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  • U LIKE FFX TOO?????????? That was the first rpg I ever played, and it is one of my favorite video games of all time!!!! I'm getting the HD version day one!!!!!
    You just beat it! Nice! Omg wasn't the ending mind-blowing! I mean it was awesome fighting Young Xehanort, that battle was so over the top and epic. And when Xehanort was explaining his plan for the future, wasn't your mind being blown like over and over! haha, my point is...I had to get a new brain after that ending!!! Hbu?
    No prob! So Lea's your favorite character? Omg he's my favorite character too! I don't think he'll die cause of his gigantic fan base.
    Indeed, it wouldn't be a good ending. Plus, he still needs to rescue his friends. And, I have a character similar to Axel, except his a country higgin' or something and he wields two daggers with keychains at the end. The character can be found in my fanfic Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1, a kingdom hearts fanfic | FanFiction. Pretty much, Axel screws up time just to get Roxas back, but due to his selfish decision he ends up getting the worlds messed up. And, it ends up in tragedy, which the only way for Axel to fix along with the help of a keyblader that I am not going to mention have to change time for the better.
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