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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


Musical charm
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  • ( -__- ) sorry my lovely friends, but as you people have noticed, I'm RARELY on in this place, why? cuz I'm busy as of late, so its no use trying to talk to me here...sorry again (not trying to sound me in any way)
    Add me in PSN whats wrong fe-guy? Y are you like this? You are not on no more! Hey I add you in PSN so COME ON AND ADD ME!
    game freak i miss u alot o if my friend comes over tomarrow she's going to bring her dsi XD
    Heres your pic and the vid is a site I give it to you by praivet! XD
    Happy bday! SRY to tell you late but Your now in my age!!! Your now a teen age! XD
    Hey I add game1freak again and you lazy fe-guy shude not be lazy and chek that is any on named rikku-ff add you! OK?
    it also makes it easy and fast :D playing the boards with only two people makes it go by faster and easier same for the racing.

    me to but theres also the void gear i got from vanitas remant......
    you should it gives terra 10 strenght but -2 magic so i made a deck specially for it to go with its stats.
    it is :D plus when palying command board and rumble racoing in the mirage arena you get to pick how many players there are >:D i always go with just two.

    you havnet seen the choas ripper? you should have it.
    XD you didnt know?! you have to complete those to even finish the mirage arena.

    it was XD he eventually got a bit wierd since the ai couldnt find me so he started running around everywhere.

    very badly T^T

    question waht would look better in the cutscenes? choas ripper or void gear? im gonna pllay terras ending agin tomorrow and i cant decide :/
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