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  • Hmm, it's probably because of the professional side in me. In the working world, you need to provide strong evidence that will back up your points, because you'll face people, most of the time jerks, who will challenge everything you're presenting to them. That's how the strength of an idea is tested.

    And picking up a new language isn't actually all that hard if you start early. I know, because I'm currently learning Japanese, too, and boy, I still have to spell when reading. There's no space in the language, so if I don't spell, I'd be having difficulties distinguishing parts of a sentence.

    I think the widely held belief that people pick up skills more quickly and easily as children is true, and so is the theory saying that a little kid's brain soaks up everything like a sponge...
    You think so? Thank you, haha. English is my second language, actually, although I've been exposed to it ever since I was just 3 years old. My formal English education only began when I was 8, so before that I just kind of learned from books and games, asking lots and lots of questions to my parents.

    That, and the fact that I lived in an English-speaking country for 6 years. And I agree that writing plays a part as well; it seems to help you organise your thoughts for more effective communication, haha.
    Haha, thanks. And you know what? No offence intended toward others, but I'm having a hard time believing you're 14 since your command of English and sentence construction all suggest maturity. Many people at that age across the Internet wouldn't bother to write such eye-pleasing posts. :p
    Hello, Light. Been seeing you around in the main forums and the Pokemon thread for a while now. Since you seem to be the type of guy who's fun to talk to, I hope you don't mind my friend request. :)
    I need a title for a multiple personality disordered character whose first and main personality secret wants to kill and dissect people.

    And then I've gotta make an appearance.
    Then I'm in.
    Count me in.
    Me too.
    Don't leave without me.

    You have my axe.
    So literally all I have to do is have a stylish and slightly crazy character used to murder demons.
    Starting to consider your offer to that DmC roleplay.
    Doesn't look too in depth, so I can bullshit everything.
    Did you receive the certificate? The one that says you're better than some, but not most?
    Try harder. find something to pull out of your ass and slap on the internet
    I honestly have no motivation to roleplay much anymore.
    And I dislike DmC

    (u still dont have bronze fgt)
    I am now Lord Chill.

    I don't know, I have mine set to automatically log in when I go on the forums.
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