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  • Not much, just hyped for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Can't wait until January. Hey, have you ever played Fatal Frame, because I've noticed your user name is the same as the name of the main character.
    OMG YES!
    DO IT DO IT!
    HM RPs was how I started RPing!

    Miku: -Blinks, then giggles- Th... thank you, Rin-Rin. -Pulls off cap and pours a little into it, then sips-
    Aaahhh! So bitter!! >w<
    Gumi: Drrrrink! Nii-chan makes me drink it when I get sick so yooou haaaave tooo, tooooo! x3
    Miku: ^///^ Th-thank you for caring... but...
    A-Arigato, but... I can't...
    Popstars don't get sick! -Picks herself up from ground- Ne?~ -Blinks, eyes water trying to hold in sneeze-

    HM RP? Wuzzat~?
    I'm good. I finished making my stool in woodshop (OHTANKYOUJESUS!) and now we're not in woodshop anymore. Eeeeh~<3
    I hated that place.
    Spelled like paint & polyurathaine and it's impossible not to get sawdust in your eyes (and several other... uncomfortable... places).

    Miku: Ah, but! B-But- I can't get sick! I-I have to w-w-w-wor- -Achhh-
    T///T A-Although... I do... feel... kinda dizzy...
    Gumi: D'aw~ Miku-tan needsa rest~ -Glides around everyone on rollarblades slowly-
    Miku: C-Can't. Have music video... and photo shoot... a-and practice for concert... recording... Nnn. ;///; -Sniffles- So... maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away? ^///^;;
    Miku: N-No. ^///^;; I... I think it may be wor- wor-... ach! -Squeak sneeze-

    HELLLOOO. How's mah Miku-tan? =D

    Miku: Accchhhh! -Squaks a sneeze into tissue-
    Mikuo: Heheh.
    Gumi: Oroo~? =D
    <3 Please please please!

    Miku: Ah. ^^
    -Yawns again- Uuu... so sleeeepy. -Falls back and spreads on floor-
    Mikuo: A-A little. v///v Just to tone and w-whatever...
    Screw colorcoding for now. xD

    Umm... Someone from that Zombie Loan thingy? owo

    Miku: -Smiles and nods- Is it a hereditary problem? -giggles-
    Mikuo: Hm? -Looks at Rin, then chuckles, subtly flexes arms-
    I'm excited FOR you! :D!

    Miku: Ah! Akaito-kun, are you alright?! Your brother had a nosebleed yesterday, too! At the same time of day, coincidentally.
    -Grabs Kleenex box quickly and hands it to him, naive & worry-faced-
    Mikuo: -Walks in wearing his pajama bottoms- ... -Considers walking right back out again-

    LONDON? As in- England? O-O

    Miku: -Still clad in pajamas that consist of a large t-shirt and nothing else-
    Oi oi, I'm soo tired. D:
    What's little Miku up tah~?
    Miku: Ne?

    Miku: Fine, fine. <o< >w> ^w^ Heya Rin-Rin~ Akaito-kun~
    Gumi: -Wave wave wave wave- =DD
    Same thing always happens to me >.> Thats why i can never have just one headphone. Now i dont even have any. Which sucks. :(
    No.In realy school never in my life, In the program i go to yes. Thats when i go.

    That's about it. I just go on at home.
    I just saw "Dark Woods Circus" for the first time and I'm pretty sure I just teared up.
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