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  • Yes, hopefully I will.
    And 2.8 has been a thrilling experience for me. Not ever going to forget 0.2's final boss. Ever..... -_-
    But aside that and my busy life, I've been doing alright. :)
    Maybe, my criticism of Disney not handling seriousness was completely accurate since there have been live actions done by Disney before like Old Yeller.
    The conflict always seemed one sided since it was always a conflict the protagonist faced. Having a conflict that effects the protagonist's family like the plausibility of being homeless in medieval France. A more serious plot line might also draw in a teenage audience since the threat of homelessness in medieval France might go over the heads of Disney's audience. I don't mean to sound patronizing towards little kids.

    I also think that Disney could have done more with their gay plotline. LeFou didn't really seem like a good fit for the role, Cogsworth might have been a better option. LeFou only touched hands with Gaston and got told to be his true self. Cogsworth for all he's worth doesn't get much attention other than a servant that is too strict and gets mocked as such. I mean, it would be nice to see why he is the way he is. What makes him such a stickler for the rules? Why does he put up with Lumiere's shenanigans? I get that he has no choice but to obey Beast because if he gets on Beast's bad side, it means disaster for him. Cogsworth could have gotten more development like he puts up with Lumiere because he secretly likes the guy and doesn't report Lumiere to beast because he doesn't want to see his love out in the cold.

    There was so much that could have been done with the Beauty and the Beast live action remake. It was just too safe to stick with the 1990's version since anything else wouldn't have worked. Plus, I don't think a movie where the heroine of the story having no choice in whether she marries or doesn't would have gone over too well. Belle would have likely been criticized for something she has no control over. She would face criticisms of being a gold digger because she has to marry someone rich. The critics would likely not even consider the possibility that she has to marry Gaston or Beast because they are the only ones that can pay off her father's debt.
    [Edit] Hey Hakan! How ya doing? I'm trying to get Ux back but haven't been able to. Hopefully I will soon!
    I mean, the changes would be pretty interesting. I can imagine the story being something like Belle in a situation where she needs to marry Gaston just so her father and little sister wouldn't starve or be put out on the streets since French society at that time wasn't very forgiving. However, the Beast then shows up because her father went to get her rose in place of the music case.

    The usual plot line of the movie plays out but with Gaston and Beast duking it out because Gaston is still his arrogant self and he can't stand losing Belle to such a hideous creature. Of course, everyone gets a happily ever after and Belle's father and sister don't have to worry about their financial situation anymore.

    I don't think Disney has ever told a story like that. Most of the Disney stories don't focus on how everyone else is effected by the main character's life because there usually wasn't a need for it. It also wouldn't go down too well in today's Disney environment because it might be too mature.
    You should all see the deleted story boards from Beauty and the Beast, apparently Belle had a little sister named Clarice and a snobbish aunt that tried hooking her up with Gaston. Of course, Gaston was completely different from his movie appearance. He appeared to be more of a powered wig wearing pretty boy.
    Sent you an invite Xatos, even though i'm unfamiliar with it. please accept it, i'm rickythunder1@gmail.com.
    This is such a frustrating system, do you have anything like Skype that we can chat in real time as opposed to messages? send me the info if you do.
    I don't see you in game, are you sure you're connected in the festival plaza? try to search for me with link trade.
    You need to be in the game at the same time as me, i'm on it right now connected to the internet, tell me your in game name, mine is spartan
    I guess tomorrow at 5:30 EST, it's been a while since i did this, so at 5:30 precisely, there is a 30 minute window for us. When it becomes 6:00 PM EST. That's it, you can end it and so can i, and we'll have to try again another day.
    Registered you Xatos, now we must plan when we're on at the same time, so we can do the trade.
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