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  • Its Mifune and the young witch Angela Leon.
    -Soul Eater
    Okay, I was just curious on that; since I didn't know about if you had someone planned on being the recipient.
    That's going to be interesting to see because of my plans. <.< >.> Although yeah, she would probably be the only one to know why he's not being as random as he usually is.
    It's pretty good, can't wait to see him in the RP. And yeah, it does seem to be a little awkward having characters being siblings with other people, unless they're your own sibling. *looks over at Traces at Tora and Isa*

    Hey, speaking of Traces, are you going to have Xarce go back to the Embodiment? If you don't mind me asking that is.
    Now that's an amusing thought, any plans on where you're sending Garfield and Red? We're supposed to be splitting up when the attack happens.
    Well, I could see why that would be a shock and would be a wake up call.

    But I can really understand how working in the cold can keep you awake even if you get the chance to sit down.
    Yup, they could flow into each other quite well. Can I ask what the other song would be?

    How's your day been?
    Well, I'm glad you liked the template and thought of another character. You're free to do that if you want, I'm curious about what you've got planned.
    Yeah, I do put effort into my posts, so it usually takes me a while to post since there also tends to be multiple characters too. ;P
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