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  • Oooh, sweet, though I haven't the faintest idea what an awesome IQ score is. Sounds impressive, at least. Oh, I bet you would be man.

    Anyways, you got any ideas for this RP? I'm kinda stumped atm, I was thinking Sci-Fi, but I don't know how that'd roll.
    If I were given the role I'd do a damn good job, and then proudly declare that everyone's religion was bullshit.It'd go swimmingly.
    If my school even had the role, that is.

    Is your school a public one, or a hoity-toity private one? I'm guessing it's the latter.
    Ahhh, so that's how you do it over there. I'm not sure whether I like that system more or not, to be honest. Being able to look that in-depth into law is pretty cool though, my teacher is just teaching my class about politics more than law, which annoys me a fair deal. Yeah, something a bit messierwould be fun to look into. That free-reign research is pretty cool, I walked by a senior today whose Research Project is on Call of Duty.

    I'd rather die than research pew-pew simulator.

    I haven't even started yet, actually. I've got ages until I need to get myself into gear, but I'm planning on teaching myself some when the two week break arrives soonish. So, no language has actually been decided yet, but I'll be looking around for a recommended one, because making one through an engine is for the weak. Aw man, you don't know how much I love it, got picked to read some 'prayer of the faithful' crap for my year level mass.

    Rather die.
    Basically, you pick a topic and spend a good amount of time researching it, so you can hand up something large and comprehensive discussing it. At my school it can literally be about anything, so I'm teaching myself how to code and looking into making a text-based adventure game. In other schools it's done throughout Year 11, but Religion takes its place for all but Term 4 at my school, then you complete it in Year 12.

    Understandable man, catch ya later.
    That's really impressive man, well done! Getting to your roots though, that's kinda shit, tbh. Much rather the scholarship.

    May as well give going for the 1 a go, I suppose, no harm in trying. Other than stress. Which could potentially lead to all kinds of harm. Port's one of those country-city hybrids, kind of a shit hole, but there's nice districts and some rich people that made the mistake of living here. The goal of students here is to pretty much escape from Pirie, head to Adelaide and see how much further you can get.

    Some of the older teachers do care, yeah. I managed to end up with one that looks like she descended from a toad and threatens to send kids to the principal if she finds out they're not catholic. I'm looking forward to it, really. Younger teachers and all the students can't be stuffed, really. If you get a younger teacher for religion they'll treat it as a study lesson half the time.

    Oh, that reminds me, do you have to do something called Research Project over your way, or is that an SA thing?
    Good to hear man. I'd forgotten that you'd be in your last year honestly, just gotta push through I suppose. What subjects are you studying, if you don't mind me asking? I've been fine, I suppose, I've realised how bad it can be going to highschool in a town rather than a city, especially if it's a catholic school like mine (my fa?ade of 'definitely being faithful' is wearing off).

    But hey, welcome back, for as long as you'e staying.
    Oh shit, sure thing man, let's see what we can muster up~

    How've you been though? We haven't spoken in ages man.
    I ended up going afk from the site for a few years after the passing of one of my grandparents, in the same time frame I stepped down from moderating the Digital Media section (which was barely alive when I was a mod, now it's dead lol). The years after I've been in college, i must've changed majors at least twice now (I just get bored easily...ugh).

    Currently doing an 18-month program to become an electrician, which starts in september, right now I am working 2-jobs (one on the weekends, the other is my full-time job) I still do graphic design central work as a free lancer, if I could find a studio job after I move to the ATL (I live in NJ). If you ever have any questions about school or college, definitely feel free to hit me up brother. I'm 26 and all about giving back to the younger generation in anyway I can. If you wanna contact me outside of KHI the only I use is

    Skype - thecitruscult (display name is Crow)
    Hey, I realized you sent me a message in December, sorry I haven't been around so long. I have been spending more time around another forum, so I often forget about KHI. I was recently falsely banned from that forum anyway, so I don't bother with that anymore, so I'll be around often c:
    Hey Light, just an update, a friend of mine I saw today lent me his Mawilite so I thankfully no longer need one. Thank you so much though I hope I didn't stop you from doing anything, if you ever need my help! LET ME KNOW!!!!
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