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  • awwwww Jiji was my favorite! i love the amount of love studio ghibli has for cats :redface: and exactly, even later ghibli films stopped having that same sense of optimism- have you seen the wind rises?! it was a gorgeous film and very miyazaki, but it lacked the same spirit his older movies had. as for KH III i actually don't mind the gloom and doom :wink: it's such a happy, unrealistic series that the really sad parts balance it out to me....that being said, i'm pretty sure worlds like tangled and bh6 will definitely recapture that old KH essence :3
    TuT I'm not exactly sure I'd call what I have ability. My drawings are very hit and miss and aren't nowhere good enough to get anything out of but fun in my free time.
    *is unable to understand feeling guilt for school work* Aw that means September and beyond is gonna be boring. I wont have no one to bitch with. There's to many blind fanboys here. ;n;

    Your grandfather is right! I honestly wonder if half the country should have their licenses at all.

    ;_; I'd take hard ways over magical if I'd just have something at all. I dont think that'd go well. Financial Aid is bad for dropping you here, many college kids drop out because they just drop the students midway through school plus I dont see them giving me much when the local school wouldn't even give me free lunch because "my family made to much money". *I live in a fucking doublewide, how is that to much money? =__=*
    Loans would be the best bet but I still dont have the money to pay back or even pay payments on the loans at all......I only know of three colleges to be honest. Ones a technical school, one is UK and another is EKU. The latter two are for kids that are actually good at school. Gas is also another problem because all of them are in such a range that I'd spend more money in gas going then I get back from my present job. *if you can't tell I've put a lot of thought into such things*
    My parents would go along with anything probably but they already have money problems of their own. ;_;
    I think my best bet would be to leave but I have nowhere to stay. If only I had a place to stay at I'd go as far as possible. Dx

    It was the best Batman period of all time! The only thing I rank next is that Arkham City game as second best. Mostly because some BTAS voices were in it~
    Mr Freeze was always a favorite. His backstory is so tragic. =[

    Ugh I remember first seeing it and thinking it was horrible. I honestly dont know what the appeal is. It looks so cheap and generic. =[ Kinda bland too at times.
    The only word that can describe Disney channels current lineups. ;D
    YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! Steven Universe is the first good cartoon in ages to even touch a cartoon channel.
    It was a cop-out. =/ Your way would've been far preferable but in all honesty they didnt need to defy expectations. I mean seriously what is the target age of a disney movie? THE CHILDREN. Kids dont give no flying fucks about expectations or the girls being a damsel in distress. That's just not anything related to what kids think about. Especially the 4yr old girls running around in Elle backpacks and sh*t. =/ Having a female lead alone would've defied more expectation than they usually do.

    The sad thing is that with any feminist, gender or race issue is that there truly is a valid claim to be discussed. The problem is they take it to far. Everything truly is a problem. If God made the moon fall into the earth it'd end up being blamed on the "privileged" white man or the male gender in total for not letting a woman drop the moon. The only privileged people in this world are the rich. They are in positions to run things and in positions to help or hurt. Not that they all do but blaming something that isn't related to a person or group at all just because your, in most cases, rightfully wronged is a foolish stance.
    It's a stance so foolish that it's almost as dumb or bad as hate groups. All them people are are hate groups of their own. =/
    Then you were following the wrong people on tumblr haha. All my tumblr has is pretty art since all I have to follow are artsy people. I'm rarely there too so I might miss anything else.

    When you word it that way it makes it seem like all conversations are so weird that your not sure what the weird topics are anymore. xD

    lawl I can't even remember the romance scenes. xD
    Not sure. I didn't play the mini games much but Stadium was the N64 games. Coliseum is the gamecube.

    They're seriously surprised the ship existed? xD Did they not know their fanbase?
    Space sex with his best friend~
    Forget the hat did she even utter the word design once? x'D

    lawl You read the fanfics!? xD

    The story-line seems basic so far. Your player is a new guild member, you keyblade has been made (yes the guilds can MAKE them, hows that for ceremony!?) and you basically run around gathering "lux" for those guild masters. Naturally most of the story is superstition like how the guild masters all gather the lux/light but NOBODY knows what they use it for. They all share the same goal of preventing some disaster yet they dont work together to reach it. They was created or taught by this mysterious master who gave each of them a new name and some sorta tome that predicts the future (oh yes shits predetermined now =/). The sixth student because haha why not just up and vanishes from mention after stating they wasn't given a tome like the other five. The master also disappears after giving the foretellers their stuff.
    Foretellers read their tome, see something bad will happen and make guilds and keyblade wielders. Apparently the foretellers use their books to create illusions or summon something to that affect from the future which is why worlds like Aladdin appear. Mickey somehow winds up there in-story despite Chi being before the keyblade war which predates the current games entire universe. (meaning Mickey is VERY far back in time or something)
    There's some mysterious character named Ephemera. Those cat things you seein Chi art that accompanies the player is apparently a dream eater. (which means nobody knows if Chi is in the past or a dream world now)
    Lastly there was some image of the five known foretellers talking to a black coated person. =/

    ^Basically just all crazy shit. It sets up bad possibilities too like for instance; if the foretellers can make keyblades then that must mean they learned it from the master and if that's the case that makes the master a potentially evil being since keyblades are an originally ill intent item. The master and the 6th both vanishing is also dangerous because what if you have some Xehanort subplot there with the master hopping bodies or something?
    It's just leaning it so many bad ways.

    Tbh I'm beginning to think Nomura doesn't care anymore. KH has already had alterations unintended by him several times then they took FFXV from him PLUS they work Nomura like a dog and lastly he apparently is known for taking outside jobs now like designing that volcaloid girl. =/ I often wonder if he's gonna say fuck it and leave. He'd probably be better off for it.

    I'm not a fanfic reader so I wouldn't know but that sounds like Days hit the fandom damn hard. I've noticed fanfictions posted here are practically nonexistent now when before it was lively. =[
    DDD only shattered it further with "lol oh yeah we can grow hearts I was just lyin yo". I mean what the flying fuck?! That debate was one of the biggest ones. Take it away and people no longer talk. Worse yet it makes you wonder what the damn point in nobodies was. If they can grow hearts and be normal again then why bother? Why have them as enemies when they only matter to story as humans?

    Ya know the worst part? Xehanort knows it yet states a couple times that he forgets when going back to his proper era. If he doesn't know from time travel THEN HOW DOES HE KNOW????? It is just way to forced and unbelievable. No human being walking is that damn smart. One of my few enjoyed moments in DDD was Lea crashing their gathering simply because Aizen-Mort didn't expect it. =/
    Exactly. Now if Xehanort had formed a plan based on the other versions failures then maybe I could believe that shit. But no not like this. Villain Sue indeed. =/

    Such school exists? You truly are lucky then. They have actual music and art classes for the kiddies? They need to get over their money bullshit and accept that they only solution is an overhaul. They keep on the way their doing and the damage will be far worse in the long run than a national overhauling of the school system would be in present day. I know a person from britain on here and she mentioned how they get to college stuff before their 18 there. Other places like Japan do this too. They reconfigured their school systems world wide except for us.
    The only thing America is number one in right now, no joking, is number of adults that believe in angels and criminal population. =/ Oh yeah and obesity.

    lol Good pierces seemed like wasted money to me. Why risk infected ear? xD
    It's also the parents job to monitor what shows or sites a kid visits. These parents bitching to tv studios and online providers are just people to damn lazy to make sure on what their kids are doing.
    I'd raise a huge fit if they took cookies away.

    I like that nobody idea. Diz would've made more sense that way. The nobodies being the apprentices at the core would've been better handling as well. The whole amnesia thing had potential but was wasted, in hindsight I like your idea more. =/

    It's a sad thing that it's true for many gaming companies over there. Especially Capcom. =/
    i really loved those two, even though they aren't as close to my heart as spirited away, howl's moving castle or kiki's delivery service <3 i actually love all their movies (even that earthsea one which isn't so popular) they're just so feel-good, a thing they have in common with the kh series! :redface:
    haha I still do every now and then! I made an account to store my stuff there too. =]
    lol The school life is taking you over. Soon you'll be a boring teacher in librarian glasses unable to like fandoms~ ;D

    Obviously. Black dough magic.
    lol xD
    haha Called it!
    lol It really is. Sadly even if your not other people do which can lead to accidents too. Well the cops give good advice to kids even if they're usually dicks on the job. xD

    I'm amazed 1000 people live here actually. Sad part is most of the town is empty buildings. I haven't even dated yet because I AM RELATED TO EVERYONE and those I'm not are usually on drugs. =__=
    Ugh the abuse is great here. People that dont work an hour of their lives have better homes than my parents do and they work all week. I wish gov assistance was taken away from everyone that isn't over 60. >:[
    I already have. I've went to as many stores as I can afford to drive too. Anything further would take more money than I make in gas. Sadly no. I have no one to get employment help from. I'm related to a LOT of people but they can't help. I have a part time job now but my hours have dropped to one day a week recently. =__=
    There's nothing to volunteer for. Even prison labor is gone since they shut down the local jail.
    I haven't wrote it off despite my vast hatred. HOWEVER I lack money or an idea of what to do. I dont have the money or grades to just run to college and fumble around till I find something. TnT

    Duuuuuddddeeee I loved Batman the Animated Series! IT WAS EPIC. I hated the design shift in later episodes though. Mark Hamill will always be my fave joker. Real actors be damned. x'D
    PatF was original. No doubts about that, it just wanst my thing I think. I HATE the CGI look. It takes away so much detail or character from things that you see in handdrawn art or shows. =[
    I know, I hate it too. It's damn sad you cant find a cartoon that isn't handdrawn anymore. Anything is either CGI, a shitcom or some really REALLY stupid 10min cartoon. Only Steven Universe seems to be decent right now.
    I just felt Frozen was to much of a musical than a movie. =[ Older movies had a balance.
    I found that kinda forced myself but at the same time predictable. As a guy I know damn well no guy is THAT perfect lol. It just seemed to suspicious and sadly I was right when Hans goes all derp. Dont even get me started on the feminist bullshit. =__= Feminism is a perfectly valid thing but many TAKE IT TO DAMN FAR. Like you literally can't enjoy something these days without some social justice person or feminist rampaging.
    There's a lot of things parents should talk about with daughters. Men aren't perfect, there's no man of their dreams usually, sex isn't some magical night, not all men suck but they all definitely aren't good, etc.
    I guess Disney thought it'd be okay because Anna ended up with the ice guy. =__=
    Definitely better. Everything about the "animation renaissance" of the 90s was grander.

    Weirder!? x'D Like what? Arguing over who's stronger in Dragon Ball Z?
    You could actually find humor in those scenes? Looking back all I see is Lucas pushing pedophilia. x'D
    I figured it was common knowledge that if your gonna have convolution that you need to LEAVE the story where it can be found, Nomura proved me otherwise. xD

    lol That is pretty good for a 10th grader. xD
    You never played the original SSB!? Oh man it was so awesome back then! Link was my main in the original! Pokemon Stadium was better imo to coliseum.
    lol Even the japanese cast!? xD
    I'm sure Matt and his friend will have lots of long nights together. =u=
    lmao It's hard to talk about that crap aint it? Davis having a major food chain? With that level of idiocy? I THINK NOT JAPAN.

    LOL I'm pretty sure it WAS a fanfic at some point. Nomura probably just bought it. xD

    There's sadly an overarching plot now. =/ It'll tie into KH3 as well. FURTHER diverging details from the main games.

    Everything of DDD is wasted. There's an entire realm of sleep. AN ENTIRE REALM OF SLEEPING AND LOST HEARTS. Just...just no...why was time travel there!? ISN"T INCEPTION ENOUGH NOMURA!?
    The musketeer world and yen sids tower is nothing but BS. Some lore master members have good headcanons and quotes to explain it away but IT IS STILL STUPID. Traverse Town makes sense since it apparently just goes to those needing shelter, that's it's thing and all. Even the Grid makes sense. Even if data can't truly dream the fact is the Grid is a computer. That computer resides on a larger world so logically that must mean the world housing said computer is sleeping.
    But the tower and musketeers? How can worlds like the tower be there when it's also in the real world and how can moments of mickey's past be there? JUST HOW?

    I haven't read fanfic much but I've noticed a sharp decline. Did it really suffer that badly? D=
    We do. Aqua is what the main cast should've been! ORIGINAL! xD
    I mean really nobody NOBODY has the level of foresight. The only being I'd give that kinda credit too would be God or something damn close. Xehanort was so much more interesting before when all the forms was just splintered selves taking parts of the plan and doing it their own flawed way. Xehanort would've been more believable if he had come back with this new plan based on all the failures of his other selves. Like it was a learning experience for him, ya know like a REAL person would do.
    HA! Xehanort probably even help Eraqus buy his. =/

    They need to overhaul the school system entirely. We're so far behind others that we are literally nearly 50yrs behind. We haven't been a school system of equal footing since the 60s.
    Your mom is vastly wise lol. I saw a catfight once myself and it was the most terrifying thing yet funny thing there ever freakin was lmao. They were so vicious! x'D
    There's a lot about school that bullshit now. u_u
    You shouldn't wear any pierces to be honest. lol
    Dont be fooled. It's the top half of the state but the state itself is nothing to boast about. It's just less crappy than the rest of the crap. =/
    Obesity isn't the schools problem is the main thing. The kid eats more at home than it does at school. It's the parents duty not the schools. I'm not sure if it's still banned but before I graduated we all basically passed around salt other kids brought from home anyway. =/
    Peanut bans are VERY stupid. A little kid eating one by accident is believable, they dont know what all has peanuts in them yet. A grownass kid like middle or high school though should know better.
    They get out almost exactly two months before August. The day usually varies so sometimes June or July.

    They did but I found it dumb. Many were joking they changed it because Disney wants to keep the stereotype of nontanned skin people in games to a minimum lol.
    I think his look was just magic to begin with so changing back is basically undoing the spell.

    That it was. I loved the HC's banner. xD
    I feel no remorse lol. I'm sure they do but I wouldn't be surprised if good people lost jobs sadly. =[
    awwww okay i really hope a love of anything studio ghibli is one of those things as well! spirited away is one of my favorite movies hands down
    It is so long as you find a good art blog. It'll at least get more attention than it would on Deviatart. =/
    Reblogging isn't really something with much thought. Just do what you will more or less.
    Lawl Do you still like the yaoi? x'D

    I can see them making the open circles for the chain but seriously how did they link them together or keep them from falling flat? D=
    Your a cruel teacher madam xD
    Especially when the store they open is only nostalgic to the grandparents. xD
    You shouldn't even do it with the speakerphone on! xD

    Yep behold: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beattyville,_Kentucky right there it says 2.0 square miles. TnT
    lawl We have rich people here. Not truly rich anyway. You got people with money though. Drugs is a rampant problem for my state on a national level. People here do more to find ways to cheat gov assist and getting prescription pills than to find work. It makes me wish gov assistance wasn't a thing. Some may need it but I see far to many more that abuse it. =/
    I'd love to leave. I hate it here, I hate most of the people and now my opinion of the country as a whole is underwhelming. Problem is I have no means to leave. No real jobs to build money with and I never really had enough for school in grades or money worse yet I have no idea what to do with myself due to lack of....well talents or interests to nurture into one.

    DC should just stick to their animations. They do those fine. It appeals to their comic fans.

    I wasn't overly amazed by Frozen either. It was basically just nonstop singing which DID get on my nerves at times. =/ You can have a whole musical it's a pain. I wasn't fond of the Frog one either. It wasn't bad however. I give Princess and the Frog more credit for the hand drawn approach though since CGI isn't all that nice to look at for movies let alone animation.
    They think Frozen is what!? Nothing about that was a second coming NOTHING!!!

    That would be a very weird family dinner. xD How long was your moms rant?
    It feels like she stays the same age though! She literally looks the same! x'D It's like they sped grew Anakin for that ship specifically.
    So they took the loosely based standalone approach that Nomura should with most things haha. Leia is forever doomed to that horrible bikini lol. I was thinking animated shows when considering parallel universe stories. Just noncanon fun to get kids in or even fun stories for adult fans. Like Rebels could've been a show set before the first new hope movie but a parallel take with the rebels eventually winning or something.

    lo How old was he? The visuals do sound cute. x'D
    lmao I think it was the same for most of us. Remember how in the original SSB Samus was an alien under the suit? You only saw it if you paused when she got shocked. haha
    The Kari/TK in the ending WAS SO NOT RIGHT BY ME. Dont tease a whole show of little tween romance then just drop the hat! I try not to remember the Matt/Sora. The shipping was apparently a english dub thing BUT STILL. MATE IS SUCH A WHINY LITTLE BITCH. Does she have no standards? x'D
    Sora is the yoko that ruined digi-friendship. ;A; The only friendship that crest had by then was Matt to his d*ck.

    lol Can you see her just randomly vanish from the story after a scene? She really would've been more forgettable. x'D
    Shes not just generic she's a blatant mary sue. A story meant to be about Roxas and other nobodies somehow became a story about Xion from everyone elses perspective. =/
    Ugh dont even remind me of that. I've seen so much bitching about how the story is so memorable because somebody always "dies" or it's bittersweet. If you need sad endings and axing of characters to get interested then you got a failing story and a questionable fanbase to begin with.

    Seems like he did. I can't remember which. I've seen some threads on here saying he made them and others that he was the teacher. Dx Japanese is to vaguely translatable.

    Damn she's doing good then! She's as old as her grandomother role then. x'D
    lol I know right? x'D Then for Riku's half you could have him running across other sleeping people like Roaxas which showed him the Days half. Nomura literally had a realm, not a world A REALM, of sleep and a whole cast of sleeping PEOPLE to help retell his story.
    I dont even consider it a shadow. It's less than a shadow now haha. There's no long creative theories or debates, not even funny trolling, just people waiting around for news. =/
    I can agree to that! I really liked Aqua for serious reasons. She was a woman that wasn't useless. xD The series has to much testosterone without actually being manly somehow. lmao
    Ugh he's like Oorochimaru with an Aizen complex. It's seriously uninteresting when the villain is like this. There's no risk for them, they somehow ALWAYS KNOW, they're overpowered and so on.

    Carpentry aint my thing. I enjoyed it by comparison to the rest but I was no master in the art of carpentry. At most I could probably do minor things. Most of the time the teacher let me deconstruct and salvage. *meaning he basically let me break things for a grade! 8D muwhahaha*
    I find that a damn shame too. How can so many jobs NOT BE in our own country? Worse yet what is has some damn skynet in the making running it. =/

    That's kinda dumb then. =[ If the talking is about the class project then how can the class be out of control? Supervisors are idiots.
    It doesn't disturb other classes. At most you hear mumbling when in another classroom. You'd literally have to rave and throw a party to be that loud to others when in buildings made up of concrete.
    My parents taught me the same thing though I've not had to fight before. I mean how can a kid learn to stand up for themselves when they get punished for it? It's like schools are TRYING to undermine people.
    That's why I find being a guy better. You dont gossip or other bullshit you act dumb, fight and get it out of your system. x'D
    That's not to say though women fight more violently when they do. Like BADLY. Men pummel each other but girls oh how they get very bad fast. x'D Something you've seen apparently.
    Probably because my state in all regions is full of idiots. It causes you to only have bad or laughable experiences. See if I had forgot money they'd would've let me starve in school. =/ WHAT REALLY SUCKS is that a year after I graduated they made ALL LUNCHES FREE. D'x
    More fun stupid facts. My school took out salt because it was "unhealthy". They also took out peanut butter cookies because some fully grown highschool idiot ATE ONE despite KNOWING he was allergic. EVEN WORSE they banned pop from the pop machines only to leave it in the teachers lounge pop machine. =/
    Oh and summer vacation is practically nonexistent for kids now. When I was young you got off till september. Now they go back first of august. Like an 8week summer vacation. =/

    x'D He said nothing but the rage on his face said a whole lot lmao.

    Tbh I dont even know. I'm trying to figure out why they changed the other Ansems KH1 model in 1.5. I'd blame AtW on something dumb like his look being fake based on his darkness powers or something.

    lol I remember one member made an idea for a "kairi drive" which basically was throwing her to the heartless. The funniest kairi hater I ever seen. xD
    lmao No wonder the Xion FC died! Everyone went to the hate! xD
    Imo it's like KH3. It'll only disappoint if you have a high hype level which I'm sure FF7 naturally has. I didn't play it the first go so the remake wont be an issue to me. SE has been in trouble for a long time. xD
    xD Yeah I have one. I used to use it so I could see images but I got bored one day and just tricked it out with crap like my drawings, Xenoverse pictures and poems. x'D
    There's not really anything to get about tumblr. Your tumblr page is whatever you want it to be really. A blog for random stuff, art, a specific series or game. Things like that. I follow a lot of art tumblrs personally. =]
    lol It's like any forum or site in the not so great area. xD
    Calling it now, yaoi~

    I've been wondering for two days now! How do you get that shape!? IT EVEN HAS A REAL PRETZEL CHAIN xD
    A dunce cap? xD
    haha That kinda sucks then. It's good for old-time stuff but what's the point if the food is bad!? xD
    I dont either. I can only think they had to call before driving or have the passenger dial. xD
    You shouldn't use your cellphone in the car ms teacher~

    lol 50, 000 is huge to me. My town is literally, on it's WIKI page, 2 miles in overall diameter. Most of the buildings in it are empty to boot. Sadly I have mostly drug addicts here now. Few decent people are left and what is is usually older retired people. Nearly everyone here cheats the gov aid systems somehow despite being younger than me while getting pills all day. =/

    I think a part of the success is that they build it up right. They had individual movies leading up to an Avengers then sequel solo tales to keep the heroes in the lime light for another avengers build up. DC is just trying to throw it all up to a Justice League and that just doesn't work.
    Let it gooooooo~ I swear the movie was mostly that song.

    lmao You know the love of a parent when they buy Jar-jar for the child. x'D
    lol One of those dinner moments like "Ya know I rewatched the prequels.....they suck more than I remember." Parents: *drops forks, eyes all teary, hugs children in warm embrace*
    Oh yeah! How did she stay young as Anakin got older then marrying then...WHAT HAPPENED THERE!? D= Phandom Menace=pedophilia set up
    Is Rebels getting better then? It's kinda a shame it's a tie in. They should have fun with the series and make a cartoon not tied directly to the movies. Like a what if. Like say Rebels could be a "what if there was no rebel anakin" or something. Parallel universe story maybe?
    .....b-but...they're so bad...is respect really that powerful!?
    lol Bet you got a kick out of that kids presentation then. Have a star wars fangirl chat in class? xD
    oh my lord you had to bring up the sneakers lmao! I dunno, disney has done dumber. xD

    Oh damn in the right hands Shiek was terrifying! Kid Link in Melee was my jam haha.
    Well can't blame them. TKxKari was the only enjoyable interaction in the new kids and they weren't even technically new lol. Sad but true, hopefully Tri just throws out 02 and all those lost plots. haha I Know right? They decided Davis won BECAUSE he has nothing. No character. x'D
    I've not met a person to like 02s ending myself. Hell most of the time when I see fans of it they only mention liking aspects like digidestined in the real world. Good concepts were there but thats about it.

    lol You should have thread on that. In the bulk of it I doubt it. She'd be that indifferent person that stole the plot we were promised. That ending was just to tug at heart strings to help sneak the fact past you that she was dying and being forgotten so Nomura could sneak her into the story without having to explain her lack of memorable presence in KH2.
    *puts own own tinfoil cap*

    Me too sadly. If you notice Nomura set up the rule that you can't change history not that you couldn't affect the future. All the Master or 6th need is a part of them in the distant future I could see them trolling away with by having some sentient object like say a cergain goat themed keyblade hold a part of their heart. =/ Hell didn't the master make those foretellers? He could make bodies or some stupid sh*t.
    She is!? Didn't that actor die? D=

    It would've been cool and a neat twist imo if Ven did a self sacrifice then his heart went into the sleep realm which you meet during DDD. Ven helps guide you while showing you bits of the BBS story along the way instructing Sora of Xehanort so he can "save the friends he couldn't" or some other BS like that.

    That's actually a good question given the female dominance of the KH fanbase. x'D
    They'd market it like! "Join along as the only two female fighters in the series save the day! Boobs jiggling all the way!" xD

    lol A good question. I find the rail grinding a Sonic Adventure 2 ripoff myself. lmao
    lol Likewise. Some have tried but with little success.

    It sucks so much because I didnt' have anything I could focus on or use to make a career and I didn't want to go back to school. A job would've been fine for me but NOOOOOOO freaking economy tanks. Now I'm out of school still lacking direction and dont know what to do nor have the money anyway. =/
    I spend more time on electronics than I used too but I try to keep computer time to a minium. The most computer I've ever been in a video game. That's another sad thing. How can you make jobs for people if you just throw them all away to computers? Have some respect for handcrafting for fucks sake world. =__=
    So it was some Little House On The Prairie schooling? Sounds like it does better than a public school. Can't say I'd have thrived there though since the book exam method doesn't work on me.
    ugh I hate that "oh man the kids are talking, must be a wild class" bullsh*t. Some teachers let it slide since it gets kids working better to socialize. No matter what you do you'll always have the troublemakers and slackers anyway so talking doesn't change anything.
    That kinda sucks given even the public teacher aren't paid much. A private school teachers wage must be abysmal. I'm sorry to hear that about your brother. Used to in older days, if you take to to listen to older timers stories, you'll learn bullying wasn't so bad before because usually a bunch of kids would get the bully as the bully got their victim. They also talk of how people would fight a straight fight while the other kids huddled a circle. No interruptions, they'd get it out of their system and be done. I dont know about girls but for guys this is honestly the best method, they fight and go on. x'D
    Sadly people can't do that now since even if you fight in defense or trying to stop a bullying you get expelled too. =/

    I can agree but sadly the idiocy can't seem too. Loss of art and music classes are actually becoming a problem nation wide due to the failing school system itself and economy. Not that the art class I had was worth saving...it sucked bad.
    Your school had saint lunch ladies then. Here if you didn't have money or if you didn't get it free you didnt' get food. =/
    My area and state in general really wouldn't fair well even with a new batch of teachers. The system is foolish and limiting.
    I had a teacher with a sense of humor once. He'd give us candy. One day I almost had his candy cabinet opened using a ziptie to pick the lock. xD

    lol The days when you could just absorb people for power without being Sora or Xehanort.

    True but only after the KH2FM trailer happened. Mickey also talks to Riku in some final mix scenes after Riku is kicked out of his body. Most likely something Yen Sid taught him. I remember old interview about Mickey can talk to hearts or something.
    It's why Mickey could reach out to Riku in CoM too.

    The typical response. "You dont know what your talking about this is a fully planned out story and greatly done! Nomura even said so!" Me *posts nomura quotes saying otherwise* *other guy never comes back to forum*
    lmao OH MAN THE HATE GLUE! I REMEMBER THIS! Remember when the Xion hate club first appeared causing the Kairi one to vanish? x'D
    The FF fans raging at the very least will be funny haha. I wonder how FF7 remake will fair in light of 15s flop. xD
    lol I didn't ship it but I did add to the troll with the link troll face and the "kooloo-gerudo-pah!" x'D
    Orly? What did you ship ms teacher? >:}

    I'd eat it before a picture could happen. xD

    A student in a dunce cap. 8D
    50miles!? Damn that's far. At least some are still around though. Was afraid it was almost gone. D=
    lol I always thought the car phone stupid, your already driving just talk when you get to them lmao. Oh man the brick! I never saw one in person myself. x'D Phones didn't get here till the early 2000s.
    What's it like? ;A; Is your town big?

    I'm not fond of grim & gritty myself it's like anything in that setting tries to hard to be series or cool, etc. DC always tries and fail lol. Now their trying to force a instant justice league with BatmanvsSuperman. xD
    Then their stubbornness is more stupidity. They obviously dont know what to do with what they have. They should let it go.
    Your parents like SW? Did they hate the prequels too? I dont even remember who Padame is now xD
    I didn't watch the who consistently but it seemed okay every time I saw it. I must've found the post season two episodes.
    lol I know. I got kinda down after saying it myself. lol
    Would Lucas even care? He already sold everything and nobody likes the prequels so you'd think he'd say fuck it so long as they left the originals alone.
    You read the novels I take it? x'D Why not make a Star Wars novel a class assignment?
    lawl dont bring up the 90s kool thing you'll make us feel old again xD. That's surprising given Disney's history.

    Angsty phase xD
    lmao I've only found two fighting games I liked which was Smash Bros and Xenoverse.

    Ugh 02 fans still bitch about Dark Ocean thinking they'll see it or other dropped plots in the Tri series. If it was dropped then it wont be picked back up now fanboys! Davis wasn't just shallow he was damn annoying and stupid and apparently only there to hit on Kari. Cody was either nonexistent or a whiny bitch or Yolei was annoying purely.
    02 did have good things like you mentioned but I just couldn't enjoy them unless 01 kids were involved. The newcomers were so annoying that I couldnt enjoy the rest besides Ken.
    I hope the Tri show retcons 02.

    Kids need frustration though lol.
    The company seems to know and doesn't deny it. It's their merchandise advertising now. =/

    Not sure on the dying or apprentice connection but I like the ideas! I ask myself "why" a lot with the series. TnT
    I can see that kinda BS ending happening too....dear glob why!? IF IT HAPPENS THE REBOOT BETTER FREAKIN COME TO PASS!
    The light story seems to be selective knowledge. The worlds have been isolated so long most dont know of the other anymore. Let alone knowing of keyblade wars or lights falling.
    I could see the Grandmother coming back in such a way sadly. Just imagine the shock reveal. x'D
    Agreed. BBS didn't NEED three people but if he was set on Ven he should've gave him his own face or something. It was just such BS and laziness the way it happened. I'd prefer if Ventus went down in self sacrificing glory. Turning the Xblade on himself which destroys it, causes his body to be destroyed and Vanitas with it leaving Ven to fade away into sleep.

    No Merida or Elsa. Just the new dynamic duo of Aqua & Kairi and the nude cheat they deserve! Also implement some Dead or Alive boob physics.

    You said that so beautifully and accurately it hurts bad lol. I mean just what about flowmotion is cool, fun or interactive? =/
    More or less. Like one very large and darker End of the World. To be honest....so am I lmao. People still cry over it though.
    BECAUSE KH2 WAS RUSHED AND WRITTEN BADLY. xD Most of the things after KH2 I'm betting Nomura just makes up personally. Most are like "omg when did this happen!?" but I'm like "he's totally making that post story lmao"

    It is sad. Deviantart was littered with iwate images for days. D'x Those artists hit your feels!

    OR SORA'S MOM DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN She's tired of him not eating his globdamn dinner~

    That's another problem. Post HS school is so bleak because college is to high and not everyone wants to go but you have little choice because the economy is shit. Most of the things needed for college should be taught in college preparations courses and not treat them like they're classes you NEED for non-college life.
    To be honest I think my local schools don't follow up because they dont care. Digital is part of the problem as well. I'll say it till I die the computers are overstepping their bounds. I can sign my name in cursive but I can't remember it in it's entirety but that is something I always had trouble with so it's not digital related. Oh man dont even remind me of math. Your point is right but Im' one that was just bad at it. Math isn't my friend or something my brain was meant to get lol. I had to learn timetables twice I found it so hard and even now I can't remember them all nor do the things you just listed.

    My aptitude is a self observation not one given to me by others lol. I'd never take the word or most other people to heart, especially local ones like school or townspeople. I've never seen such a teacher that tried tbh.
    Nope. The private school was just as stupid and honestly is even more behind than the public ones. You go out even less prepared than you do with public education.
    You went to a catholic school? How'd that go? o_0
    No no. None of that funding goes to crap like that here. In fact this is a district with waning support for music and art classes due to lack of funding despite knowing they get that very funding. It's all wasted somewhere. The funding and money is so tight here that they even make kids pay for their own lunch if their family makes so much money a year. =/

    The schools here had a pattern. They had a set amount of things they was required to teach and more or less only worried about getting to done so they met the standard. Teachers would even complain about having to have so and so finished before this date or that one. =/
    Most days was book work while the teacher sit there. Sometimes they'd throw movies in if related to the book to do even less and you'd have projects and group ones but barely and you didn't really seem to learn anything.
    For instance the art class had only a few times you actually DID art. =/

    Oh I'm sure she learned something that day alright~ xD

    I have a few times but it was my grandmothers. My dad is one of those weird people over his yard. I have mowed one before though and did so fine. xD

    lmao I remember that! Didnt' Axel have Repliku absorb Zexion or something? Axel was so much better then. xD
    lol They make sense only now after BBS. It was Mickey. Personally I just went "lol it's the tutorial voice~" x'D
    I do not know! I've been asking myself that for ages on how they could consider that a good narrative. I'VE EVEN ASKED THEM! x'D
    lol I KNOW RIGHT! Friendship through hatred is the best kind. You go in already knowing you can bitch to each other about things~ x'D
    I kinda hope it does fail personally lol. It'll be hitting SE in the gut like they did Nomura. Nomura has KH in a mess but even he didn't deserve that FFSV ordeal. xD
    WHA!? So I'm the gofer/bitch/hiredhelp!? x'D
    Have you ever been to one before? =[ Everyone should go to one once.
    LMAO Remember CAR PHONES? Those huge ass house phones in cars that were basically cell phones? x'D

    I live in a small crappy town that takes an hour in any direction to reach a bigger crappy town. ='[
    I dont either. Grim & gritty was 90s and dead for a reason. They tried that with the DMC reboot and fucked it up. To be honest it might be better if they did revert to Marvel. Just look what Marvels done with Avengers. Nothing is better than cooperate ideas exploding in their faces. Fox is like DC lol.

    I was never a big Star Wars fan myself so the reveal went over my little head. Back then I watched the movies but I had no idea what was going on. I just liked the lightsaber duels haha. I can see how the midchlorian thing would be like that though. It's the inheritance ceremony of SW lmao.
    Why dont they retcon the prequels? Does Lucas not let them as some sorta deal for buying his franchise or something? They make novels? I remember seeing the shows. Rebels surprised me since the episode I watched had to guys getting beheaded by that inquisitor person. I couldn't help but think "whoa shit I thought this was disney!" x'D
    Didn't that expanded universe thing have that light/dark crap over the force? Kinda like KH in which you had to have both to fully grasp it?

    *bows like the veil gentleman I am*
    I never played it myself *sucks at fighting games* but I have heard great things on it.

    Guilmon was my fave digimon ever! That was Steven Blume!? Talk about an easy role for him lmao! I couldn't get into 02. 02 had far to many annoying parts and I only liked it when the first season kids were in the episode. TnT

    Ugh Whitney was hell. Kids will never know. NEVER.
    Sabrina's dad was a psychic too I think. He helped Ash. I stopped the anime after Jhoto. I've seen a bit on tv now and then but it's....just....I dunno. Like Disney with mascots everywhere. Nothing of the first show remains in terms of tone and for some damn reason team rocket is still there. THEY'RE SO ANNOYING.

    One of the best Days ideas I ever saw was someone saying Xion should've been a girl Roxas met on mission and formed a friendship with. It'd have shaped him and gave focus on the Org since Roxas only met her on mission or in free time.
    Ugh dont even joke. The last thing we need is some granny kairi- dear glob what if the girl from Eraqus-Xehanorts trio was Kairis's grandmother!? Dx It'd explain how she knew that freakin fairy tale!!!!
    I know it's such a lazy ass route to take. I mean realistically how many guy-guy-girl friendships are you gonna see in life or even in games? It's stupid. Be more original. Just have Roxas & Axel be friends (but preferably leave Axel be and have Roxas friends with some girl he meets on mission), just have Terra & Aqua as characters in bbs, hell even the SRK trio is over shadowed by the far more loved Sora, Donald & Goofy. =/
    Kairi & Aqua form their own group for KH3, girl power saves the day and some guy finds the long lost nude cheat from PS1 tomb raider~

    Exactly! Flowmotion like it was in DDD is such a DBZ/Bleach ripoff and the "attraciton flow in certain spots" like KH3 is just a sonic game rip off. Which is a very failing series in modern times. =/
    He has. It's one of them corners that you can only reboot out of I think. It's what happens when you throw random crap in every game like he has. =/
    We dont know anyting about the Dark Realm other than that beach and the areas Aqua visits in the secret episode. It was shown in the BBS Vol.2 trailer, the game that never was~ x'D, that worlds being destroyed during KH1 were falling into the dark realm. Mostly just pieces of the worlds though. It's lead to the theory that the dark realm could be the remnants of the old pre-keybladewar world.
    lol I REMEMBER THOSE! I wonder if any of those people are still around. x'D

    In this day and age I dont think any company is. Nintendo is divided lol. You have the fanboys who worship them despite the company having NO third party companies/games since N64, their consoles steadily failing since the N64 days and just a whole world of problems. Iwata also died recently.
    Nintendo is just dying slowly. They have no third parties and they ignore most of their own best selling flagships. Nintendo really needs to just go the Sega route.

    Knowing Nomura he'll try to shoehorn Sora into the new protag's life somehow.
    lol I can NOT wait for that moment.

    They did last time I was there but...I can count how many times I've been in there on two hands. x'D

    Sadly nothing you learn in school is applied to real life. I have went my entire life and the ONLY things I learned in school that was of use to practical life was reading, writing and basic math. =/ I had to learn actual useful stuff like the checkbook and other things from my parents.
    Schools do need to give mandatory practical classes. In my area there was NONE. Not a damn one that taught kids anything useful to practical living or life. The closest you'll get to useful skills in my area is the vocational school which teaches a skill.
    Kids are lacking in practical skills because of many reasons. It's A) the generation B) the school system C) parents in some cases D) the kids themselves
    She cant fill out an envelope or a check and blows every dollar she gets a hold of. Worse yet my cousin is like most kids around here. A kid with sense is so rare it minds well be a fucking superpower.

    I dont know if I got the short end or that I just dont have the aptitude to be a student. I DO know the school system itself is a huge factor though due to it's own idiocy. The local grade school was so stupid my parents got tired of dealing with them and put me in some small christian school and we aren't even religious! I went back to normal highschool with 9th grade but it was just all stupid. Each and every school.
    The school in may area just expects test numbers for money. THAT IS IT. They only care about money flow. To the point that kids transferring out or dropping out greatly worries them because that's less funding they can pilfer. =P
    Oh teachers got me thinking outside the box alright. Outside the box in terms of trolling. I knew what to do to pass and what I could do without them having a legitimate reason to get me which infuriated them at times. I learned to bent rules is what I learned in school.
    Sadly the schools aren't full of bad teachers. You may have a few depending on who you ask. Favoritism and all that. The system limits them to the bad teachers teaching methods though.

    She was a young one and a stupid one. She'd escalate her stupidity and we'd escalate the retaliation. I never seen her again after that semester.

    The carpentry teacher was a city slicker too. He'd tell us jokingly he'd never mowed a yard till he was 30. =u=

    I know right. =[ Axel has been ruined since KH2 and STILL keeps coming back. I wish he had stayed defeated by Roxas at the start of KH2.

    lol Dive to the heart topics were always good. I remember the voice topics too. x'D
    lawl I see people like that here! They're convinced Nomura had this planned out since 2002 and that his writing is flawless AND that everything is as intended. x'D I love for such fanboys to come here only to have someone like Sephiroth0812 slam them with quotes.
    lol I rather liked your bitching in that thread~
    I'm gonna assume he can't decline so he needs to write the handhelds more closed off. I'm not FF fan myself so I doubt I'll get FV but from what I'm seeing it's not looking good for something that's 10yrs in the waiting now. =[
    I'm glad someone agreed with me on that one! :p Pocahontas isn't even one of my very favorites of Disney, I just thought everyone was going a little overboard by saying the movie was offensive, that's all. lol
    lmao So which one am I then? Heuy, Duey or Louy? Dont make me Scrouge! xD
    YOU DONT HAVE DRIVE-INS!? Why is drive-ins such a dying practice!? They're so perfect! You can sit outside and enjoy the cool night air or sit inside the car, your practically to yourself with your own personal speaker so no stupid teens, FOOD STANDS! Drive-ins are just so awesome. It makes me sad that the one we have here is closing for good as well. TnT
    lol We keep making each other feel old. Remember when we was teens and phones were not only rare but so old and blocky they weren't worth pulling out in a theater? xD

    x'D Lmao~ Yeah I wouldn't have wasted an hour trip and money on F4 either. It just looked....so horrible even in commercials. The first two wasn't even that good.
    lol Well they already got Star War fanboy hopes up by retconning that midolorian thing away so I hear. Maybe they'll get their entire fanbase back on board by reconning the prequels? lol

    I am an evil man muwhahahaha~ >:}
    lol BP is gonna bring down Aquamans rage on us. Injustice is coming~
    Oh man I loved pokemon. The games and show was cool. I didn't get into Digimon till season three but I find the original and 3rd seasons best. (guilmon for life)
    Sabrina was such scary shit man! x'D I remember over-leveling to just mow her down on the old Blue version. lol
    She turned Ash and co into dolls but I dont think she turned her dad. Ever watch pokemon after and wonder "where all the psychic people at?" xD

    Its one reason I like Re:Coded. It CAN offer to the bigger plot, even of subtly, BUT it's not needed. It doesn't add anything mandatory to know or that isn't said in other titles. The story is small and lighthearted, the character dialogue and interaction good, varied gameplay, it just did handheld KH right in all ways.
    For Days they should've just focused on Roxas, his time with the Org, give the Org actual personality then show why Roxas left in detail. Expand on his reasons given in KH2 not completely change them to make way for a new character while forcing trio shit on us. If they wanted to develop Roxas and his friendship stuff they had a pantheon of movies and series of characters for him to interact and learn from.
    I hate that trios are a thing haha. The pattern of two guys, one girl can only repeat so long before you call bullshit on it.
    In my mind they wouldn't. Everyone would have their own lives and stories going on. Sure maybe a character cameo now and then but nothing substantial.
    Remember how you could find so much random little things scattered around KH1? Why is that gone in favor of bouncing of fucking walls? When I see flowmotion I think of advent children and it's DMZ-With-Swords fights.
    The chronicles, like the 'explanation' videos the staff made with that one site, only really skim it all imo. It tries to tell you what you need to know to understand when the truth is you can have everything you need to know and never understand it at all. Only the older members of theorizing old who dissected the series at one time know things these days.

    I'm thinking he didnt. Aqua was to happy to see Diz in blank points meaning she hasnt' seen anyone for a long time or the last person she saw wasn't worth remembering. xD

    Konami is just the latest to lose their talent. Capcom is practically hollow now and most of their fanbase hates them. Nintendo is mostly a nostalgia people remember but dont waste money on now.
    lol I consider Disney Channels fall the worst of all. Unlike Myspace or Rome it was actually liked by EVERYONE. haha

    lol It does. It also paints a poor view of is thought process. Does he really think he needs to tie everything to Sora for it to be liked?
    Those poor souls that was either to poor to follow the series, to poor and had to sucky an internet to follow online and those just to stubborn or lazy to follow even if they can are gonna be in so much hurt when KH3 comes to them. It'll be bad. lol

    I dont think I've ever seen a dvd in our library now that I think about it lol.

    lol So teachers that think standardization is stupid actually do exist~ To me, intelligence isn't measured by how much you know but how you USE what you know. Any fool can read and retain info but only the truly intelligent use it in creative ways. Far to many times I've seen or knew supposedly smart people according to school that was dumber than a fucking rock. I have a cousin that always had A's but she can't even fill out an damn envelop. AN ENVELOP. And she is in her twenties btw. Plenty of time to have learned it, should know it, can't do it.

    lawl My mentality in school wasn't a pity party but of hatred. Ya know before I started school I knew how to do small things like count so far, ABCs, and other things like that. I learned it from things like Sesame Street or asking. Hell I wasn't even a kid that cried for his parents my first day of kindergarten. (I did cry because they took my backpack though, I wanted my shit lmao)
    I also have little grade school awards for reading and stuff somewhere my parents feel the need to keep. However by the time I had been in school a few years I was completely different. I hated it there. I hated it in every school I was in. They make learning a job, a chore. Kids dont work that way, kids aren't meant to work. It has to be fun to grasp their hyper attention. You dont do that by making what can be fun horrible.
    To this very day, if I knew I could get away with it, I'd burn every school in town to the ground. I just really REALLY hated it. I made sure everyone knew too. Especially a teacher.

    I was in a class like that once. Except the sub we had wasn't a good one. She'd yell. In fact she yelled when one kid accidentally opened a book to loud (it was a thick one) =/ We didn't take kindly to her and me and a few others gave her hell for every amount of stupid they gave us.
    At least you and the kid learned from that experience then. Teachers with sense are a rarity. I only ever remember one teacher that was any good and he was the carpentry teacher from the vocational school out next to the local high school. He was cool. =u= I also heard he died of lung cancer some weeks back. TnT

    Personally I'd have rather they kept Axel his asshole self. He was a much more entertaining villain than he ever was a protagonist. I was so disappointed in how he was in KH2 after being amused by him so much in CoM.
    A lot of drama and bs everywhere but amongst it was truly thought out topics. Like the theories of Xehanort>Terra, that was a well thought out discussion based on nothing more than the concept trailer from KH2FM.
    There is no enthusiasm. I haven't seen any in such a long time it's sad. All I see is fans willing to admit the flaws and fans to damn blinded by fanboyism to acknowledge that problems are there. There is no enthusiasm to figure anything out just bitching about what the fanboys consider bitching. It's just pitiful.
    You wouldn't have wanted to see the fall....it was slow and painful. I remember the weeks shortly after Days. lol People began making jokes that kairi isn't the most hated anymore.
    I wouldn't count on any old posters returning. Many are older with lives and already had a lost interest in KH when they left. And thats without taking DDD into the equation. It'd help if Nomura didn't pull convolution out of his ass and it'd help even more if the companies didn't force him to with request bullsh*t. Nomura gets most of the blame but I still give the companies some too for their part in it all.
    lol Lord knows he's probably already crying over FFXV.
    lmao I dont know. Rich people and their money=wasted shit I guess. x'D
    OR we could buy out SE and start a sub series of KH our way that way we'd make money from the old series with all it's delusional fangirls and have a good story in the new series making even more money. 8D

    I think it was equal to the original which is still saying a lot considering all the stuff between Jurassic Park and World over the years lol. I hate people like that, luckily I went to the drive in and didn't have to worry about idiots. 8D *driveins4life*
    lol *saysshedoesn'tfollowreviewsmentionsreviewsitetwodaysinarow~* xD It's pretty damn bad if you outdo Catwoman. They told somebody to not read the comics they're basing the movie on? x'D Smart move there.
    Any chance those actors had at big time is now gone lmao.

    You should still retaliate every now and then. Like say a rubber snake in someones bed~ =u= heh heh
    xD Well can't say we dont deserve payback. The zoo series and happening movie are coming to pass lol.
    Agent F for flounder~

    That's basically how it goes down, no doubt lol. With all that good hearing they just wait for lights that blind them to jump. xD
    I like this headcanon. xD

    Reminds me of when the pokemon anime was good and Ash first met a Haunter. xD
    It'd be best if he did but if they wont let him he should at least make them standalone stories. Like games focusing on Roxas and his crew post KH3 or Aqua, etc. A lot of characters now to make smaller stories with without having to shoehorn Sora in.
    Flowmotion was such a stupid thing. You can't even turn it off completely! If you try to take the abilities off it makes it so Sora pounces off walls without any control. The platforming was so much funner when you had to find it or glide to it or scuttled along a wall or find a switch. You actually had to explore back then not just bounce around.
    Until we get one my headcanon is that Mickey was only in the dark realm shortly and found the KKD since time is apparently slower there than in the real world. TuT
    You know my feelings on the entire series by now too I'd bet. xD
    Wont be for long now that Konami lost Kojima lol.

    It's so sad how much I hate Disney channels now when I think back and remember what they had.

    The same could be said of any of TAV. Ceremonies? Just forced as hell connections that WASN'T needed. Meeting should've been enough. Terra sensing Riku may be a future wielder would've been enough. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Had to be stupid shit like a 12yr coma Ven sharing a heart with Sora being born. I honestly can't think of one reason as to why they had to be connected.

    lol That gif~
    ....*doesn't know if his library has a site since the town is literally two miles in size* o_o

    *is unable to comprehend the notion of being engaged in a class* *is amazed a teacher like you exists*
    It IS a two way street sadly. Even if you try most of the school system doesn't which affects the kids to worsening degrees as they go up the grade chain. Kids in later grades wont give a shit to try getting engaged because they've spent so many years in an less than engaging and dull practice. Unless your state offers something different I can't comprehend a book selection that kids will like because no kid I ever knew did like anything.
    If you want to make it work you need mostly to make it fun. Kids are kids, not adults. They aren't meant to work yet nor should they be forced to be. The system treats them like drones and standardized numbers to crunch when nothing about a child is standard. You could have one that is the most brilliant but fails because of personality or you could have one that fails but tries their best for the same reason.
    Many kids also learn in a different manner. I'm sure you know this already though. It's mostly divided by those that learn with doing vs those that learn by reading or on their own.

    Tbh that's all I get out of Axel. Nomura's trying to brush his more interesting villains moments away. Axel is the worst case of fanservice deterring plot and making a character less interesting. xD

    I found Aqua the most refreshing as well. Her personality was better of the three and she wasn't some ripoff of another person or anything like that. The first true original character in freakin ages. =/
    I'm not sure but I remember that quote too. The armors was there because the design wasn't whole yet but I'm not sure what Ven would've been initially. I do know that the black coats served the same purpose in KH1's ending. Riku & Roxas didnt have designs yet so they got the black coats. xD
    lol Some were passionate, some were dicks and others were just damn good. The threads and pages of flaming aside you'd occasionally also get actually GOOD theories or debates. Back then there was no "nomura said!" quotes to make just observation. Roxas had most of the best threads with actually deep stuff on whether he had a heart or not.
    They did give up I think. By the time BBS came out Days had already been out which was already a negative for many. Back then Coded was just a cellphone game with only one really crucial plot scene. It just killed any interest or hype the wasted potential of Days/BBS/Coded had.
    I miss the activity too. It makes me laugh at how delusional staff are with activity. They actually think news will restore how it was. All news ever does is get a day or two of rush, a few new members and then boom. It's dead again. And it gets deader every year. There is no saving this place. =/
    I bet he'd be upset to even reveal his original KH2 plans. TnT
    I HAVE NO IDEA BUT IT WAS A THING!!! The family that owned it paid a fortune. D=
    It's like those amphibious cars but on an RV!

    Jurassic World was boss! Any critic that didn't like it was a idiot. They're all idiots though lol~
    I've not seen ONE positive review of F4 haha. I think it's safe to say it's a flop.

    Not if you volunteer someone else first! Are you the one the family picks on most? D:

    Nobody knows. But there's a huge difference between shark attack reports before a date in 1800 something and now. It's like the sharks got mean all the sudden. Polar bears are also acting different now. Thanks the ice caps melting they've been moving in-land and crossbreeding with grizzly's. D=
    lol Ninja shark. The agent P of your childhood. xD

    lol Deers baffle me. They're so smart and agile that they are hard to hunt apparently but the second they cross a road they become stupid.

    I'd say it was a random type of situation that got him in the Mickey Role. xD

    NO PLACE IS SAFE FROM THE PERVY SPOOK! On the upside even if he peeps on you he still can touch because he's a dumb ghost. 8D

    I just hope he has realized his mistakes. I blame Disney and Nintendo partly as well. They kept adding to things. Nintendo is the reason Days exists. Coded just sorta seemed to happen simply for the sake of a cell phone game. DDD had to happen because shit was scattered everywhere at this point. Chain of Memories happened because kids wanted KH on a gameboy.....
    Hopefully. He needs to correct the current mistakes first though too. xD

    That's what I did. I used to keep track of everything. Knew lots of things but the more you dig into the story the more you hate it truth be told. You especially hate how it's never explained properly at all. Flowmotion was just pure bullsh*t. I can't fathom how anyone considers that "interactive".
    What the handhelds should've done was explain stories missing in KH2. Not expand on KH2's ending and make it pointless. Need a handheld title for PSP? Then do a story of what Riku & Mickey did while they was in the dark realm or where they were during KH2.
    Want to do a story on Days? Then do it properly by focusing on Roxas, the nobodies, and building up his initially given reason for leaving. Which was to learn of the keyblade and Sora. You could even add that Roxas believed he could be whole by finding Sora. It'd retain his KH2 reasons and personality but at the same time be antagonistic to Sora while not really a villain.
    I especially hated how DDD made the nobody ordeal feel even more pointless. Why have them as nobodies if all the focus and threat they posed wasn't gonna be focused on until they was human again? =/
    I dont think he saw KH trying to imitate Metal Gear either. xD
    Yes, yes we would!

    A fresh start, a reboot start. Come on Nomura I know you can do it!
    Yep then pushed further back still. Disney is a asshole to tron. =/
    Kids dont know! They literally dont know how shit tv is these days! (I sound old now too TuT)

    Nope. The sad part is the story was never thought out. KH1 was figured a standalone so Ventus wasn't even a thought when Roxas OR Sora was designed. They basically look alike solely because Nomura is forcing connections there. =/
    If you think about it, it's the reverse. Ven was made to look like Roxas & Sora for dumb reasons.

    The library orders things for you!?
    More like crash the hype train. lol

    Well that figures. The US school system is so behind it's pitiful. They make regulations that kill more interests than it fosters. I dont think I've ever even seen a teacher do more than sit at their desk copy & pasting their teachers manual. The only teacher I ever had that did anything was a carpentry one. =[
    I bet what your given isn't even that appealing to a kid is it. =[

    Everyone's been irked by that. lmao How can he not care with Axel standing there!? (whoa that rhymed)
    Did everyone basically go "meh we're human again so fuck it" xD

    BBS really was a let down. Aqua was the only aspect I enjoyed of that game. Her story wasn't groundbreaking but at least she wasn't a clone of three people or some damsel in distress. At least her magic actually did more than just spam damage as well. =/ Terra was just a ride of stupid and it just plain hurts to look at Ven.
    Ah~ Those were the days that the intensity and theories began to die down haha. Before BBS released it was so much more hostile. lmao
    Makes you wonder what the original PS2 idea was dont it. =[
    I just wish I had money to waste. lol
    There wasone RV that could even go like a boat.

    Cheno-who? I dont remember it being bad either. It wasn't grand though. I dont typically read reviews much to compare either. I find reviews useless personally since whatever a critic hates tends to be loved among people that also watched it. haha

    You gotta be ninjas woman! Get that spot at any cost and make sure you keep it! I KNOW! Leave the most annoying family member to guard the spot~

    lol Sharks are a legit fear. In the past hundred years or more they've moved closer inland for unknown reasons. I wouldn't worry though if you saw a Dolphin. Dolphins and Sharks are natural enemies and attack each other.

    The hell!? Your mom is crazy. x'D Woods dont give you things animals or bugs do.
    I've swam in creeks and everything. xD

    Seriously!? Does he practice inbetween classes or something!? xD

    Or in your bed waiting for the same thing DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN-giggdy. Beware the pervy scare kids.
    To be honest I dont think Nomura even knows at this point. I bet he has one huge as notebook just to keep it all straight. x'D
    Nomura seems to have realized the mistakes in recent years with working so close with Disney. That or they learned how hard it is to get kids into the series and are making him.

    To be honest how can anyone get into this series when it takes so much to understand it? Kids, adults even the disney people, nobody but Nomura & Sephiroth0812 get this shit anymore.
    Not only that but the first game was interactive. TRULY interactive. Not that flowmotion shit but things to find. Secrets, cameos, etc. You could do things to affect each world.
    CoM & Kh2 were almost as straightforward, KH2 was lazy written and rushed, but all straightforward until handhelds build onto it's closed ending.
    I think Nomura took the advice of complex to close to hear. You need a little not entirely.
    We should start a reboot petition. lmao

    Probably KH3 because I'd really hate to think they'd carry keyblade war crap over to KH4.
    I'm not sure why but Disney did everything in it's power to cancel it like moving it's time slot several times to kill ratings. Oh man you made me feel old but damn those were the days! Darkwing duck, duck tales, Aladdin, GARGOYLES, hercules, goof troop....when did it all go wrong? TnT
    Gravity Falls is all that's left of any semblance of cartoon now. haha

    More or less yes. Roxas may have developed a heart of his own but half of his being still belonged to Sora. It was Vens face, Sora's body+soul. About all Roxas actually has to his name is his personality. lol

    Hurry! BReak into the library!
    lol That's the only way to go! The hype train fans will be a hurtin.

    *eye twitch* *has flashbacks of books and school* *flails*
    Please pick them something that's not boring. TnT My schools here killed my ability to read for fun.

    lol I think they hit technical issues there. I'm not tech savvy though so I'm not sure how hard it is to lip sync voice acting.

    It was a good premise definitely. Honestly most of Days was good in theory just not execution. =__=
    I KNOW RIGHT! BBS also felt so lacking after all the waiting. TnT
    That's the show! It's amazing on an almost dumb level how much people spend on what is basically moving houses. Some in the millions. The more pratical RV's it shows are cool though. =D
    I remember that movie. It was okay. xD
    Just try to find a nice little spot to huddle in as the crowds leave. =]
    Music goes with the fireworks!?

    Thats Disney's bad for not checking their park. Sadly you can't really check an actual lake though but it's worth the risk. It's at least safer than ocean beaches with their sharks. Dx

    lol But bugs and ticks live EVERYWHERE. Plus ticks are easy to deal with if you have a lighter. =u=
    I KNOW RIGHT! xD It's like the Disney VA's are speaking japanese. The japanese actors doing the voices have to have been at it a long time. xD

    Ghosts have no body though, they can phase through walls~ x'D One could be waiting in that closet for you to sleep.

    I've seen old interviews before, I dont think it goes well lol. Like how Sora's heart meeting Ven as he was born instead of prior or how a change in DDD's ending was forced.

    Sadly even if they keep Sora there's not much further they can take him when you think about it. Any story after 3 would just be like some OVA short story post series. Sora has been taken as far as his character can go. =/
    Personally I'd prefer reboot or two alternate endings for both. lol

    If you look at the sites Chi info page it even makes that kinda set up possible. Apparently both the master & 6th student vanished. PLUS it was all the masters info the foretellers used for their guilds causing a war.
    The master knew of some bad war but left everything to let it happen. Plus these foretellers & guilds can apparently make keyblades (took the ceremony a step further lol) so the only way they could've learned that is from their master too. =__=

    Disney handles all the good stuff terrible in favor of live action bullshit or shitcoms. They had two damn good cartoons in Tron Uprising and Motorcity. They're the reason Gargoyles vanished form the channel. They made the actor of Tron literally quit any further reprising of the role. The list just goes on.
    It's not even worthy of plothole status since we dont know WHEN the Grid got into that sleep realm place. Hollow Bastions Tron has been there for over ten years after all. =__=
    That's not a plothole either. It's actually one of the few things the series emphasized right. Ven wasn't with Sora but stayed in Sora's body which made Roxas thus the lazy design face. And Roxas has basically been shoved in our faces with his connection to Sora. If Roxas is that connected to Sora then it goes both ways thus the card.
    Basically because Roxas is the nobody, body+soul, of Sora and since Sora, the original heart, was turned into a normal form again the connection stayed. Roxas wielded a keyblade thanks to Sora and Sora is apparently so strongly connected that his heart has access to Roxas memories....somehow....
    To be honest I think it was mostly a ploy to build up KH2. When CoM originally came out on GBA KH2 wasn't a thing yet and you got a secret image at the end of the game of Roxas. The "other side of the heart" was just more to build that up I think. =/

    Add it to the top of the list post haste!

    Duuuuuddddeeee dont even joke about a ruined BH6 world. Let's at least be delusional till we see it. lol
    then play coded now! It's only like 6hrs. xD

    I have no clue. I still watch the CoM scenes of that just for a laugh lol.

    The level panels were such a waste. The panel system has potential but it's hampered by having to use most of your space for levels. I dont get why it couldn't have just leveled normally. =/
    lol Told you. If you dont like Xemnas now just wait till the only scenes you get of him for most the game is him in that chair smirking.
    lol I'd like to visit some places permanently. There's a show on tv about epic rvs. They're crazy at what they make these days. TuT

    lol See first day wasted haha. They have fireworks every night though dont they?

    You work in education? YOU NEVER TRULY LEFT SCHOOL!!?

    Her fears aren't unfounded lol.....sadly.
    I'm not all that impressed with the ocean myself. Never really was. I feel more comfortable in forested places. Which is weird because I'm not an outdoor person. =[

    I DONT KNOW! I've been trying to figure it out for ages! ;A; Even Jap Goofy is good! HAVE YOU HEARD JAP MICKEY!?!?!?!?!

    Psssh ghost hitchhike rides silly, they creep in your closet after they follow you home~ >:D

    It won't be done to everyone's expectation that much is clear lol. He would've kept the handhelds lightweight or at least gave each one a proper resolution of their own.

    I think KH is the only way to reboot reality since Nomura decided to make a timeline that is unmovable. He's set it up so that history can't be changed which is good in one way, prevents the overused timelines cliche but limits reboot possibilities as well.
    To be honest I dont think it CAN go forward without baggage now. No matter if people join post KH3 they're gonna want to know why everybody looks the freakin same or how Sora has a keyblade and all this complicated crap. You can't start clean with a story without tossing out what was built up. Usually the only two ways to do this is reboots or to focus your story on a new character.
    Ugh dont even joke. Ya know that's what's coming. Then the final battle will be like "OH WAIT! It's not actually the 6th foreteller but the Master himself who was possessing the 6th!" =__=

    Tron is honestly treated better by SE and KH than Disney. The DDD stuff is a bit of a plothole though. It's done well yes but Rinzler shouldn't recognize Sora since the Tron Sora knows is from a copied system. Basically in KH Hollow Bastion's Tron is a copy of the Grid world in DDD which Diz SOMEHOW got a hold of before it wound up in the realm of sleep. =__=
    If you haven't seen the movie of Tron Legacy I recommend it though.

    I know right! How do you get WORSE than the original game? I know sequels tend to be a hit or miss with anything but when you get a series of sequels this should NOT happen.
    For every improvement a set back appeared.

    You should! It's story is only like 6 hours haha.
    Honestly I dont mind "sensing" since it's is apparently more of a 6th sense type deal which you see in a lot of media. Literally smelling darkness though is too much. x'D

    My problem with Days is Xion, boring and repetitive missions, level panels, Roxas being an angsty bitch, repetitive story ( i mean really just how many times did she fucking run away?), and just shoving your Org aside. The game was supposed to shed light on these people, not focus on a newbie. There shouldn't even BE a newbie in the first place.
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