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Manchester Black
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    dating Zetsumi.
    and this that I made yesterday, along with a few other things:

    I see your ass is finally online.
    how are you?

    I have lots to say and to show.
    Hey Manchster Black! Glad to see that you're still some what around on the forums.
    Completely understandable but my biggest disappointment i ever experince on this site was when MB resigned i didnt know till like 3 months afterwards im glad i left this forum i used to love it but its not the smae has it used to be.
    An Independent Graphic Design business, actually =]
    And lawl, you have my number. Text me up, mon ami.

    Aye. The real world? My mom's starting to drill that aspect of it into my head on a regular basis now.
    I'm on the verge of starting my own business, applying to colleges, and finding any excuse to get out of the house lately.
    My mom hates it..lmfao. But yea, /fun/? In a sense. Right now, I'm just trying to shape what the first few years up ahead are going to look like for me.

    So, I'm just this cluster of reckless ambition right now.
    Haha x]
    Really? I'm glad then =]
    And I've been pretty good, actually. Just trying a bunch of different things here and there.
    and thanks <3

    So, what's new in your world?
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