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  • Bye. o3o/
    If you start to feel to bad just remember, Gokus beautiful blue hair~ xD
    I prefer cloudy weather too. Preferably that moment before it storms or rains. I'd be afraid of sinking into the ocean. Dx
    I've been nostalgic all month haha. I got that Xenoverse game then all this movie and series madness started. TnT
    Random. I was playing Xenoverse and I took both SS4 Gojeta and Vegito on a mission right? Okay so SS4 Gojeta keeps dying like a bitch and Vegito has to keep saving him. x'D
    I know right! ;n; If the new series doesn't have more of that I will forever be disappointed. Pan was born as of the last movie so theres no excuse!
    It does make it feel all the better. All I ask is that they don't go past their blue bulma saiyan forms and I want to see grandpa Goku moments. I dont care is Pan would be like two or three. GT ruined it by making her a chichi knock off and goku small. I want to see what I saw in DBZ's last episode! The two most lovable characters ever in this series! xD
    I mean just think of it man. In the last episode Goku gives Pan his food....HIS FOOD!

    Apparently that was the plan but due to the fans at the time Goku had to be brought back. After reading a thing written by other famous magaka who grew up in the 80s/90s during DBs original Japanese run it seems Gohan taking the lead wasn't very favorable. So Toriyama had to ditch all that build up since gohans intro. =_=
    The forms should've stopped at SSJ 1 to be honest. How quick it got downplayed was sad.

    DB definitely had the plot and humor. Thanks to that something was truly serious when it happened. Like Krillin first dying or evil King Piccolo reviving. Shit was real haha.
    Vegito was the ultimate DB troll! Lmao even getting absorbed was his plan. xD
    It also gives a glimpse of what a combo of silly Goku and serious uptight Vegeta makes, a troll with one dick move after another. xDDD
    *sighs* Future was so boss but his kid self in Buu saga is such a brat. I hate kid trunks. =_=

    Oh! Forgot to tell you. Not only did all of those forms happen between two movies but Pan is born and Gohan slacks training to the point he loses ultimate/mystic.
    I always liked the first form most and it was epic when he first hanged but I'd be lying if I said I still truly cared about forms by DBZs end. Dragonball (when gokus a kid) was great and had no forms. DBZ could be that as well.

    I wish Toriyama would've just went: "Okay. He's absorbed godly ki for heavens sake so let's just ditch forms now."
    lol You should google it. You'll be welcomed by images of a blue haired Goku and Vegeta that you swear was stolen off a deviantart. xD
    Super Saiyan 2 & 3 was not only dropped but relabeled as just "variations" of the main one by Toriyama. Kinda like those ascended forms Vegeta and Trunks used against imperfect Cell.
    THEN even though the god form temporary Goku retained the godly ki and "feel" of it. It not only gave him a power boost that made 2&3 pointless but he's trained with Whis to master it into a "beyond god" state which he utilizes in his base form.
    THEN he can take that further and go super saiyan while in this beyond state and combine the forms to make a new form called, and by no means is this a joke, "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan".

    Plus Vegeta can do all that now too. xD

    Lol Go on. Google SSGSS and see what happens. xD
    I like the poke puns one most. xD
    Lol hipster Sora.

    Have you been keeping up with all this new DBZstuff? xD
    Biological. Dx

    Have I showed you these:
    PokePuns by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt
    Ask Airalin Q19 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt
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