xD
    Sounds like I'd be spending a whole day on the phone that way. xD I wish we had those adviser things around here that my friend has in her state.
    Are you sure? We've already learned schools are very different in our places so are you sure they'd have groups or tutors here?
    I wouldn't get far in writing lol. I dont even know what adjectives are. Why thank you~ Although having ideas is different form writing them out. Learned that the hard way those few times I was talked into writing a guest chapter in someones story.

    That is a thing to be greatly concerned about. Some idiots actually wander around solely to find things like that to attack. That cyber bullying shit is also starting to grow wildly which is freaking stupidity in so many ways. Not only for the tormentor but for the person being bothered. It's an online account, if your being bothered just delete it for Christs sake. It's so stupid to keep an account going when it's being attacked. =/
    It's a pitiful thing really. Social media is quickly becoming something that needs destroying than being something positive for people living distances away.
    Tbh the only future I see at this rate is, at the very least, this country finally collapsing under it's own failings and idiocy. Other countries have their problems but many aren't exactly rotting inside out so I doubt the world will crumble with us.
    They honestly made an issue out of a damn dress? Ugh fuck it. If that's the extent of peoples worries then the collapse is what they deserve.

    I'm not sure to be honest. Many have become dulled with the series and left though. You think it's connected now just wait till you see that link I posted above. Does Nomura truly not comprehend fun or browser games? Everything doesn't need to be connected it's ridiculous.

    I dont know why they wont use obscure disney stuff. There's literally, LITERALLY, a whole practically abandoned studio of animated series, cartoon shorts, movies and so on. It doesn't have to be movies all the damn time.
    Truly. Disappointing from start to finish. I remember when we was all so hyped about everything haha. It had such potential.
    We dont know sadly, only know that DDD's ending was changed. Fan theory is the original ending was Sora-nort which I say is a good call to avoid if that's the case.
    Indeed. Between ideas Nomura added that wasn't needed or convoluted or just stupid and the company meddling we've gotten a completely wasted potential of a series over the years.
    Disney nor SE would ever give Nomura complete control. To pigheaded too and give Nomura's own ideas I'm not sure they should. I'm not sure Nomura would work better with limitations either since older games were limited. (like Mickey only being allowed for use of once scene in KH1)

    lol We basically are though. Except we're still youth and attractive old timers~ ;D
    From what I can tell it doesn't seem too but that's usually only for the new fans that dont worry about interviews or just dont care for them. Any new fan that tries to delve into it usually loses interest quickly.
    I'm glad to remember the heyday but at the same time I'm saddened that I do because I know how good it was and how bad it is now. Interest and passion is definitely dead. You can see it in the severe lack of theories not only on this site but places like youtube or tumblr which are hotboxes of theories for other series. People just dont care no more and choose to play it in the casual manner for the fun ride. I mean hell even I can still like to play a few games if I quit caring about the details.
    lawl The only okay Xion plot I've seen is the manga~ x'D Guess Amano took the title.
    haha That makes me laugh to be honest. He's so irrelevant! He's basically Ansem if you read those reports and now the old Xehanort is back so there's no room to make him more. He's just there to explain Ansem & Xemnas now. xD

    Done have but neither science nor history have jobs I'd be interested in. Especially science which I was good in but had no interest either. I just dont really have anything to pursue for colleges or careers. ='[

    I know. TnT I never thought I could be more disappointed than Days then DDD happens. Worse yet I dont even hate DDD for story but rather gameplay. The gameplay is such a kill fucking joy. It's not fun and I hate the damn pokemon simulator.
    FINALLY!!! \o3o/ Did you like Legacy then!? Yes find Uprising! See what goodness Disney wasted with Uprising by dropping it.
    Oh man I remember that movie. I got it as a kid on VHS. Watched it all the damn time it was so beautiful. Everything was so beautiful then. TnT
    We can't have anything good like that anymore. Idiocy has taken to much hold in the populace. ;n;

    I started reading Gintama lately. It is the most hilarious manga I've ever read lmao.
    Nah I'm bet you got more than you think. xD
    No you wouldn't! You'd feel vindicated muwhahahaha~ >:D

    A sign hallelujah! \;A;/
    Course catalog? I looked at some sites but all it had was classes that I had no idea what they are. D: The names made little sense and the descriptions kinda vague.
    Not really anything particular. I just prefer cooler to hotter. Not sure I want to be in Alaska though. It has a disappearance rate of like over a hundred more than the rest of the US. xD (no really o~o)
    Aw so you have to take those regardless even if what you choose has nothing to do with them? =[
    Ask my college? You mean the high school?
    So you can call them then. I wonder if I'd know what they're talking about....
    Do professors and groups help if say you....need constant help? My math & english were always trouble courses. ^ ^"

    That is a part of my problem really...I....dont really have many hobbies nor do I like things that can generally be used to make life decisions. I like to play a game but that's about all I can do on them. I break nearly every computer I touch. I'm not to tech savvy nor have good luck with them. Unless games have jobs that aren't to do with computer programs or designing?
    I'm that guy that generally has no standout hobby, talent or skill that can be a focus. It's made deciding on what things to do with my life impossible on top of the other things I've told you.
    Haha I know I couldn't be a teacher. That just wouldn't end well for anyone.

    I couldn't agree more of them all dropping off the face of the earth. Even if it caused me to lose contact with people I do know the social media is to much of a problem causer to think highly of EVER.
    It makes you wish it was like real life so a person would have to deal with whoever they're wronging. There's a bunch I've met even here that are asses simply because it's online.
    I dont see things being to well off to be honest. By that point the affects of coddling people will make them spoiled. They wont learn the lesson that you acquire from failure. It wont be a lesson to them it'll just be a "meh". That kinda mentality will affect everything and it wont go well. Just look how grown people act now and imagine in 30yrs when those people are running things and have kids as bad as they are. =/

    That's the great idiocy of justice warriors or feminists. They bitch about one thing but if that subject is reversed then it's still not good enough. It makes it obvious that they cling to actual issues just to bloat them so they can complain about their own issues. They basically do it just to bitch.
    Ugh I hate those kinda talks too. Just like woman can decide not to have kids they can just as easily decide that they do. To argue against that is foolishness of almost no equal.

    Grass was the original lore master and theory king haha. A good flamer too. I understand your stance. Personally I dont want it to be a thing because that'd just make more clones. I dont want more, you dont want more, nobody wants MORE clones Nomura. I dont see why Chi couldn't have just stayed that fun noncanon browser game. =/
    lol KH will prove the cryochamber theory true, Disney shall rein. xD
    Sadly I dont know. I dont know why they need powers from the future. Probably just an excuse to use old moves or make the cast designed cards. The use of illusions of future worlds could have a decent meaning I think but I'm so annoyed by the future crap and chi myself that I'm meh on it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if young Xehanort did. Ya know his time travel rules will be trolled past at some point anyway since that's what Xehanort does.
    I didn't want to see a war myself. Especially not now. DX
    I dont know if I wish his creative control was lessened or just better advised. We already know he was forced to change DDD's ending and demands from others caused some games to happen....

    I feel bad for them too. I was even talking to one telling her how it was before Days. The KH1-2 era. It made her sad a bit to hear how it was compared to how it is now.
    The fanbase will never be the same. That much is ensured. To many of those that were there for the ambiguity are gone due to lack of interest or annoyance at how anything remotely relevant was told in a freakin interview. I mean really what kinda person thinks details outside the games would be a good idea?
    lawl Remember back then whey Xehanort was actually interesting to talk about? xD

    lol I'm sorry but I am still confused. TuT

    Fall is God's reprieve to the worthy. TuT
    Daw dont worry to much. Your actually busy and can't answer a lot. Unlike me who has little going one. ;u;
    Oddly enough I did passable at science & history...
    The Key to Return Hearts is a interview tidbit so far. It's definitely some dues ex machina ass pull though. They're somehow supposed to use it and the data Riku got from Data!Diz in DDD to save everyone. =__= (meaning magical body get for Roxas, Xion & Namine)
    Often with founded claims though.
    You should get those road tacks and throw them randomly into the road to flatten peoples tires then. x'D

    I'd love so much to see a new state. Even my allergies vanish when I leave the state. Meanings its like even the plants have more sense and kindness outside my state! D=
    I wouldn't even know where to begin looking that stuff up. I know most have a website but I feel those only tell so much. D= The question of what state is hard to figure out too...I know one thing and that it's I hate hot weather...maybe colder states?
    Gen ed? I dont know what gen ed is...are you talking about basic things like math? Them helping find work is good of them but does an internship pay?
    They really take in people just because they're from somewhere else? haha
    I...dont know how to apply either haha...ha....
    Defer admissions? Things that'd worry me about college is failing and then having to come back home anyway. I'm not pessimistic when I say I wasn't great at school or lacked aptitude. I say that with a straight matter of fact face. I nearly failed math most of the time, I couldn't tell you right now what adjectives are, I've had to learn my times tables twice and still barely know them, I scored like 14 on that practice SAT they give kids these days which is a luck score cause I knew nothing, and so on. My brain just didn't seem to work the way school expects you to work. I can't study no how much I try, everything read is usually forgotten. I mostly passed school because of how flawed it is and how easy it is to troll through it.
    I also wonder where I'd get the money for day to day living. My parents certainly dont have it, they honestly need my help to keep what they got but refuse my help because "it's their bills". Though I guess I can't talk much, I wont take money from them either. xD
    I wish places just taught you things related to what your interested in so you can focus on what you want or need to know. Other classes seem like wasting a kids time.

    Catwoman was fun lol. She needed more missions. DLC is a scourge, A SCOURGE.

    More reasons for me to hate shrek, he brought on the CGI bullsh*t. lol
    YES!!!!!! Watch it now teacher-chan! >:3

    It's honestly kinda pitiful. =/ People whine about freedom of speech or complaining yet when someone complains about them they suddenly go freakin wild. Social media has become more of an issue than a fix in many cases. It's a collection of hate groups and hater of hate groups. Everything's an issue, everything's a problem, everyone's a bully. (I mean seriously how can you fucking bully online? just block or IGNORE the person motherfucking hell idiots)
    No you didn't never notice it just wasn't there, your right in that it's got worse as the internet has grown. That is also sadly true, kids these days just can't handle to be disappointed or negativity in general. It makes them pathetic by comparison of the elders, many of which that suffered TRUE persuasion or racism. Hell I watched a thing on Mysteries at the Monument just this morning about how a black man gathered some kids, trained them to resist anger at slurs and then rallied them to go into restaurants for THREE WEEKS enduring insults silently until they owner relented and served them food. That one man got shops all over that town serving black people in a time when most were kicked out to the curb. Kids these days thinking they have issues anywhere near that is a foolish self centered being. (though I'm sure at least some do)
    Your thing on coddling is so accurate that if you sit and think about it, it runs so deep that kids even get awards in things just for participating rather than there only being a first place trophy. =/ That's telling them "lol It's okay man, you dont need to work harder".
    The adults are no surprise. They are incredibly warped by the era as well. Many of the adults now are our generation after all. The generation prior, the 80s, is also seeing change. I know 50yr old men addicted to candy crush to show an example.
    They actually griped about her wearing heels? HEELS? That's one thing that pisses me off about feminists most. They'll even turn on other women just because that woman might actually PREFER to be a house wife, or a mother or wear heels or do anything associated with the gender in general. They treat "womanly" as a slur when there are just some things genders prefer to do as a whole to the other. It's not a stigma is just part what it is. =/

    I wont be satisfied until Davis is erased from existence lmao.

    lol It doesn't bother me. I couldn't agree more no matter how many times we mention how stupid ceremonies are.
    Behold the rebirth theory: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-iii/194630-rebirth.html (yes it's so big I had to give you the link) it's made by the legendary, if not mostly forgotten, grass.
    I dont like any specific stories but I really dislike destiny stories as a whole because they're so cliche and overused. I dont mind destiny stuff if it's a little ambiguous but I hate it when they entail determined results. If KH is pulling the strings I swear I'm done.
    Yep sadly that one isn't a potential mistranslation. The "worlds" you visit, the cards/pins/powers you use are "powers" from the future. The foretellers literally use the tomes to do whatever they're doing with future constructs. =__=
    Sadly I can see Daybreak town coming back. Mickey being there can only mean it's accessible to the cast, if it's accessible to heroes then you can bet trollnort has access too. Worse yet if it really is a sleeping world or hell even time travel I can see trollnort trying to revive it meet the demands of participants for a war. No matter how many stupid fans say it the 13 villains and 7 heroes do NOT make a war, 20 people are not a war. A true war is people ranking in thousands.

    I hate phone games too but meh it's free, at least worth a try for free.
    Maybe Nomura will get tired of SE's shit and quit by then. haha

    The only young fans you see are kids who got a random DS games from mommy & daddy like Days or Coded. That's literally how most of the fans I've met over the recent years got introduced into this series. It's naturally not their fault but ya can done tell how much of their interest is held when you hardly see younger fans in large gatherings. They weren't there for the ride of KH1>KH2. They came in mid way in a series that's all over the place with important plot details nowhere near the actual games and horribly misinformed wikis.
    I dont know either man. I've told mods and friends alike they're crazy if they think anything will truly invigorate the fanbase or forum to how it was. It's just not gonna happen.
    You came back late. For a long while we also had a third topic which was almost always Xehanort related haha. But even those have gone. The two you mentioned is all thats left to hold anyones interest.

    The manga did many things right in writing that the game did not like Sora questioning his own actions.
    I can never fully hate KH2 but I can't never compliment it either sadly. It has to many faults of it's own for my taste but even a hater like ME can acknowledge the fanbase was better during KH2's time. It added things to talk and theorize over and like you said nothing can be as bad as the games that followed. lol

    I think if it goes that far in 4 me and you both will be walking away heads held high haha.

    *still doesn't quite get the cycles thing* D:

    I'm both sad yet happy because I like Fall the most of any season but now your busy! ;A;

    haha I can't even begin to comprehend what its like to be an honors. Kinda seems like a lot work for even more stress. lmao Then I would've been your rebellious kid complaining. I never failed to complain to anyone. xD

    *fingers are crossed for reboot*
    They rebooted DMC because they're ignorant. No seriously. DMC didn't need rebooting. At the time Capcom lost most of their creative minds and just outsourced the game to Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory originally had designs and ideas close to the classic series but Capcom kept being 'lol nope, divert it further' which eventually pissed the fans off. The fans too acted just as stupid bitching over Dantes look. It only fueled the companies and even made NT turn into an ass. They actually make a crack at the fans IN THE GAME.
    There will never be an excuse for that. Capcom is just trying to get what money it can for the fans it's lost.
    I dont get much fun out of it sadly because I rarely like my results.
    Make year long summer a thing! ;A; I'll never be a Nomura fanboy. xD

    Seriously!? D=

    I dont think we have advisers around here....o_o I wonder if we do. Nobody understands how they drop people randomly but they do leaving them with huge debts which usually result in drop outs. We dont know who decides that either, it's all honestly a big ring of bullsh*t. =/
    I'd love to live elsewhere but I still dont know where I'd get that kinda cash. =[
    Apartment rent is crazier than houses in some cases. I look up apartments and stuff but they're all outrageous. Like 500+ each month for a one room space. =/ Sometimes without utilities included, that's extra.
    Your probably wiser for it. People just can't afford to move away anymore and it's really sad that the ones that want too can't. I can't get scholarships, even when I was in school the only brochures I got was from the army.
    I know I should but I dont know what state or college or such to look at. I'd rather just find a better job than go back to school as well. TnT I just dont really know what to do with myself. There seems to be no paths to my preference or income. College is about the only option but I dont wanna go if I have no path in mind because I dont have the money or credit to waste fumbling around.
    I know your trying to help, sorry if it sounds like Im shooting down ideas. TnT I've just been thinking on all the options for so long already.....

    I played City and it was awesome. I didn't find it to have much replay value though. I also hear that Arkham Knight wasn't to great. =[

    Ugh I never understood that one either. I HATED shrek. That movie just wasn't good. Now it's spawned an equally off putting animation trend.
    Make time teacher-san! D'8
    They're afraid because of all the bitchers now. EVERYTHING is such a huge problem in america now even if it's really not. Make a classic fairy-tale and you have someone bitching feminisim or something stupid. The names never bothered me but that really wouldn't be to good for Little Mermaid haha.
    I think it's becoming implanted in american DNA. If you think about just how much do you hear of the same whining in other countries? It's always in america that it's a problem to SOMEONE.

    The kids look the same to me. Kinda like they all have the same face with the hairstyles added on haha. I want it to be good, I dont care if it's great or not just good. All I really demand is 02 retconning. xD

    From what I've seen so far they are made...like poof. =__= Hopefully this is a misunderstanding in translations but I doubt it.
    Haha Remember when the chasers were thought to be Sora, Riku & Kairi? xD
    I dont know but who is "worthy" feels so stupid now imo. Whether they make or hand out the problem is the guilds give keyblades away making ceremonies even more freakin stupid and the master-teacher dynamic even dumber. =/
    Well there IS a rebirth theory that the foretellers are current characters. Wanna see? =/
    The tomes get me that way too. I hate predetermined bullshit. Worse yet they're some OP crap making illusions and other crap. The cards/pins you use in Chi are "powers" summoned from the future thus them being themed on current cast. =/

    As in Mickey is literally there, in Chi, in it's setting of Daybreak town. It's just a matter of if he's in the past or in some sealed/dream world. =/
    I'll play it myself, it's free so I see no reason too. Doubt I'll keep it long though since I hate touchscreen/phone game crap. It's implications are really off putting though and I ask constantly why it couldn't be a standalone browser game like it was initially said to be. =/ WHY does it have to be relevant? WHY does KH3 need to rely on it's details? Nomura just trying to connect shit again.
    I doubt anyone knows his personal feelings but Id' like to hope that even he hates how it's turned out so far. I'm more curious about a Nomura-less KH than I am interested in a KH3. =/

    To be honest KH3 won't invigorate it. They've waited to long, people are older, they didn't keep KH in a way that all it's fans could follow for the past ten years. It was thrown all over the place in complicated fashion. Even now if you find threads asking you'll see a lot of "KH3 is the end for me. I just wanna see how this ends and move on". The staff are almost annoying optimistic KH3 will help when even BH6 news didn't keep activity high more than a few days. =/

    Oh man I remember that. It was so fun to watch fangirl debates over Sora vs Demyx. x'D Sora's morality in general can be questioned in some places haha.
    Despite KH2's own vast issues it did add thought. It's ambiguity added something to discuss, to argue. The heart thing being one of them. Whether nobodies are good or bad and so on. KH2 was bad on it's own but added to the community which post KH2 games sucked away.

    IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IT'S JUST DUMB I mean that kinda crap has to be BS on Nomuras part. TnT
    I can see it happening. That or something even worse like the master possessed the 6th foreteller and worked his way down to Xehanort somehow. =__=

    Cycle? That confuses me sorry. ^ ^"
    They offer all that as electives!? SRSLY!? D= My electives were Automotive, carpentry, some nurse class or electrician. That's ALL they offered. =__= There was an art and music class but the art is a laughable class. Not sure about music.
    No no 16yrs dont literally go to college they just have that level learning. x'D Their highschool is basically our college in most countries.

    lol That's what I like to hear! SWIMMING FOR LIFE! *loves to swim*

    Parents as a whole are just lazy beings these days. They dont wanna be actual parents and blame shit on anyone they can. =__= Yet they KEEP having kids....

    Well that sucks. I'd riot.

    Agreed. It would've been an easier resolution too. Hell you could even cut out nobodies too. Like say make the apprentices like Ansem, heartless that stole human bodies. Diz could be Ansems former teacher who wishes to correct his students strayed path. No "real ansem" BS just and old man trying to stop his student. OR HECK you could just take Diz out completely. =/
    There is SO many ways a person can rework this lore and get a better more coherent story with less convolution. =/

    Capcom is a shitcompany now. They trounced all over their megaman series and fans which was one of their main pillars, they really messed up the DMC fanbase and now they have an unresolved classic series and a reboot with fans for both and no clue as to whey they'll do with it, then you have other things like abuse of DLC and crap.
    (actually i was really stuck on what movie to watch now that uni's almost back in session and my time is limited, thanks to this convo i'm watching something ghibli <3 )
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