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  • If you liked Dead Fantasy they you'll love RWBY. You'll be kinda surprised by it. haha
    You should when you get the chance! You can literally catch up on both seasons in around 4hrs. haha
    I know. That sucked so much. =[
    It is perfect. xD
    I really need to see all of Helling Ultimate. :frown:

    Do you watch RWBY?
    I see. I knew a person that had the same issues from mods back then. They reported it to other mods and turns out the only one behind annoyed was the mod that sent the message. Beware.

    I noticed the hellsing avatar. :biggrin:
    Meh I suppose. I'm highly impatient to get Xenoverse. haha
    How are you? I see the mods are using the "annoyed people" excuse on you.
    I know right? They looked like the embodiment of pure darkness. A good design since most emblems looked a bit comical. They brought them back in Days as bosses, but it felt more threatening fighting them in groups.
    Hello! I've noticed lately that you've taken to going off topic in threads with jokes and videos that seemingly just happen to surface in passing. If you could try to avoid that, it'd be much appreciated. That's not to say you can't do it at all; just try to do it less, because it's been happening more and more often lately and people are starting to get annoyed.
    Same here. Somehow, I've managed to do even more of that while attending college. I guess the lack of daily assignments kind of helps...
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