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Recent content by kupo1121

  1. kupo1121

    D23 Japan 2018 Kingdom Hearts Merchandise: Sora (Second Form) Bring Arts & 2 Watch Variants

    D23 Expo Japan 2018 will be taking place February 10-12 at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Beyond the confirmed Kingdom Hearts Fan Event, there will be merchandise sold exclusively to convention attendees. Last D23 - in 2015 - saw the release of a limited edition KH2 Sora Final Form Play Arts Kai...
  2. kupo1121

    Officially-Licensed Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Coat (for Women) UPDATE: & Unisex Parka!!!

    On the subject of "eclectic Kingdom Hearts merchandise I never knew I wanted", 2017 has been a stellar year. There's been underwear, pocket mirrors, engagement rings, a watch, & another watch. However, this coat (which was apparently released for pre-order in Japan & globally 12/2/17, but is...
  3. kupo1121

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora and Kairi Spirit of Halloween Costumes Now Available...

    Been seeing this around the interwebs but not on KHInsider so I decided to come here either ruin your day or make your day much better...jury is still out on which of those this does. Kingdom Hearts Costumes - Spirithalloween.com
  4. kupo1121

    Anyone selling (or interested in selling) their Kingdom Hearts pins?

    Hello, As the title states, I'm looking into purchasing some Kingdom Hearts pins. Given a lot of them came along with the remixes, they aren't easily found for sale on shopping sites, but I figured people here might have them. If you're not too attached to them and interested in helping a me...
  5. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    I'd highly recommend looking into Amiami (AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop]) as they ship to Europe and I find them to generally be better than PlayAsia. While anything is possible, the fact that they have yet to showcase Aqua with anything beyond Rainfell and she's being released in 07/2017...
  6. kupo1121

    Rumors: Toy Fair 2017 Diamond Select Toys Upcoming Kingdom Hearts Figure Line + Minifigures?

    Until these are officially confirmed (pending license approval), take this as you will, but there may be more KH merchandise at Toy Fair 2017 than publicly displayed. According to attendees of Toy Fair 2017, Diamond Select Toys (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_Select_Toys) may be vying...
  7. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    Some exciting, speculative news from NY Toy Fair 2017! My brother is currently there as a press attendee and, beyond getting to see the Aqua PAK in-person (photos below), he was told by a SENA staffer that, I'm paraphrasing: "SE hears the fan's requests for a Terra and Ventus Play Arts Kai and...
  8. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    I'm sure SE realizes that, with-or-without Master's Defender or any other add-ons, the demand for an Aqua PAK is strong. They could withhold that keyblade for either another figure or an accessory set (like the old Play Arts Arms Keyblade Set). Normally we would combat something like this (if...
  9. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    Given this figure might have been delayed (refer to previous post), it's more possible this will be the global release. Normally on global cards it says "Release Date: TBD" since the people there have no impending release. The fact that, at least for Germany, it appears the figure will release...
  10. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    Oh yeah, KH2 Sora's PAK was a little "bug-eyed" but they actually made improvements to his face with the Limit and then even more to the Final Forms figures, which makes them not just "variants." Of course these figures are always aiming for their perfect recreations, but like wax figures, it's...
  11. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    It is interesting that they skipped past the usual prototype reveal (where they just have the greyscale mold on display) and she's already fully colored and ready for retail. I believe she'll arrive sooner than we expect, especially with that "Release: Ju-" card that hopefully more people will...
  12. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    If they don't sell it in person, you can probably get an equivalent deal on reputable site's like Amiami. For example, KH3 Sora PAK is $150 on SENA's Online Store, on Amiami it's $135. Shipping is about $15-20, so it'd be roughly the same price, but you can order it from your home. SE tends to...
  13. kupo1121

    Aqua Play Arts Kai from KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FCP Revealed!

    After processing the title, my initial instinct was to place my hand over my chest and just inhale, like so: Words just cannot encompass this 'feels.' What a day to be a fan of Kingdom Hearts...we have made it. On the card it says "Release: Ju-" is that "June/July 2017" cause I'm about to...
  14. kupo1121

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 15th Anniversary Box revealed!

    I'm over here about to platinum 1.5 (didn't even start 2.5) like:
  15. kupo1121

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Boxart Revealed!

    Dear 'Potential Collector's Edition'...you're our only hope. I'll be the minority here, but I really don't mind this cover. It's not trying to be a new game, but rather like so many 'Collection Boxarts' (God of War, Resident Evil, Jak & Daxter, etc.), it shows the buyer what you get inside...