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  • XD

    o.0 i am scared of one person....shes the source of all the meaness in my family.......crazy hag....

    oh look i found one of my ole manga sites thats still up Manga@Gamestotal.com , large collection/mirror of manga | Read manga online for free
    im not mad >:3 it aint like it was my candy you took.

    and not even i have stole from a kid, sure ive taught them how to get in trouble or start a fire but never take there candy.
    No problem.
    Oh, really? YoYo says I'm sweet also. I never understand why though. I just say how I feel...
    D: Drunks, crack heads and wannabe's? That sounds dangerous... It sounds like where I live, except I have gangs also.
    YEAH, it sounds like a real nice place ;D
    o.0 you stole from a kid.....wow....thats wow..... and its only bad if you get caught >:D
    Well you deserve a LOT better than that.
    Doing fine you say? I'm glad too hear that :)
    It's good that you don't just settle for guys who live near you. Especially when they behave in such sickening ways. They're not true men...
    Yeah, YoYo told me she lives in California ^ ^ It sounds like a fun place.
    really??????? OoO;
    that's great, heheheheehehehehhehehe
    I'm never ever can speak ENglish properly T-T
    Well he gets what he deserves >:/ You should tie him up and kick him with soccer balls just too start.
    What's with the guys where you live?
    YoYo had a situation with where a guy broke up with her in a horrendous way also >:/
    When I hear about these scumbags I wanna punch em >:/
    then if you think of it he'll probably be with more than one woman equaling 8 kids and more money than he can give and end up in jail with...."bubba"
    convince what?

    >:3 your one of those disclaimers arent ya.
    OH NO! (I'm serious)
    That's horrible, You say he CHEATED on you also? >:/

    Look here, you don't need a guy like that. That type of guy obviously is a scumbag, trust me. He's the one who made a big mistake, in a way he did you a favor. He doesn't know how too appreciate a girl and is obviously very immature.

    Are you okay?

    Here, I found another Kairi picture you might like:

    dont worry he'll get her pregeant with twins and end up paying out the ass in child support.
    dont cry D:

    >:/ not gonna let that one go are ya......
    0.0 damn i really did ruin you day...
    im sorry i dont really know what to say aside from smartass things.
    Oh, I see. Yeah, unless it's from deviant art I wouldn't download the picture. Those picture hosting sites tend too have viruses in them... If you ever need a picture I can always find you one and upload it myself ^ ^ That way you know it's safe.
    I twisted the muscle in my lower right calf. It's really constricted and I can't go more than a few feet right now. My doctor said that I got it from running....
    I google them and then I right click and go to view image. I've had that problem before, sometimes it's because the website blocks the picture. The way you get around that though is by downloading the picture too a folder and then uploading it from the folder.
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