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  • <.< oh god. I'll psot one day Xp.

    Right now im in class ( program thing >.>)
    The girl who looked like a female Ash. She was hot Xp
    and the guy is a huge pervert <.< but I'd do the same thing Xp
    Necks can just be bastards for no reason sometimes. You might've slept on it wrong, or bumped it slightly, or even just turn your head the wrong way at the wrong time.
    Whooo knooows? I'm not a doctor, either~

    Ya'know what's kinda funny? Looking at the conversation, I've compared our avatars. Both Miku, and yet both of them are so different. Yours is all, "Kawaii, ne, desuu~" and mine's all, "Come to meee~ Meow~" xD

    Posted, by the way. Your no longer forced to stay. xD
    Not sureee. I think it MAY BE kink in your neck, since I had the same thing, but it just as easily could only have a pulled muscle. =D

    Dunno. It hates me? DD:
    Bleh. Is it a kink? Can you move it from side to side with no problem, or can you not move it one way?

    I'm good, I'm good. My eye wont stop twitching. xD
    reading watching same thing when its Manga, Anime thing

    >.> What a pervert... but she is hot Xp
    O_O what type of manga are you watching missy * waves winger like nagging parent *
    because its originally a juice and in the comercial when someone is eating meat someone or something ends up giving them a V8

    yes i did see the manga <.< .... >.>
    well V8 is basically a facepalm on the forehead In a funny way.

    I can't believe you never heard of it O_O
    * V8 *

    well i say its interesting. and supposible they have a Mysterious girlfriend ( original i guess )

    i want to read that but no chapters yet.
    * mega facepalm * im sorry. I'll go read ... in a bit... when i have time... >.>

    It's about how a transfer student somes into school and she's a bit antisocial. And then one day a boy has to go get his things and you know what read the summary. -> http://www.onemanga.com/Mysterious_Girlfriend_X/

    I really like it its interesting cX
    nothing much just reading D. Gray man.
    and also read Mystery Girl X which is a preety interesting manga
    Fine you aren't your a very nice and wonderful girl who I was lucky enough to meet. ( online ) Happy now ?!?
    aw you meanie. I editted my post just to let you know.
    GOsh your such a bossy person Xp
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