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  • That's a hard question because personally i love all KH games but i have to admit that KH2 was one of my favorites C: The story line plus with organization 13 was awesome!What about you?:)
    Hi, I realized I haven't made an effort to talk with you outside of threads xD (but it's just because I'm busy :x ) How are you?
    Yes i love it!And that's awesome!I've never met anyone who loves all the same video games i do!:)We have alot in common so far C:
    I agree!The ending was definitely the best!The last battles were hard!But as you probably figured i loved the scene where Lea got his keyblade!So what other games do you play?:)
    Hey C: I just wanted to stop by and say hello.I beat KH3D yesterday lol and i loved it C: Did you enjoy beating it?The last battles were hard tho :)
    Yes Lea is my favorite character!And really he's yours too?Omg that's awesome!And okay thanks that is very reassuring i was starting to get worried C: I can tell we will be great friends!Ill keep in touch but for now i must leave for the day.Bye C:
    Thanks for the welcome!I have alot of opinions about KH3 in fact lol C: I know some say Lea will die in KH3 but i think differently.I hope im right C: But thanks for the welcome again!
    P.S. I moved your thread about which FFX people wanted into the FFX thread here. <3
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