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  • Okay yeah, I wouldn't want SA to get in trouble. But I do wish we could do it again.

    Sticking out your tongue? Oh reeeeeaaaaaaaal mature. So we gonna fight or not?
    Okay fine.*Disappointed look* I just wanna fight, I wish we could do something like when we were all fighting Nefero, South Light, and the Lady in SA's thread. That was fun.
    Okay fine. *Changes back into normal form* Now I dare you to come over here and say that to my face. When I win I want the rest of the tranquilizer stuff.
    Yes... Yes it does. How noble of you to inform them. Why I do say, its getting stuffy in here. I shall open a window.

    lol I was in a hurry and I meant to put involved. but yes aside from that fact it did evolve. It evolved into a log which I threw through my window. lol I'm just kidding... my parents would kill me, skin me, and then use my skin to put over the hole in the window. For some reason Jeepers Creepers just poped into my head.
    lol ok you can be the earthling.

    Yes I forgot the keys. lol I can't tell you every thing right now because I have to go but it evolved a stick.
    lol Are you sure you want the earthling or are you just saying that to be nice because you think I want the mystic. you put a lot of emphasis on really lol. I'll take who ever you don't want because technically you won. You had the most votes

    Gosh I'm so bloody. I had to break into my own house. It sucked.
    Hahaha That sounds like me. I always procrastinate till the last min. to do stuff. Congrats on your Latin test.

    Should we iny miny miney moe it? For the earthling/mystic.
    Dang, last minute book report huh? That's a real pain in the @$$.

    *Snaps awake* Hey! DON"T STEAL MY SWORD! *Kicks Lecty's butt and grabs sword back then begins process of chasing her down and slicing at her.*
    Yes, so very, VERY boring. I always hate book reports, but I do like reading the books.

    *Sits up in sleep and begins walking around**mumble* Where's my sword? I got some cutting to do.*mumble*
    Okay I finally found that link. I looked forever to find it y'know. So are you happy now?

    *Snore**mumble* I'll get you Lecty, and your little dog too.(Wizard of Oz quote/reference)*mumble*
    humm Good Luck ... I like reading your messages about random stuff lol. Well if your going to be random I'm going to be random. I'm hyper cause I'm eating cookie dough Ice cream.
    and your not bothering me with your messages. Rawwwr.
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