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  • In the end I think thats what brought me back on. I missed my friends a lot on here and I`ve made lots of new ones since then. :D
    They changed the site a month or two ago, but it`s still a pretty recent change. I remember I use to talk to Smile and Araliya but I haven`t really since I left and came back. Lots has changed for me on here.
    Wow it doesn`t really seem like that long ago. Lots has changed around here since then and there have been lots of name changes. I hope it isn`t too hard for you to figure it all out, but I`m sure you can. :D
    I took a break last summer to avoid 358/2 Days spoilers and it was really nice to get back. I came back around November. I don`t think I`ve talked to you since way before then. I do remember you were one of my first friends on here. I`m pretty sure. Anyways, nice to have you back.
    Sometime in Spring, I guess.

    Oh, I see. How are your new living arrangements and whatnot? Sounds exciting.
    I love everything about Quinn--the way she talks, her clothes, just the graceful way she carries herself in general. But, sometimes I think I'm the only one who sees it. xD

    How're you doing Li.Lo? I haven't seen you around here in a while, it feels like.
    Yeah :v maybe a counter/restocking job at a local shop? Personally I'd love to work in a bookstore :3
    You can't blame yourself for the economy, silly :3 but yes, I fear our generation is going to suffer quite a lot in those terms
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