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  • Then I'm sure one day when I get on you'll just BE on and then BAM! :p I can just set up the trade from in-game with Player search System.
    I've actually been studying ALL day since I have my last final for the semester tomorrow (my last 2 actually). I'll let you know when I'm home and hopefully we can do this over the next few days ;)
    Oh man, that means I'm the one who was wrong. I somehow mistook some other Stone as Blastoisinite and didn't bother to check again before saying that the guy sells a Stone that corresponds to the starter you picked, sorry about that... but yes, you're right. You'll get the Stones for the staters you did not pick.

    So it doesn't seem that we'll be needing to trade, seeing that we can get the Kanto starter Stones in our own games (except Charizardite X or Y). However, I can still pass to you that female Wartortle, if you're still interested.
    Charizardite? That's super sweet! Yep, if you've maxed out your Lumiose style, you can buy the Mega Stone for 10,000 Pokemoney. I'll pass you a female Wartortle holding a Blastoisinite then. :)
    Hey Light. I was wondering if we could possibly trade Kanto starter Mega Stones. Which of the starters did you pick? I chose Blastoise, so I've got a Blastoisinite if you're interested.
    Awesome, my FC is:


    and I already added you, so now we just gotta figure out when to get on :p Do you have X or Y? And do you need anything? I have X so I can try to help you if you need anything, least I can do for letting me borrow your Mawilite.
    Hey! What's your 3DS Friend Code? I'll get mine soon, just wanted to thank you for the Mawilite! I can give you it right back (or mine) after I get it post-game ;)
    It sure does. And yeah, especially for those under science, some subjects can be rather difficult if you jump straight too far in. Usually they will take you through the fundamentals first to understand the theories and basic concepts, and things will just expand from there. You could be lost without proper introduction.
    I suppose it would ease things up a bit, huh? The time and effort that should have been allocated for that subject can now be used for something else.
    Oh, so it's moving you one grade ahead. I get it. Yeah, that one, I'm familiar with since we do employ acceleration systems just like that. Most don't want to accelerate, though, for fear of increased academic burden. And from what I gathered, you seem to be academically gifted, which is good for you! :) I'd say keep up the good job, but don't forget to maintain balance between school and life.

    Doing a short semester study, or short term, means taking a course during the holiday period, usually between two academic years. The class schedule can be intensive, but is focused on that single course, so you don't have to worry about any others. That way, a semester's worth of course materials can be completed in just three to four weeks.
    I see, so it's like a short semester study, isn't it? It's quite a popular system in universities, allowing students to clear out their academic units, or credits, more quickly. I've never known of any school implementing this system, though, at least in my country. We don't employ moving class system either, so all subjects are taught in just one classroom - a homeroom - to and from which teachers go, instead of having the students go to specific rooms or theatres for each subject.
    That's a really, really long holiday! It's even longer than the longest holiday I've ever been through. o_o

    Ah, I see. I'm quite surprised though that even though Japanese is offered, Mandarin Chinese isn't, since it's the Asian language with the most number of speakers. It lost out in popularity to Japanese, it seems, seeing that Japanese culture has spread out to the world to a significant extent.
    Well, at least you still have that LOTE. Schools in Indonesia here doesn't have such a scheme, and the only officially registered foreign language in the curriculum is English. If you want to learn other foreign language, you'll have to outsource.

    However, there's this "smartaleck" in the government who managed to persuade the Education Minister to drop English from the curriculum, along with PE and IT sciences, and it will be implemented from the next academic year onward. Controversial things have taken place when it comes to education system here, but this one... it took the cake. I'm glad that I don't have to put up with such nonsense, but at the same time, I feel bad for those affected. Stupid higher-ups.

    Anyway, are you not having a class? It's not yet Saturday, haha.
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