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  • Ah. Well, my school probably opens early so we can have better test scores. That's also why we have seven classes now instead of four. (Though technically, I still only have four.)
    Lol, yeah. I'm probably starting a lot earlier than a lot of people. I know Christina said she had a couple of weeks before she started.
    Well, if you need to talk about it, you can. Good news about the possible job. C: And nothing really. I just started school, so I'm probably going to be really busy.
    That sounds horrible. Seeing how strongly you feel about it, I'm not going to pry anymore. :c *hugs*
    Well hope you find a job soon. I`ve been doing well. My best friend recently got back home after being gone for summer break so I`ve been spending a lot of time with her. I`m in the high school band and we have practice which will keep me pretty busy. Thats really what the rest of my summer break is going to be like.
    Yeah, still doing the schooling. The new semester's already annoying me, because it's shorter, and I haven't heard anything about one of the subjects I'm meant to be doing, so annoyance is increasingly high.
    I wish you luck and hope you find a good job. Or have you found one? : )
    I can understand why they got rid of rep, like you said it was kind of out of control. So whats up?
    Friends are important. I hope you get to talk to them soon. I really don`t miss the rep all that much but probaly because I didn`t have a lot of it. I should probaly be going to bed soon too I have to wake up early tomorrow and its almost midnight. Talk to you tomorrow probaly. : )
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