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Mythological Omega

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  • I've been listening to Dream Theater a lot this week, so much so that I've actually been able to listen to all of their albums released to date, and I've come to the conclusion that while they have no bad album, one I found just a little unforgettable is their 1997 release Falling Into Infinity.
    Yeah, their date in Oklahoma is on a Tuesday, but it's in Tulsa and I have school on Wednesday, so it'd be a no-go for me, sadly.

    New Judas Priest should be good as long as they go back to speed metal. Nostradamus was good and all, but symphonic metal isn't exactly Priest's forte.
    Well, Van Halen was the band that really got me into hard rock and set me up to get into metal. :D So really, I -can't- miss 'em this time. Especially since the date they'll be playing at Greensboro is PERFECT for me right now. Right towards the end of my semester, and on a Saturday. <3

    I'm looking forward to Judas Priest's new album. Richie Faulkner has impressed me quite a bit~
    Awesome~! :)

    I'm aiming to get tickets to see Van Halen live in April~! :D I missed them on their 2007 tour, since I was living in Hawaii at the time, but I'm not missing out on 'em this go around. *is determined* And I must say ADKOT is shaping up to be one hell of an album. <3

    Also looking forward to Rush's upcoming album Clockwork Angels and the Black Sabbath album. :D What about you? :D
    Since my friend at Facebook is overwhelming the post on Van Halen with Disney and what-not, wanna chat more on metal here? :3
    Hey MO, hope you don't mind me calling you that but I'm surprised with how much of a metalhead you are... but you're a girl too? that just takes the cake...
    Well what you want to do is find a high quality image of the album art (I usually go into the get info section of a song, go into the album artwork, and drag it out into the desk top).

    When you open iMovie, go to the lower right hand menu where there is the picture/music symbol. Click the music icon. Drag out your song into the creation plane. Then click onto the picture icon to retrieve your picture (you usually have to place the picture in the iPhoto folder, works kinda like bridge in photoshop) and drag your picture over the song.

    You're not done there. You'll notice that you will only get about 4 seconds of the song clip. Scroll over the segment to see some small icons. One of them will have one for the picture segment. Insert the time for the picture as the song's length.
    Next, you may notice the really annoying Ken's Flare (or whatever it's called). That can be fixed by editing the camera functions and turning off the Ken's Flare. It should be the third (and final) option in a drop menu.

    Test play your song some to make sure it is looking okay, and then you can export it into a video format (.m4v is highest quality).

    If you have any problems contact me. My explanation might be a bit vague since I don't have iMovie open currently.
    Oh... well it takes no time at all to do it with iMovie. It kinda becomes tedious when you're doing whole albums...
    If you had iMovie, I could tell you how I do it.
    I use iMovie to do it. When i'm done, I export it to an .m4v and upload it onto Youtube.
    If you don't have a mac, I'm pretty sure you can do it with Windows Movie Maker... Can't guarantee how that will turn out, though.

    The only problem is that you gotta try to dispute the copyright claims.
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