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  • Let me write this ahead of anything else: do you suppose your friend would mind going back to the store to pick one for me? Please get back to me ASAP because I'm not sure if I can stand to wait, haha. A "Yes, I do mind" is as valid an answer as any and I won't force him to, but a "No, I don't mind" would be completely great! And oh gosh, don't those slime plush toys look comfortable to rest your head on? I know only their backs are visible in the picture

    Alright, enough freaking out...

    Those aren't photography jargons, haha. Those are visual design jargon. I actually learned that technique from a certain website years ago, but I can't remember what it is... if I did, I would have given the link to you. Go ahead and Google it, you're bound to run across it eventually. I could teach you the step-by-step process, if only I could show you directly...

    Ah, so you're the kind of person who would rather the figures stay in their boxes. There's nothing wrong with that, but if it were me, I would show no hesitation in taking them out. Since my figures are my models in addition to display items, the boxes would only be a hindrance for me. It won't be appealing photographing them while still inside their boxes instead of doing so to expose their full glory, no? XD

    Haha, yes, it will do you good to take my advice. I have a few games that I haven't played yet... and that's because I kept postponing and postponing they actually did lose their charm. There are Kid Icarus Uprising, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Dragon's Dogma. I have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 too, and I haven't played it... but fortunately my cousins do love fighting games and they ended up being the ones who did the dirty work for me. :p I felt the drive to start playing Kid Icarus, but I'm in the middle of playing Bravely Default right now and I'm pretty sure the drive will have been gone by the time I'm done with it. Ahh... I should have bought them one by one...

    Alright, anyway... I believe you will need a little of my personal information for shipping purposes, right? I know you've seen my name, but you obviously still need my address. I'd prefer it if I don't do it here because of its public nature, so how about PM? I hope it's secure enough and will suffice.
    I'll just give an "okay" here because I'm not in the mood to talk about shipping and all that stuff. I'm still furious as to why I had to pay $55 for $170 dutiables while my father didn't have to pay anything for a $180 item. -_-

    The photos are amazing, aren't they? The shadow is of course a result of external illumination and not because of Photoshop. As for the floor portion, you'll have to discern yourself as where you have to split the original image. It's easy if the image comprises of only a wall and floor, because naturally, the break point is the line at which the they intersect. Everything below that line needs to be stretched outward to incur the illusion of perspective, and when done, you'll want to print the modified image, cut it in half along the break, and set it up like you would a wall on the floor.

    If the image is complicated, like that woods background in the photo of the bottle, it's slightly harder. There isn't any hard stop you can use as a break, so you need to discern where you want it to be. In addition, you'll also want to be careful in stretching the image so that the foliage flanking the road on the floor portion doesn't appear distorted. It's trial and error, and not just about every image can be turned into dioramas like these.

    You might want to play the older games beforehand. From my experience, if a game goes long enough without being played, it loses its charm and eventually you won't feel like playing it ever. :p
    What do you mean where the shipping funds go? It's of course to cover up for the shipping fee incurred by the shipping method, haha. Could you have meant import duties instead? If so, then, uh... well, it's sort of like tax, I guess. You pay, and it eventually adds up to the country's stash. Unfortunately in my case, I can't help but suspect that a percentage of it goes into the officials' instead. It pains me to think that I'm paying them for this...

    Pseudo-3D dioramas are made by splitting an image into two parts: backdrop and floor. The backdrop is printed as is, while the floor is transformed using perspective treatment in a digital manipulation software such as Photoshop. The way you do it is by stretching the floor portion "toward" you, or outward from the monitor, so that it seems that you're looking down your field of vision. I've done it several times, and here are very crude examples of how the finished product look like.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    It wasn't the shipping that's $60, it was the import duty. The shipping was much less than that considering the relative proximity. I never understand the calculation for import duties in my country; it can be very complicated, but at least not as complicated as if I have to deal with the officials. Many of them are just so obnoxious you'd wish you didn't as much as have to see them... do you ever have to pay for import duties when receiving anything from overseas? Is there even a need to do so?

    I don't know, probably the landscapes of Symphony of Sorcery? If I can find a good source file that's large enough and of good quality, then I can make a pseudo-3D diorama out of it. I actually have a good blue circuit board background to photograph The Grid Sora and Riku against, but I don't have the figures. That might not be the case soon, though, because I've laid my eyes on one of each. ^_^

    By the way, are you planning to buy LRFF? And do you play Bravely Default? They're what the hype is all about nowadays.
    Isn't that so true! Young children do have much more capacity to learn as opposed to the likes of us. Their brains are still malleable (figuratively, of course) and absorbs everything like a sponge. If only there was a way for us to retain that wildcard property... :p

    Yeah, well... it's low, but as I said, I only received the article probably three or four weeks later. And it's small and light. Honestly though, I'm more concerned about the import duty. For my four mascot straps, which had a combined weight of 0.5 kg (roughly a pound), I had to pay around $3... but when the Play Arts figures (2.5 kg, about 5 pounds) arrived, I was shocked that I had to pay a freaking amount of $60. -_- I don't know if it was because of the weight alone... I suspect not. Size had to be a factor. So if you're sending that Meowjesty to me, don't use a cardboard box, okay? XD

    You said it. Paper would be flat and give no perception of space, and building a diorama would be too much trouble. I guess I'll just stick with natural background... or plain white. Which, by the way, would be even more boring.
    Of course, being able to catch everything correctly would be the best. I just like to take it piece by piece and focus on the most important parts, especially when the language has all kinds of alternative forms. Just imagine, the verb "to be" can have three forms depending on who you're talking to. I didn't actually explore Epcot's Japan area too much. I only paid the souvenir store a visit. There has to be a restaurant as well, right? What kind of Japanese food do they serve?

    The US is so "large"... I think I laughed more than I should have. Really though, if one waits until he gets large before starting to exercise, it might be a little bit too late. Not impossible, but late. Exercising when you're still "small" is easier since there isn't as much to burn, and there's less pressure as well...

    Funny that this is coming from someone who doesn't even hit the gym. I used to, but I found out that I don't need all those extra muscles and am happy with just running.

    I've received a few items from the US, and for your reference, the shipping fee normally ranges from as little as $5 (though it also took ages for the item to arrive) to as much as $30ish. If you put the mascot inside an envelope, I guess it shouldn't be too expensive considering it's small and light. So if in the future there's ever a need for me to receive something from you, it's okay to declare the article value as less than $50 despite actually costing $500, right/ XD

    Yeah, I like the poses, too, which is why they remain like that until now. I'll have to change them eventually, but there's no need right now. They'll make great models when I take them out to be photographed tomorrow, especially if I can prep them against a good background. I want the background to be TWTNW-style buildings, actually, but I figured that to get a proper perspective, it would take a lot of space since the buildings are tall and huge.
    The trick is to catch the key words, usually the nouns and/or verbs. Based on my experiences, Japanese people are quite expressive with gesture, so you can use it to your advantage as well. And if you talk to them in Japanese, they will continue speaking in Japanese as well, so watch for it. This sentence served me quite well whenever I didn't get what they were saying: "Eigo de hanashite kudasai", which means, please speak in English. And don't fear, because most people can and will understand you if you speak in English; it's just that they might not know how to reply.

    But I still want to go to Japan. I think I'm going to plan for a trip this coming May. If I buy the airplane ticket now, it shouldn't be too expensive... what say you about a $400 round-trip ticket to and from Japan? ^_^

    It's not that walking is a taboo because 60% of the population is obese, but they are obese because they're too lazy to walk and exercise. Therefore, long walks are good for them, because without walking, they won't get to their destination. It was good though that the only people who rent strollers (not the baby one, but the wheelchair-like vehicle) in WDW are the elderly and the handicapped, so at least there's still some drive to use legs to get around.

    I know, I would have done so if I had the time. I simply didn't, and then again, the store must have closed even before I landed in Tokyo and have not opened yet after I left. I'm pretty sure you don't want to go there only to find out that you can't get in. And sleep was actually overdue, because in that 13-hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo, I forced myself to not catch any sleep to prevent jetlag. That actually means that in total, I didn't sleep for 28 hours straight...

    I do have a Paypal account, and don't worry about the shipping fee. However much, I'll pay for it. Just don't use the express service, though, because yeah, that can be very pricey. One- or two-day delivery is not necessary, I can wait a week or two for it to arrive. And would you do me a favour and say that you're sending it as a gift? If you need to declare the value of the item, make sure it's under $50, otherwise it will become dutiable and an import tax will be imposed to me.

    And finally I've got the chance to play with the DDD figures. Here's a photo that I took; it was just a quick shot with my phone and not the camera, since I was too lazy to do so. Besides, it was overcast all day long and the sunlight wasn't too good, so I didn't feel like doing it on my garden (for beautiful backgrounds) either.

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    That's awesome. If you're planning to go to Japan, tell me, so I can help you with your communication with the locals. I can also help you with purchasing train tickets, ordering food, buying souvenirs and whatnot, and take you to Tokyo Disneysea and Disneyland where you're sure to enjoy your time? okay, that's probably a bit too much. The bottom line is that you need someone to count on during your stay in Japan!

    Truth is, I'm only looking for an excuse to go there again. April would be a good timeframe since it's not that cold anymore (hopefully) and the cherry flowers will have started to bloom.

    Alright, alright. Yeah, I know you love Disney and you've made your point, haha. I know it's hard to contain your excitement when talking about something that you're so passionate about? so well, yeah, those are pretty much the places that I visited during my stay. There were a few character photo sessions that we attended, too, as well as breakfast with a few Disney princesses. As for the bridge to Beast's castle, yeah, not that much? it was too short to trigger the memories of the fight with Xaldin. In addition, it doesn't really look familiar either, so it easily missed me the first time around.

    On the second night there was this dance floor with The Incredibles which I strangely enjoyed; I never really felt comfortable with dancing, but this one simply made me want to groove. So I did, camera down the neck and tripod in one hand. Instead of dancing I made myself look like someone who was under military training or something? I was lucky I decided not to bring my backpack along, which is where I usually strap my tripod onto.

    Okay? why are you suddenly telling me that you might only be telling lies after asserting that you never use your real name anywhere? I think I get it. If you really want me to find you on Facebook, just say the word. I don't have the intention to do so, but I'll do it if that's what you want. XD

    Ahh, yeah, I was in Tokyo, but couldn't find the time to visit places. The temporal window during which I stayed in Japan was just too narrow to go anywhere, not even the closest mall to the hotel. Just imagine, the plane touched down on 9:30pm, I checked in at around 10:45pm, took a shower, went online to check for any missed emails and whatnot. Once it was all done, it was already 12am, so I had to hit the hay since I had to get up by 6am so as not to miss my morning flight (which adds an additional 7 hours of being airborne). I hardly got enough sleep? but that's one of the thrills of travel, you see. As someone who travels quite often I'm getting used to it. I've even started to develop a resistance to jetlag. :p

    If only I had stayed for two nights, I could have used the time to go to Artnia, buy the Meowjesty or whatever, and ship one over to you once I get back home. But I didn't? I really should have.
    Well yeah, of course you will need to live in the country you are planning to work in. That, or at least have a permanent address there, be it your own property, your parents', or your relatives'. I think this rule applies virtually everywhere. You'll be treated as a tourist if you don't have permanent address, and as far as I'm aware of, those under the social visit category are prohibited from engaging with any kind of business.

    I get what you mean. However, my biggest concern during my stay was not the calories. It was the fibres. You see, it's quite rare to have greens in any kind when eating western food. The closest thing that comes to greens is coleslaw, and even that isn't usually served in a generous amount. As you might have known... without fibre, business could get difficult, so I always tried my best to complete my meals with vegetables.

    Wait, what? I was the one who went there and you are the one getting excited? Haha, I guess boys will be boys. It was cool, really cool... and since I stayed, I got that nifty Mickey armband with tripled as room key, entry pass, and payment method. I visited Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom, and should I just say I was impressed. There were lots of things to take photos of (which I would gladly share with you. I'll have it hosted somewhere), and the fireworks displays were just gorgeous. I also caught a glimpse of the Electrical Parade prior to that... well, not so much because of the crowd obstructing my view.

    Now the BoG restaurant was amazing. As you said, as I stepped into the ballroom, I was reminded of Shadow Stalker. I did say that I ordered the grey stuff as an extra, right? All in all it was a truly great experience for me, and I sure would love to visit the park again some day given the opportunity. Finally, I went to Downtown Disney; originally I just wanted to sight-see, but I ended up buying something for myself too... which is a Lego architecture set. :p

    So there you go, my WDW experience in a nutshell! Trust me though, it just isn't complete without the pictures. If only I had a laptop to upload them with...

    Yeah, whatever... as long as it's you, I don't mind. But I believe I know both your first and last name, too, putting together the name on that image website and your 3DS ID. I'm aware that one is the short form of the other. This is called analysis, my friend, not just some baseless psychic power you claim to have... :p

    Well, what do you know. At the time of posting this message, I'm actually in Japan! Just for one night, though. I had to find a place to spend the night at because my next connecting flight back home is only available tomorrow (my time). There's no way in this beautiful world that I'll be spending the night at the airport itself, because it's cold and dry and there's no shower. A shower and a blanket are what I need most after a total of 20.5-hour long journey from Orlando to Japan.

    Oh, I'd so love to, please! Just one of those little things would be enough. When they have got it and you're ready to ship, just give me a shout.
    Hmm, if you say so... I'll try applying for work in the US, haha. Really, in my country, biomedical engineering is still considered a novelty, so there's hardly any good prospect. If I can work in the US, then I guess why not? Hopefully they don't make it difficult for foreigners to work there... and if I have to be a permanent resident, then I guess I wouldn't mind.

    See? Even you who are American (there, I played along) and eat much say that the food is always so much... let alone me who have a little stomach to contain all those things that get into my mouth and beyond. Even I can go on one full day just by eating breakfast. For example, I ordered a medium pizza at this restaurant in NYC called Lombardi's, and guess what? That size was as huge as the largest size at my usual pizza restaurant. It was like, what, easily 45"-50" in diameter! But that's alright, because that makes me feel that the food is always worth the price... ^_^

    I also don't know how my sister got that email, but it was there. Even we were given the privilege to pre-order our course, how cool is that? And I did try the grey stuff, which seems to be named "The Master's Cupcake" in the menu, and you're right... it was good. It's pretty hard to tell what the cream and paste were mixed with since they were grey in colour, but who cares... it was delicious and that's all that matters. XD

    As for my name, your second guess? That couldn't have been so, because it's a very uncommon name even among my fellow countrymen. You have to be a psychic to even guess it right the tenth time!

    But anyway. I won't know which one you are even if I looked you up on Facebook. If you would, though, you're welcome to look me up. Facebook is actually my primary platform to upload those action figures and collections photos to, and you can also find photos of my past travels there (as well as this one), so you're free to send me a friend request if you want.

    Edit: Actually, you can't just send me a friend request if we don't have any mutual friends due to the number of Facebook friends that I have. You'll need to message me and then I can send you the request instead. That will also allow me to know that it's you.
    Pharmacology, huh? Which means some of your labs require you to synthesise drugs? Well, it seems that we're both in the field of medicine. I took biomedical engineering (no, I'm not working on those cybernetic limbs... yet) when I was studying and had labs like that, which was quite difficult since you have to almost always be very precise in everything. I like approximations, hence, engineering. :p I wish you well and all the very best in your journey! Also, I've heard that pharmacists are paid a huge amount of money in the US. I'm... actually kind of jealous... ;)

    I can see why it's a personal favourite and I have to agree with you that it's amazing. It's just that the portion was simply too huge for me (as well as the portions of other food that I've eaten here), so I think I'll be gaining a good few pounds once I get back home. Thanks to NYC, I've got to exercise more and laze off less, haha... but at least I've walked A WHOLE LOT during my stay here. Just last evening, when I went for a last-minute shopping at Times Square (and it was too dang crowded for my taste, thank you), I found out that I have insufficient balance in my metro card, being one cent short of the required amount, but I thought it wouldn't be worth it to top up since it was going to be my last ride... so I was just like, "Screw this, I'm walking." And walk I did for 9 or 10 blocks. It doesn't seem much, but combine it with all the walking I've done for the past four days... I'd say 150+ blocks. :p

    It's not a lanyard, it's a camera strap and yeah, it holds the camera securely. However, it doesn't have to be solely used for a camera; as long as the items you want suspended down your neck have more than one loop to pass the ends of the strap through, you can use it. Like binoculars, for example, or... um... to be honest, I can't think of anything else. Okay, yeah, it's a camera strap and is best used solely for cameras and binoculars. Don't use it for anything else.

    Edit: Oh no! I just realised that my Flickr had my name in it! Is it too late to take it back? Can I wipe your memory? Like those men in black? Or through hypnosis? No? ... oh well, that's okay. I trust you're not going to misuse it, you seem like a good guy. Nah, I know you are. I trust you with it. Besides, I think I know your real life name too from that image hosting site you gave me the link to when you showed me your KH collections... there was a legitimate-sounding name on that page which I think belongs to you. XD

    Edit 2: My sister and I are a lucky bunch. She got an invitation email to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant, thus enabling us to bypass reservation and long lines. I was so excited because you told me that it's a really big thing. :D
    I see. Don't feel bad about it, please; I'll treat you what you like next year when I come again (optimistic me in action)! What class was it anyway? I've never heard of a subject that takes you outside the campus and into the city. You must be studying some exciting major, haha... and what's the job you'll be doing? It seems quite tough, 12-hour night shifts...

    I really wanted to go to MoMA and American Museum of Natural History as well as watching some of the shows at Broadway, but time didn't allow me to. I'll save them for later, though. But I've had so many kinds of amazing food here; you know Ninja New York? My sister was practically excited when we went there. I've also tried Halal Guys and dang, their gyro over rice is awesome and their chilli sauce is fiendishly spicy. I think I could go on and on when talking about food, so I'll just stop here for now, haha. Besides, you might have heard about all of them anyway, being a local and all. :p

    Cute, isn't it? It doesn't have to be used with a camera. What you need suspended from your neck, you can use the strap for it. And don't jinx this phone case... so far it hasn't showed anything wrong, and I expect it to stay that way until at least a year. XD

    Don't worry, I'll be back! I'll keep it in mind that next year, a few months from now, you'll be free. I hope I can be looking forward to it. ^_^ It'd be great if you could take me around, too, and I'll make it worth your while by keeping your gastronomic needs fulfilled. XD
    You were? If you had informed me, I would have gladly provided you shelter from those people and treated you to lunch or dinner of your choice, haha. And ew, people not smelling like flowers, probably you should have kept those details to yourself... but it was for school, so there was nothing that could have been done, huh.

    I knew Times Square was going to be jam-packed thanks to the Super Bowl hype, so I specifically avoided the area for today (and I still will be tomorrow). Heck, when I was writing this reply, my sister had just returned from there and when I said to her, "It was crowded, wasn't it?" she responded, "You don't know anything about 'crowded'." I'm glad I momentarily passed out from sheer exhaustion so I didn't have to go through that madness... :p

    Wow! An American that doesn't like football? Did I just hit a jackpot or something? I thought it was a national sport that practically everyone loves and adores, since all my American friends that I know so far are all so head over heels over it. And taking into consideration that Super Bowl event at Times Square which countless men, women, and children attended... o_O But so far, I enjoyed my time here. I've gone to Central Park, Rockefeller Center (it's not RockeRfeller!), Met Museum, Korean Town, and tomorrow I'll be visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral... there really is so much to see and take pictures of. I'm happy here, aside from the fact that my face has become really dry (which hurts especially when I shower and wash it) because of the super cold air.

    So here's the camera strap I was telling you about.

    photo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Also, when I visited Disney Store, I treated myself with this:

    photo-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    (Lol, what. I can't access imgur from here so I had to upload the photos to my Flickr account which I haven't used for, like, more than a year.)

    Not much, but it was at a reduced price and I think it would look great on my iPhone, so... my instinct told me to take it home. And before you got some funny ideas, I paid for it! XD

    And you know what? My long-time desire has finally been fulfilled. It didn't seem to be in the condition for it, but it actually snowed this afternoon when I was on my way, on foot, to Central Park. I saw them, snow flakes, coming down from the sky, felt them coming to rest on my face... it was neither by much nor for long, but I was glad. And I still am.

    So tomorrow's my last full day in NYC. It's too bad that there wasn't any opportunity to meet up, but I still enjoyed it. If I go here again in the future, do take me around and show me the hidden gems of this city! :D
    Those mascot straps are cute; they're of the same model as the digital models in KH Mobile and TRFF. If I'm not mistaken, there are other straps with similar models, such as Leon and Cloud. They're out of stock everywhere online, though, or probably it's just me being lazy to look around.

    Yep, or probably when used as a paper weight to keep your stack of important sheets of paper from scattering about. Either way, they sure give a nice, nostalgic (for some) touch to your working desk and are a refreshing object to look at, especially if your desk is either a bloody mess or just plain boring. I wouldn't bring my KH figure to work either, not only because I'm afraid something might damage them, but also because no one except fellow players will appreciate it... and let's just be frank, what are the chances? Next to none. Probably better if you're still in college, but not if you're already a working professional.

    US is cool, no pun intended, though it's not my first time visiting. Last time it was just a rather small city, though, nowhere as big as where I am right now (and yes, I'm in NYC. Somehow it makes me nervous to get around). I'm also aware of Super Bowl taking place this Sunday, and there's even a stage at Times Square that houses the actual trophy which people would queue for a long time to take a picture together with. However, by the afternoon of said day I will have flown to Orlando. And I really don't understand half a thing about American football... the only football that I understand about is what you guys refer to as soccer.

    I wish I could stay here longer, but oh well... that would mean briefer time in Orlando since there's a hard stop imposed by my sister which is the 4th of February. If opportunity arises yet again, though, I'll consider staying here longer... :)

    Oh, and a lot of people here were attracted by my camera strap! I'm glad I bought it when I saw it a year ago. It's actually shaped like Mickey's hand, so whenever the camera is hanging down from my neck, it looks as though Mickey is draping his hands down my shoulder. I'll show it to you later, haha.
    What does it even have to do with apprehending me? You're talking incoherently... and I believe I have mentioned something about reverse psychology. I was just leading you to believe that your plan went without a hitch and lulling you to a false sense of security, while what's actually happening is...

    ... nothing.

    You can go to YouTube and watch tutorials. There's bound to be a plenty of them which you can learn some things from. The basic stuff isn't all that complicated, I'd say, and you'll soon get the hang of it. AND SO MUCH AGREEMENT FOR THE BBS FIGURES! It's about time they crafted some of them already! I'd buy ALL of them right away!

    They're nice, aren't they? I'm planning to buy one of them to decorate my desk with. And yeah, while yen's nominal value is quite large (1 USD = around 100 JPY), that of my currency, rupiah, is yet larger (1 USD = around 12,000 IDR). Amazing, huh? When I showed a 100,000 IDR bill to my foreign friends, they were almost always surprised the first time around, asking me how much is it in USD... but when I answered that it's only $10, you would practically see them jaw-drop. XD

    See? That's all the more reason for you to come over at Saturday to check on your... "friend"... who is visiting, and be a tour guide so I can help you with some... pocket money. ;) But the way you said it makes it seem that there's nothing fun at school to do, haha. Go out with your friends, play things, have fun in general; that's what I did when I was still studying to keep things from ever getting boring. There's more to campus life than just studying and locking yourself up in the room~

    What the... kupo! I thought we were friends, how could you just turn your back on me like that? T_T

    But reference by continent does exist. "European", "African", and "Australian" are such addresses, although the last one might not actually be a good example since it's basically a whole continent and a whole country at the same time. It's amazing though that although it's one huge landmass of its own, it's still smaller by Russia, China, and Canada.

    When using layered backdrops, just make sure that the borders of the one closer toward your figures are not visible. Otherwise you can make use of Photoshop's healing brush tool to remove the visible linear discontinuities; it will work well as long as the areas the borders cut through into half are of similar colours. But again, digital manipulations... but at least they are not applied directly to your figures, only to the backdrop.

    This afternoon I went to the bookstore again and took a picture of those sculptures for you. I'm sorry the pictures aren't that good in quality, because as I said I had to take them in the most covert manner. I had to avoid getting seen and shoot from the CCTV camera's blind spot. I felt like playing a game that requires stealth... XD



    I managed to get some of their prices as well. The prices for the Donald, Mickey & Minnie, Mickey & Minnie wedding, Santa Mickey, and Snow White group figures are $30, $38, $60, $50, and... *drumroll* $120, respectively. The Donald figure is about 5 inches tall and the wedding one is about... I think around 7 to 8. They are way more expensive than I had thought they would be. XD

    By that I actually meant this: $10 is how much in my currency? The answer is 100,000. Yeah, one hundred thousand. That's a lot of zeroes, isn't it? :P

    On another note, 21 hours from now I'll be taking off to the skies and begin my journey to the other side of the planet. I've done this before, but I'm still feeling really excited. Oh man, oh man!
    Haha, what? I know it isn't that simple, but by definition, anyone living on the continent of America is American. Anyone living on the continent of Asia is Asian. Et cetera, et cetera. I can't see why and how it makes us a**holes. If it does, then I'll just refer to people as Earthlings. The next time anyone asks me, "Where does he come from?" I will just answer, "From Earth, just like us." It's politically correct and it bypasses the issue of racism. XD

    Edit: I propose the coining of a new term to be used as a demonym for those living in the US of A. It's Statespeople. :p

    Edit 2: Okay, I'm actually a bit paranoid right now thanks to you. To other people who happen to be reading this, WE ARE JUST JOKING, OKAY? And why would you even be reading and following our conversation anyway!? I know it's public but seriously? Haha.

    I still can't figure out a reliable way to suspend your action figures in a way that you can shoot them against the sky. Virtually everything that resulted from my search suggested that you use a backdrop instead. The problem is that the scene that you're trying to recreate shows Mickey, Sora, and Riku floating, which means you won't get that sense of depth if you don't suspend them in mid-air in some way. How about manipulating the backdrop instead? Edit it so that it shows huge clouds in the foreground but small ones in the background, giving you the illusion of perspective. Otherwise, there's a transform function in Photoshop that you can make use of to create fake perspective... but I forget which one it is. XD

    I think I can take a few photos of them tomorrow, although it might have to be done in a sneaky manner. I'll also ask how much they are, because a few of them actually interest me as well. My guess is that the Mickey and Minnie figures are $10 to $20 apiece, although the bigger ones (such as the Snow White one) can probably hit $40.

    Oh, and can you guess approximately how much is $10 in my currency? You'll be surprised. :p
    Forgotten to be Asians... ouch. Make sure you don't say it to anyone other than me, okay? XD It'd be worse than forgetting how Canadians and South Americans are technically Americans (after all, just like United States-ian, they live on the continent of America).

    Haha, then probably you'd want to photograph your figures in a glass box so they don't get exposed to the elements or thrown around by gusts of wind. But I doubt you'd go that extreme, because the glass box will only ruin the result. :p You'll need to show me the result once you've given it another try!

    By the way, you know, there's this store in my city that sells stone sculptures of Disney characters. I saw on the display case Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Snow White and the dwarves with the Evil Queen, Aurora, Tink, among others. The quality is quite great and I think you'd probably love them, haha. Want to buy some? :p
    I'm familiar with the term weeaboo, but it's only now that I actually understand what it means. By the way, "Asian" is a very broad category, and it seems that a majority of Westerners tend to consider only the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans as Asians; you know, those who are of fair skin. I'm also an Asian just like you said, and so do people from the Phillipines, India, or those from the Middle East (yeah, a majority of the Middle Eastern countries are still located within Asia).

    Freezing... and single degrees in what? You'll need to specify the unit you are referring to because our default unit of measurement is different from each other. XD But I presume it's in degrees F? Then that would be dang cold, but what do you expect from a midwinter period? Hmm, I guess I'll have to prepare layers of clothing...

    Ah, but you just don't know. You might not bring your figures far, but I hope you remember that they have travelled a long, long distance from Japan to arrive at your doorstep. Without your supervision, at that. :p
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