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    Help/Support ► Baby Mama

    That's a fucking lie.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    You can all rejoice now, because I think I've finally decided to make an actual return instead of just randomly popping in every once in a while. Who missed me?
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    you can't stop me mothafucka cuz i'm ON A BOAT!
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    Ride the Tiga!

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    Battlestar Galactica

    So, who watched the premier of the second half of Season 4 last night? And did anyone else think that the big reveal at the end was a bit of a piss off?
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    KH sections now being handled by the site staff.

    From now on, please direct all comments, queries, suggestions, reports, and general good will pertaining to the Kingdom Hearts section of this forum (The four boards under the "Kingdom Hearts Series" category, in case you were wondering) to the site staff (the ones with the yellow-gold...
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    Quite a few staff changes today

    So there's been some people hired and some people promoted within the past ten minutes or so. Please welcome gungonX and HadesDragon to the KHI staff! Both of them will be filling Global Moderator positions. The staff believes they'll do an awesome job with us, and I'm sure they won't...
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    Raiding other forums.

    I would like to think that you guys and gals are smart enough to know that raiding other forums and using KHI's name is very bad for us. Sadly, considering this happens almost annually, I'm not so sure this is the case. So let me make this very clear: If you raid another forum and use KHI's...
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    Too Human Demo Impressions

    {Now way in hell does this topic deserve it's own thread, but it's not really related to the E3 news so I'll post it here for now, merge it with the regular Microsoft thread after E3} So, this game's been in development for about a century now. I hear it's been in development longer then DNF...
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    Name Changes.

    So, there's been a lot of talk about name changes in the last two days. You may have seen the announcement that stated there was only two weeks left to get a name change, then that privilege would be gone forever. That announcement is gone now. I'll tell you why. The staff has discussed it some...
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    Introducing - The Creative Corner!

    We've made a few small changes to some boards and the forum layout. Firstly, the Fan Corner section has been renamed the Creative Corner, and now houses the Traditional Media section (formally Fan Art; The name has been changed to allow people to post all kinds of things, not just KH fan art)...
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    Four years? Where has my life gone.

    I don't really care to celebrate it, I really just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of anniversary threads popping up in here. So yeah, four years at KHI. Three of which I've spent as an Administrator. Did I do a good job? Did I do a bad job? I don't know, but hey, at least the forums are still...
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    Staffing changes.

    There's been a number of staffing changes in the past few days. This is just to let everyone know what's up. -.:kaizer21:., The Scarecrow, and Phoenix have been removed from their moderator positions and are now retired. -Takushi Rena was originally with that group, but has been brought back...
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    Vista Service Pack 1

    So, I hear it's not that great. I heard that it really only fixes the speed at which files are copied and makes it ALMOST comparable with XP. Now, I'm not looking for a changelog or anything, I just wanna know if anyone's got it and if it's REALLY worth getting.
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    PC Gaming Discussion Thread

    I know we had one of these before. Not sure if it was ever stickied, nor what happened to it, but meh. Some *might* argue that this can go in with the Microsoft thread, but they'd be stupid. Though Microsoft produces Windows, they do not produce the hardware itself, nor do they produce most of...