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  • Okay then, I'll gladly accept it. Thanks a lot. :D

    Aww, poor Mudkip, I feel bad knowing that it's going to only be stared at and inspected by you... I hope you won't do anything traumatic to it, I don't want it to suffer psychological damage. And you know that you can use the Pokedex to examine every single Pokemon's model in 3D, right?

    By the way, I traded away one of my Vivillon with a Xerneas via the GTS (I just found out that the pattern on my region's Vivillon is rather rare), so you don't have to trade me yours. I'll still give you my Yveltal, though, that's really not a problem. Don't worry about a thing, haha.
    As far as I know, there isn't any. I appreciate it, but are you sure you don't want to keep it for evolving your Seadra in the future?

    That's odd, because when I got to help Looker, it was cases upon cases. What I did after finishing a case was walk out of the alley and to the North Boulevard, take a few steps forward, and it's then that Looker calls. It was always like that.

    Well then, congratulations! You just won a Mudkip baby. Unfortunately I can't give you any that has its Hidden Ability since I don't have one either. >_< It's really hard looking for non-XY Pokemon having their Hidden Ability... there are lots of scammers at the GTS saying HA but offering up Pokemon with their normal ability. -_-"
    Ah, good then. So we can take as much time as we need. I myself still haven't found that Dragon Scale. Do you happen to know where to get some?

    The Looker cases, huh? Well, they're actually really easy to come across. You just need to move one map away and take a few steps forward, then Looker will contact you again and ask you to come over to his bureau. I one-shot everything in one go, it was quite rewarding in terms of the story. I love Looker's interactions with Emma and him getting all daddy-like.

    What I meant by reaching the 7th box is when 6 boxes have been filled, and you send a Pokemon over to the 7th one. At that point, you'll see that you'll have had other 8 boxes unlocked. At first I was really disappointed too seeing only 7 boxes, but I'm glad I was proven wrong. :p

    You take it forever, I'm really going to hold on to your Xerneas forever, too. I'll keep it as a trading chip for old Pokemon unavailable in XY since I can't create an NNID in my home country. Without it, I won't be able to use the Poke Transfer service. <_<

    OH! By the way, I have a Mudkip. I can breed one for you if you want, seeing you like it, but that's okay if you're already planning to transfer one from the past generation.
    Alright, well, I'll see if we can be online simultaneously some time later. I just don't want to keep you for too long from getting these Pokemon that you've been wanting for a while, haha.

    No, the number of boxes isn't just 7. Once you reach the 7th box, the 8th to 15th boxes will show up. It keeps going until you reach the 31st box, at which point the number of boxes won't increase any longer. Don't worry about not having enough space to stow your Pokemon in, it won't happen even to the most hardcore of breeders. XD

    So I'll just need to pass to you a Singapore Vivillon, which has the jungle pattern. Noted! :) And if I've found myself a Dragon Scale, I might need your help to evolve my Seadra into Kingdra. Hopefully it's not too much an ask, we've already got so many Pokemon to trade, haha...
    Sure thing. Anything I can help you with, I'll help you with. And yeah, if I give you the Japanese Vivillon, it'll register as a different form. Neat, huh?

    Alright, you've been registered. Your 3DS ID is Matthew, right? However I'm sorry to say that we can't trade now since I'll be out for most of the day, so how about... like, 18 hours from now or so?
    Alrighty. Then would you mind having your Swirlix hold a Whipped Dream? That way it'll evolve into Slurpuff when traded. Oh, and I just noticed that I also have a Vivillon with Japan pattern. I can let it go for you, too, seeing as it's already registered in my Pokedex.

    You've added me? Thanks, but the funny thing is that your card is still greyed out on my 3DS. Just to make sure, your FC is 4296-3074-5735, right?

    I'm not sure if it's PSS or should have been PPS, but the entries seem to be in the process of uploading right now. I'm pretty sure once you get back online they will have been up so that you can vote for me. ;)

    Edit: Yeah, the entries have been uploaded.
    Okay, easy. Haha. Gosh, I'm really sorry if I seem to be extremely pushy. >_< But of course, you're very welcome! And would you like my Spritzee to hold a Sachet so it can evolve into Aromatisse upon arrival at your side?

    And while we're at it, are you interested in trading Vivillon for its patterns? I've got a Vivillon whose pattern is native to Singapore (the region in which I registered my 3DS), and if you want, I can trade it with yours. :D
    You are so evil. What have I ever done to you that I deserve such treatment? T_T

    Is your in-game trainer name Lee? If so, I can see you. I can also trade you those Skrelp and Spritzee now, if you don't mind. I'll also check what kind of Safari you have.

    Edit: Oh, Lee is another person... sorry about that, haha.

    You're a human, and as such your exploration skills are more advanced than Floette's. Give her some slack... it's not like if you can do your homework in 30 minutes, your dog will be able, too... :p
    No need to rush, I'll leave it on, haha.

    And NO! YOU DON'T DO THAT! You dare, I'm going to rob you of each and every single box and tube of cream cheese you see and ever will see. Weren't you taught not to waste food? o_O

    (And "suck it" doesn't sound too... great to my ears... haha)

    Yup, if you have a reliable source, it's better to ask for his or her help. It'd be easier to sort things out if anything. As for how much it would be... I'm quite certain that it won't be way more expensive than the others if you buy it from SE in Japan. Probably only slightly, if at all... but we'll see. The mascots should be already out since it's already the 27th, 10:25am in Japan.

    And the Pokemon League is unrealistic? Haha, in my opinion, it's actually even more realistic than those of the previous generations (aside from the floating stone platforms, of course), especially with the courtyard, hallways, chambers, and tiers. And I absolutely adore the personalities of the Elite 4 members, too... a knight, an ex-Team Plasma member, a sweet elderly dragon tamer (and I'm fond of Drasna; she's a nice change from dragon tamers of the past who were always depicted as proud and rough), a celebrity chef (whose specialty could be seafood considering he specialises in Water-type), and a movie superstar (although I admit I wish Diantha were more involved in the storyline).

    And in Floette's defence... she doesn't evolve naturally into Florges. She has to be exposed to a Shiny Stone, and probably she hadn't come across even one in her 3,000 years of waiting. :p
    Now that I happen to catch you online, I'm informing you that I'll still be online on the 3DS at your 8pm. In fact, it's just 7 minutes from now, right?
    Really...? I don't care what you do with the $1, but DO NOT EVER waste cream cheese by smearing it onto anything but bowls, casseroles, or cookie base! You don't have half an idea how wonderful that dairy product is! You could bake some cheesecake with it!


    But seriously, don't. That'd be a total waste of an otherwise good ingredient.

    Anyway. Turns out that the person I contacted is neither Japanese nor is he living in Japan. It was a misunderstanding... so I suppose yeah, I think I'm going to hitchhike on your plan if you don't mind. Just be reminded that there's no need to have it delivered by end of January and that you have much time. And I wouldn't really get my hopes up; it's true that there's no knowing until you see it yourself in one of those conventions, but I'm still going to assume that the Meowjesty is Japan-exclusive and I rest my case.

    I think the entries will be up in 13 or 14 hours or so, yeah. And you know what? You can try to enter, too! There might not be enough time for graphic design, drawing, or writing, but there certainly is for photography. It has to be Christmas-themed, but it's not like there's shortage of Christmas-themed scenery in town, especially in the States. And as for the competition... considering there are many talented artists here and photography falls under the same category as that of drawing, I'm expecting it to be quite stiff, alright. But we'll see! Hopefully I can garner some votes with my photograph.

    Sure, my FC is 3909-8854-5397. And you know what? I'll leave my 3DS up and running and connected to the Internet for the next... probably 7 or 8 hours, so that we can register each other's Safari.

    So you think the Pokemon, storyline, and region itself are subpar, huh? Well, I can agree with you on the former (I'm never really into Mega Evolution, actually), but I personally think the storyline is quite cool (Lysandre and his ideology, at least in Y, are very Hitler-like) and the region is pretty great in my book (especially that majestic penultimate route leading to Snowbelle). I wish there were more dungeons, though, just like B2W2. And for some reason, I'm fond of the Pokemon League (it's a friggin' castle!) and the Elite 4 themselves...
    Alrighty! I'm actually trying to contact a member whom I think is Japanese (or at least lives there), but he hasn't responded yet. If he doesn't give a word, then I'll leave it to you. I can count on you, right? :D

    The voting period commences on the 27th of this month and lasts for... three days, I think. I'll remind you again once it's already up for voting. The winner gets to have an award, you know, those nifty boxes below our profile information. I actually want to write a story as well to be entered into the contest, but writer's block struck... you have any ideas on a Christmas story or interesting past experiences that I can use as an inspiration? :p

    Pokemon for Christmas? I thought you'd be going somewhere and have fun. Oh well, if you've cleared the game, let me know so we can be online at the same time and you can access my Safari and find some Ditto there. Which reminds me, by the way... it seems you haven't added me back in 3DS, haha.
    Sure thing. I'll keep an eye on that thread, too. Thanks in advance for arranging this for us. :)

    Oh, really? What would that be? Protect? Or perhaps have the partner use Follow Me? ... of course it's confidential. However, in any case, you'll see that I'll always be ready to foil your Prankster-boosted Dark Void plan. ^_^

    (I hope.)

    Good, I'm glad that you're satisfied. But don't boycott me, please! T_T I may only be entering just for fun, but I still would like to win that award, haha...

    Addendum: MERRY CHRISTMAS! What are your plans for Christmas, the following seven days, and New Year?
    It's the 29th of January (don't forget to inform me if you'll be free to meet up! I'll be there until the 2nd of February and I'll be glad to save a day for that. Has it snowed?). But there's no rush; my sister will be coming back home next June for a vacation and if you can't send it over to her by the third week of January, there's plenty of time.

    Ooh, Smeargle. But still, you'll need to Sketch that Dark Void from Darkrai, right? It's not like you can encounter Darkrai anywhere in the game, and I'm not even sure if Smeargle will retain the move that it Sketches in link battles. And you know what, when I see a Smeargle, I'll be sure to take it out first thing, because that thing's a wildcard and its Hidden Ability, Moody, just doesn't make it any better. I'm not going to let it have a free turn, have one of its stat sharply boosted, and go crazy.

    Hehe, who knows who you'll run into in online battles? And speaking of which, I'd actually be glad to have a battle or two with you. I'm not that into competitive battling and I suck, but I like doing it just for fun. I've been wanting to have Double / Triple / Rotation Battles with someone and watch as my Pokemon's butts get whopped. XD

    Yeah... I wonder what you would have done if I said "how about neither?" But now you're satisfied, right? Remember our deal, 'kay? :p
    Would you mind if I asked for your help to purchase the Meowjesty and send it over to my sister's address? That way, I can get it from her when I come to visit next month. My friends in Japan are all working, so they might find it hard to go to the post office since they are open only on weekdays and during working hours.

    Sadly Dark Void is only on Darkrai, and you'll have to wait until Pokebank is online before you can get one in XY. Then again, Darkrai is usually banned in in-game tourneys like the Battle Maison, unless you're planning to use it against other players in online Double Battles. But thank you for telling me your strategy; if I ever see Klefki with Darkrai, I'll send out my own Klefki (or Whimsicott) and Breloom and use Taunt and Mach Punch to stop them from messing around with my Pokemon. Or, you know, send out a pair of Pokemon with Vital Spirit or Insomnia. ^_^

    Edit: Too bad, no Pokemon with Prankster can learn Skill Swap... :p

    And about that sneak peek, well... should I? Should I not? Oh, choices~
    That Meowjesty, hmm... if you have friends in Japan, you can ask them to order one and ship it over to you. And while you're at it, probably you can also ask around if anyone else wants the Meowjesty mascot; if some are interested, then you can make a bulk order and distribute them once they arrive at your doorstep. And it's too bad that they are sold out of Dusk plush... hopefully you don't have to hold your order for a month before it's available again.

    Exactly, that's why I love my Klefki as well. I EV-trained it so that it battles defensively and dang, it's really robust against non-Fire, non-Ground, non-Taunt Pokemon. Combine it with Leftovers, set up a Substitute, and play around with your opponents. :p

    What am I planning for the holiday contest...? Haha, I submitted a photograph. It'll be out for voting on the 27th, I believe, so make sure you check it out then.
    Ahh, you just missed the excitement on the new 2.5 trailer!

    Don't worry about Fires, there are many ways you can counter them with. Then again it's not like Fire-type Pokemon are particularly defensive, so they should fall easily. You'd have to agree though that Steel/Fairy is a really solid defensive typing... and alright, there's no need to hurry. Just do it at your convenience, it's not like I'm in urgent need of it. :)

    And now? Haha... probably wait until the entry shows up in the holiday contest! The pose, of course, is going to be different.
    Oh yeah, Mega Mawile. It'll really wreak havoc because of its ability Huge Power, which essentially doubles its Attack. You'll need to make sure it can survive at least two hits though since Mawile is a slow Pokemon even as a Mega, but when it hits, it'll hit really hard.

    By the way, your Skrelp and Spritzee are ready. We can trade anytime you're free to do it, although I'd prefer to do it at around, say... yeah, probably around the time this VM is posted. Around this time, I should be free for the next few days.

    And the avatar? Yeah, it's in anticipation for Christmas. And it's a preview of something big that you'll soon be able to see. ;)
    You've beaten the last gym? Then everything should be going smoothly. Just a word of caution though: try to bring a Steel-type Pokemon, or at least those that know a strong Steel-type move, when you attempt to challenge the League. You'll be glad you do. And after you've beaten the Champion, I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed at the ending.

    Haha, yes, now that school stuff has taken a backseat, I suppose it's time to clear that immense backlog of real-life things-to-do. How long does the winter break usually last? I think one month should be enough to have everything cleared... at least that's how it was in my case when I was under the chains of academia. :p
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