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Fanfiction ► God Complex

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King Wolfe

Basically... Run
Nov 30, 2006
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Chapter 1: My Date in Hell.


My day was pretty much shitty from the start. My hair was a mess, there was no hot water, my shorts got torn and I had no money for the ferry to the Underworld.

The last thing I remember is seeing a soldier with brutal scars on his face with a cliché and stupid crew cut while wielding a giant sword. He looked pissed off at me, which made me think of two things: one: who got his camo panties in a bunch and two: oh great, I’m about to die. After that, I woke up in a lobby of sorts, it looked like a waiting room but the only inhabitants were the dead.

My first thought was: Hell has terrible music. A calm elevator-style music filled the lobby, which felt like an insult considering how I got there.

Spirits, ghosts, apparitions, whatever you wanna call them filled the room. They weren’t exactly scary but sad. They looked pale with a greenish hue but was completely see-through, some of them wore modern clothing while others wore old fashion robes, armor, I could’ve sworn I saw someone dressed as a pharaoh. At first I thought it was just a weird costume party until I looked down and noticed I was see-through as well. Well shit.

These ghosts didn’t do anything, they sorta just sat there on the couches or paced the room, some of them were scratching at the walls randomly and others just laid down on the ground waiting for death to come.

Mustering up my courage (I wonder if ghosts can have courage) I stepped up to the desk where a handsomely dressed man sat. I’ll admit, he was kinda hot. He had dark bronzed complexion, a completely shaved head, sunglasses and an Italian suit that matched his skin tone. He was reading a huge book that I figured was like the book where every name of humanity was written on along with their accomplishments in life and their sins, but on the cover was some kid with black hair, round glasses, and a weird scar on his forehead.

That wasn’t very comforting that the ferryman of death was into children’s books.

On his right breast pocket was a name tag, CHARON.

“A-ah, excuse me Chiron,” I stopped afterward only realizing I stupidly mispronounced his name.

He calmly set the book down and glared at me. He pointed to his name tag and spoke with a silky smooth voice, “Excuse you miss, but my name is Charon, say it with me: CARE-ON.” Charon had a weird accent, it sounded like a British one but I had a feeling it was older than that.

I felt silly but I said his name just as he pronounced.

Charon nodded, satisfied, and leaned back on his chair. “I hate it when kids like you can’t even read properly, last kid who mispronounced my name was-“ he stopped himself and looked at me, as if I just lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh,” he purred, it sounded like a guttural growl, “It’s you, been hearing a lot of rumors about you. Causing a lot of trouble for all of us, good job kid,” I blushed as best as a ghost could, “Looks like your luck ran out.”

While I was a bit flattered handsome gods knew who I was, it still sucked that I was dead. “So,” I said, surprised at my voice; it sounded like someone crinkling a paper bag, “This is the Underworld huh? Not very impressive, you guys suck at interior design,” I muttered as I gestured towards the ugly curtains, the uglier couches and his mahogany desk. “I mean, a mahogany desk? Lamee!”

Charon smiled, it felt like looking at a snake before he strikes, “You are interesting, it’s a shame you met your demise so early.”

“If you really feel that way you could always let me live, I’ll be out of your hai- er, out of your mahogany desk.”

Charon looked at me skeptically, looks like I can’t charm an immortal god that well.

“Right, so how does this work, you just beam me up to Hades himself or we take a ferry like it is in the stories because uh,” I looked past Charon to notice there was only an elevator behind him, “Not much of a river.”

Charon raised an eyebrow and took out a black tablet, from here it looked like it was made out of granite but when I focused on it more it looks like an iPad. That’s kinda creepy knowing that an immortal creature uses modern technology, reads modern books and wears modern clothes.

He tapped on it a bit then after a few seconds his eyebrows raised even more, they looked like they were escaping his face. Looking away from the tablet he focused on me and his brows ruffled up.

“Usually you pay a fee to get across, these uh, people over here,” he said distastefully gesturing to the room full of dead people, “Are the ones who don’t have the money to get across and have to wait until I’m feeling generous.”

“And how often does that happen?” I asked nervously.

“Oh, every century or two, if I’m in a particularly good mood,” he answered darkly. I shivered in spite of not having a spine. I couldn’t imagine staying in this little room for another minute much less a century.

I patted my ghostly pockets, “Well, I happen to be broke, forgot to bring my allowance when I died,” I said jaw clenched. I didn’t like where this is going.

But to my surprise Charon smiled, stood up and stepped in front of the desk, “That’s fine, your fee has been paid through, and you can get in for free.”

I blinked. I didn’t know whether I should be happy or a little annoyed, someone was willing to pay my way into Hell but not enough to safe my stupid life?

Charon held his arm out, gesturing me towards the elevator. I walked past him and he looked at the lobby as the spirits began to get restless.

“Right, touch the dial on my radio again and you’re all in here for another century got it?” He said to the listless crowd. As I stepped in the elevator I could’ve sworn I heard some of the ghosts mumble insults to Charon.

I felt the elevator go down, it was a bit unnerving standing next to Charon like this. Partially because despite the situation I still thought he looked kinda cute and partially because the gravity of the situation hit me. I was dead. I’m on my way to eternal damnation that someone paid for, I can’t see anyone again, I can’t even live a full life. I died at the ripe age of fourteen for gods’ sake!

Suddenly I felt dizzy as the elevator somehow… shifted directions? As I tried to recover from my vertigo I realized that the elevator was moving forward, but the elevator didn’t look solid. Blinking I saw two images – like a hologram, one was of the elevator and another was of a boat! I looked to my right and nearly jumped off the boat.

Charon was staring at me but his image was fuzzy too, like I say two of him. One was Charon wearing his Italian suit and the other was a skeletal figure wearing a black robe and holding a giant oar-like thingy steering the boat. He wasn’t a full skeleton because I could see his “human” face underneath the skull. He smiled which was especially creepy to look at.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. I swallowed nervously and looked away, mumbling a quiet answer. He seemed satisfied at how my witty nature just suddenly disappeared.

We definitely weren’t in the lobby anymore but were cruising alongside a gloomy pale green river with mist seeping from nowhere and clinging on the top of the river. But the weirdest thing was the junk in the river. There were things like deflated basketballs, torn up diplomas, worn out wedding gowns.

I turned over to Charon to ask but he must’ve read my mind or something.

“It’s polluted because of you annoying humans, always throwing your dreams into this river as you cross over,” Charon scowled, which was even creepier than the smile, “And because of how congested the Underworld has gotten lately we don’t even have the money to clean up the river.”

I then began to wonder how one would fund the Underworld, maybe have a bake sale to profit Hell?

I remained quiet for the rest of the ride, Charon was humming a song that sounded a lot like Justin Bieber’s, a passage to Hell and I have to go through Bieber? Kill me now.

The ferry stopped, thankfully, before Charon could hum another rendition of Baby. I didn’t see anything other than coal colored sand and a sickly shade of green coloring the skies. He stopped at a shore it seemed but I thought it was a bit too early. I’m not sure how I knew it but it feels like he should’ve dropped me off elsewhere.

“Here ya go,” Charon said as he turned towards me. I grimaced slightly and gave Charon an annoyed expression.

“Wait, this can’t be it? I thought I had to like, go through something else, like you know the Gates of the Underworld that Cerberus was guarding?” I didn’t know why I was complaining but sue me if I don’t want to get trapped on an abandoned island in the middle of Hell.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be here to pick you up. Not very often when she makes a personal request to see a soul. You must’ve touched her heart.”

I wanted to ask who he was talking about but I got the feeling he wasn’t going to give me any answer, it was above his payroll or something. I stepped off the ferry and felt a little shell-shocked when I realized how solid the sand felt. I shouldn’t technically be able to feel anything being a spirit and all but when I looked down my hands were solid! My entire body was back and I couldn’t see through it anymore. I was alive?

Turning around I waited for Charon to get mad and kill me again but he was gone, actually, the entire river was gone. I was standing in the middle of a garden with a nightmarishly black castle looming over it. The castle looked fancy but it looked strangely familiar, I didn’t have to guess who owned this castle: Hades the Lord of the Underworld.

But the garden was kinda nice I guess. The plants glowed against the monochrome landscape, they came in a wide array of colors. Red, green, purple, blue, all on the flowers and even the fruits. There were a couple of fruits that stood out from the rest. They were pure golden apples – not like the ones you’d find in the store, and they hung so precariously on the thin willowy tree that I just had an irrational urge to pluck one off to eat it.

I reached out to touch one then a voice rang out from behind me.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I turned to see a woman materialize behind me. She wore an elegant pure white dress with beautiful long black hair braided with a gold ornament; she had startling stormy gray eyes and a firm expression on her face. I didn’t have to look at her to recognize her, I heard her voice before. “This is Persephone’s garden. Beautiful isn’t it? If you consume one of her cursed fruits you won’t be able to leave this place.”

Glaring at the woman I scoffed, suddenly really annoyed at this pretty lady, “What the hell are you doing here?”

The woman didn’t seem too irritated by my attitude, she should know by know how easily angry I get.

“That isn’t the proper response to the person who saved your life,” she said smartly. She looked at me as if she were expecting me to bow and say, “Thank you for leaving me in this literal hellhole.” I didn’t say anything but continued to glare at her.

“Hmph,” she laughed softly, amused by my actions apparently, “I do suppose you have reason to dislike me. It can’t be helped, I had no choice but to delay your revival Iwasaki, Ares does not take lightly to me interfering in his… personal bouts.”

I scowled; she wanted to spare the War god’s feelings? The dude who killed me? “It would’ve sucked if you hurt Ares’ feelings huh Athena?”

She smiled, as if she heard people trash Ares before, “We wouldn’t want to have him throw a tantrum. But I am glad you understand Iwasaki.”

“Now then, what’re we going to do here? I’ve already challenged and beat the War god? I don’t want to do it to another god in the same day.”

“Unlike Ares, I am not too impudent to charge into battle ignorant of my opponent’s skills, you could give it a try Iwasaki.”

“I get to whoop two gods’ sorry asses in one day, let’s test my luck.”
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King Wolfe

Basically... Run
Nov 30, 2006
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Pressing F5
Chapter 2: New Meetings, Dodgeball, Concussions


My morning was going well, that is, until I woke up. I dreamt of Itsuki Izumi, this really cute guy in my class. He is particularly handsome, there are certainly plenty better looking guys than him but there was something interesting about him. He was tall for his age, he had messy black hair, wore these old man glasses – that I love – and had a childish grin on his face. He always acted older than he really was, saying smart things, or pretending to be wise or whatever, but I thought that made him cute. Itsuki was, apparently, a mystery otaku. He loved to read mystery novels but his favorite was Sherlock Holmes.

He even made it upon himself to be a personal detective. He would take on small cases like finding lost people or animals or whatever but then he eventually moved on to big cases that involved the police. He liked to butt his way into their business but when he was having success they saw him as the modern Sherlock Holmes. Despite his age he was often asked as a consult to help out in murder cases.

This may have been influenced by the fact that Itsuki’s dad was some famous police inspector, or the fact that Itsuki has been hung up on Sherlock Holmes since he could read, didn’t matter to me. I sat up from my bed and glared at my clock, 7:52 AM. Hm, I was a bit late. I had to get to class by eight, and it takes ten minutes to get to school, twenty if I ran.

Still, being late didn’t really matter to me. I leaped off the bed, walked over to the mirror while scratching my exposed belly. Staring into the reflection I saw a pretty short girl with thin arms, thin legs, and a tiny waist. I wore a white sleeveless shirt that was disheveled and one of the straps hung off my shoulder. It probably would’ve been considered hot if it hadn’t been for my face. I still had those stupid round cheeks that made me look younger than I am, my eyes were half-shut out of habit but you could still see my golden irises behind it. My hair was a complete nightmare as the top was all messy and pointed outward wildly.

Needless to say, I did not look cute.

I didn’t really concentrate on my looks too much but it is distressing looking at me in this state. If I saw a kid like me underneath a bridge I would turn tail and run. Yawning I scratched the back of my head and turned to see if I could fix up my looks so I don’t look completely repulsive.

After spending a good ten minutes taming my hair and throwing on comfortable clothes – after a nice shower of course – I was semi-ready for school! Looking at the mirror now I smiled confidently. In an effort not to fuss over every little detail I just threw on baggy clothes. I wore a black and white shirt that was two sizes too big and a large white hoodie that was partially zipped up. Rocking cute jeans and those worn-out white and black sneakers I looked like a pretty bad-ass suburban kid.

My hair was hidden underneath my hood and you really couldn’t see my gold irises. Good, I hated when people looked at my eyes. It made me feel awkward, like they were seriously considering harvesting my eyes to sell like diamonds or something. My nickname Fourteen Carat was derived from these stupid eyes. Well, it was better than my other nickname at least.

Stepping out the door I tentatively walked down the stairs, praying that my parents wouldn’t be home. If they found out I never woke up they would kill me, literally. My mom would grab me by the hair and throw me to school if she had to. Or worse, she would tie me to a wagon connected to the bumper of her car and “give me a ride to school”!
Stepping into the kitchen I noticed that the place was deserted. Oh great! I guess I am pretty lucky. I went over to the toaster and put two pieces of bread into it, maybe today will actually go my wa-

“Separation of powers!” I didn’t have time to make a retort to how stupid an attack name that was because my mom gave me a palm strike that would make Jackie Chan blush. Knocking me into the wall so hard I was sure the drywall cracked my mom gleamed wickedly over me.

“Do you realize what time it is Iwasaki?” My mom asked with a dangerous tone in her voice.
I was too busy shaking the dots out of my vision to answer.

“How many times have I told you not to stay up all night gaming with your friends?” Four hundred thirty six times, but I didn’t say it aloud.

“But mom, I had reached the Inheritor rank after like three months of nonstop play, I couldn’t just stop. I needed to show off, sheesh mom, get with the time-“ She chopped the spot between my nose and my lips causing me to recoil back rolling around on the floor gripping the afflicted spot.

“And you still have the gall to speak to me like that, you are imprudent.” She said as if she were impressed but still walked away, refusing to attend to her injured sweet daughter.

My mom’s name is Kagami Haibara, she’s a hot-headed, quick-talking, silver-tongued, sociopath that hits first and asks questions later. I have no idea how a crazy woman like her managed to get my dad to marry her, I theorize she hypnotized hi-

My thought was cut-off as she turned right around and chopped at the top of my head making it feel like it was split in half.

“What the hell was that for?!” I half-yelled, half-cried.

“It felt like you were thinking badly of me, now eat your breakfast. I’m taking you to school.”

I dreaded that idea more than I did of being hit by her. Mom is a crazy driver, she will run you off the road while driving a puny Japanese compact.

I munched on my toast nervously, trying to delay mom taking me to school. Who knows, maybe she’ll get bored and leave without me. She sat across from me doing her make-up. She is a pretty lady and all and despite what I say about her, she can be nice.

Her long brown hair flowed like a clear river while mine spurted like a pathetic fountain. We look a lot alike, so much that it was scary. She was taller than me by a head and she always got a kick out of people thinking we’re sisters. She has bright yellow irises like mine except with her more mature face it looked radiant whereas mine looked ridiculous. I wondered if she had problems with her eyes when she was a kid as well.

She looked at me and made the hairs on my arm – which weren’t a lot by the way, stand on end. Glaring she leaned forward carefully, “What? Do I have something on my face?”

I swallowed a piece of dry toast and shook my head furiously, finishing the last piece quickly I stood up, “L-let’s just go!” That woman was always scary. I walked past her but she grabbed my shoulder causing me to freeze on the spot.

“Why are you so eager to leave Iwasaki?” She asked with a malicious tone. I shook my head so much I was afraid it would snap right off.

“T-there’s no point in being too late, I’ll miss my early morning jog!” It wasn’t a jog as it was a two mile sprint around the school for gym class. I swear the gym teacher either likes to look at sweaty teenagers running and panting or he is a sadistic bastard.

Surprisingly enough she let me go, I half-expected her to put me in a half-nelson and suplexing me on the kitchen floor. I turned around to see her with a sad expression. Like she couldn’t bear the thought of me not going to school today, wait, why didn’t she wake me up again?


“Go get my keys then if you’re so eager to get to school!” She yelled suddenly reverting back to normal. She surprised me so much I nearly fell back, but I scrambled back to my feet, grabbed the keys on the table and sprinted out the door.

Even though I didn’t think about that look on her face later on, if I knew what she knew back then I would’ve called in sick.

I stood outside the house dumb-founded. Which wasn’t really a new thing for me to be honest. But mom’s car wasn’t here; there was only a wickedly cool black motorcycle with pink flames cutting through it. It looked big enough to make Batman’s little motorcycle look like a tricycle. I heard my mom step out and I turned around nervously.

“A-ah, mom, someone stole your ca-“she dropped a helmet into my hands and took the keys. Ah crap.

The ride to school was cool and all, but all I remember was screaming my head off. I hung on to my mom’s waist for dear life as she tore down the streets so fast car alarms were activated. Ironically enough, this is the only time I hugged my mom for an extended period of time.

When we got to school I had helmet hair. Which wasn’t as bad as an upset stomach. My hair was all frizzy and just gross to look at while my mom had luscious shiny hair, as if helmet hair wasn’t a concern at all to her.

I gave her back the helmet as I stood awkwardly on the sidewalk of the school. She sat on her motorcycle like some sort of Greek goddess.

Wait, Greek goddess? Why did I think of that just now?

I shook my head again; maybe the drive loosened a few screws loose.

“Have a good day at school.” She said with a small smile. I looked at her as if she said “Have a nice day on Mars.”

She never said goodbye to me.

“Uh.. thanks I guess,” I muttered awkwardly. I turned around to get the hell out of there as fast as I could. I looked back and saw my mom still there on her back only there was a woman behind her with long black hair. I blinked and the two were gone. Oh great, I ate contaminated toast today.

I ran into homeroom to find that it was completely empty. Cursing a bit I pulled out my phone and rapidly began to text.

WHERE R U? I sent to Itsuki, we shared all the same classes so I could copy off of hi- or rather, be able to track the class.

My phone buzzed and I looked at the message, Gym, where are you?

I didn’t bother replying and sprinted to the gym. Why did we have gym so early? Glancing at my Mickey Mouse watch I noticed the time: 9:30.


I made it to the gym but everyone was already lined up with the gym teacher barking out names for attendance. There was no way I could waltz in there and end up unscathed. Then an idea hit me.

Running down the hallway and making a sharp right I made my way to the locker rooms. Thankfully, they were connected from two ways, from the end of this hallway by the stairwell and the gym itself.

I tried to open the door to find it locked. Ah, crap, I remembered that two weeks ago someone was trying to peep in the girl’s locker room and so they kept this door locked. I found it a bit ridiculous since this was also technically an emergency exit from inside the locker room, we would die in a fire but at least no one could peep on us.

I stepped back a little; looking up and down the hallway to make sure it was clear and tried something I’d seen on TV all the time. I took a step forward, spun slightly, and kicked the door. Unfortunately it didn’t budge and my leg was killing me.

Instead of kicking the door in, I somehow kicked so hard it bounced me back and made me fall on my ass.

Jumping back up to my feet I threw myself at the door, slamming my left shoulder into the door but all that resulted was an achy shoulder and a locked door.

Grabbing the handle trying to ignore the pain in my shoulder I then tried to yank the handle out entirely. “Come on, open you stupid door!” I grumbled as my attempt to tear open the door ended in miserable failure.

Huffing and puffing I was exhausted by the time I was done wrestling with the door. It was a worthy opponent indeed! Stepping as far back as possible, I paused, taking a deep breath, and ran toward the door.

“AHHHH!!” I screamed as I leaped at the last second and executed a flying dragon kick that I’d seen Liu Kang do all the time. But the door opened right before I was to connect to it and I fell right on top of the girl who opened it.

She was so short I see her until I was on top of her. She had very long black hair with a flower hairpin on her bangs to keep her hair out of her eyes. She had startling green eyes with weird rings on it that made her look surreal. But I wasn’t too concerned with her eyes because I just lay slumped on top of her.

“Ugh, that was a stupid idea,” I grumbled under my breath, to be honest, being here was way more comfortable than playing dodgeball. She smelled sweet, like candy. But I was probably crushing her so I rolled off her. “S-sorry.” I said stupidly.

Now that I looked at her, she was pretty cute. She was shorter than me and had a small face. Her hair was covering her face slightly which made her look childish. But she was wearing her gym uniform which consisted with an ugly gray t-shirt that said ARCADIA TECH: PHYS ED in blue letters. And she wore a pair of navy blue shorts, well, more like bloomers. It showed off her surprisingly fit and tanned legs.

Her shirt had been jostled during my epic tackle and it was pulled up to her chest exposing a sports bra. I think I was staring at it because when the girl looked at me she pulled her shirt down and blushed beet red.

“A-ah,” I uttered, “Are you okay?”

The girl looked down for a bit, and after three whole seconds she looked back up and nodded.

“Sorry about, you know, crashing into you.”

She looked down again, then after four seconds she looked back up.

“It’s okay, it’s just you were making so much noise I wondered who it was.” She explained softly. Her voice was lyrical and sweet. I couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the sound of her voice.

“Yeah, the stupid door wouldn’t open, so I was kinda panicking.” I said sheepishly.

She laughed but it was a restrained laugh, as if she didn’t want to embarrass me. I couldn’t help but feel giddy hearing her laugh. I stood up but winced as pain shot up my knee. I would’ve fallen over again but the girl stood up quickly and supported me on her shoulder. She was so fast I barely noticed her move.

“You’re hurt,” she gasped. Looking at my knee, my jeans were torn there and underneath there was a neat little gash. The blood seeped out and stained my jeans and possibly my socks.

The girl looked around for a second then began to half-carry, half-drag me into the locker room.

“I’m fine, honest.” I protested, I hated the idea of a nice girl like her worrying about me.
She didn’t listen and made me sit down on the bench. Running off towards the wall of lockers she got something from her own locker, came back, and held up a bottle and some bandages.

She cleaned the blood up despite my protests, disinfected the cut (which stung like a bitch), then wrapped it up. She did it so fast and so efficiently I thought she was some sort of doctor.

After she was done she smiled up at me which pretty much made my heart feel like it was running laps.

“Thanks.” I muttered under my breath, embarrassed by her smile.

“Don’t worry,” she said suddenly, “I’ll get you into class, so you won't get in trouble.”

I was confused for a second, wondering what she was talking about, and then it hit me. I was still technically late.


I got dressed in the same outfit as she wore. The ugly t-shirt and bloomers that pretty much made me feel super uncomfortable. Normally, I wouldn’t mind wearing it, but wearing it next to her made me feel self-conscious. Although she looked a bit younger I felt a bit inferior compared to her. With her luscious black hair, shapely legs, nice figure, soft lip-

Slapping my cheek I snapped out of it. She looked at me weird but I simply gave her a confident smile. Hopefully, she wouldn’t think I was going insane yet.

We were walking out of the locker room when I realized I still didn’t know her name.

“Ah, what’s your name by the way? I’m Iwasaki.” I asked feeling a little self-conscious, she probably knew who I was, but I was the bum who didn’t bother learning her name.

She looked at me and smiled, “I know who you are Iwasaki,” she said reading my mind almost, “A lot of the teachers talk about you.”

I felt myself turning red from embarrassment, “Ah, really.”

Her eyes widened, “N-no, not like that, they just talk about how eccentric you are!” She said, placating the torrent of emotions in me. Yeah, I know I’m some “problem child”, but it isn’t like I enjoy being reminded. Especially not by someone like this girl, she looked perfect compared to me.

“An-anyways,” she stammered, anxious to change the subject, “I am Hinagiku Hiyori. Nice to finally meet you Iwasaki.”

I blinked. Hiyori? I heard that name before, I think they were… My eyes widened as I remembered where I had seen those ringed green eyes.

“H-Hiyori? You mean that incredibly wealthy family that practically holds up Arcadia’s economy?” I exclaimed, maybe I was a little too loud.

She looked a little embarrassed by it, as if she hated being recognized because of her rich family.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Hinagiku said, trying for a smile.

I flushed with shame; I have a nasty habit of saying things before thinking about them. She probably didn’t enjoy the prospect of being known only because of her family. I started to apologize but the Coach’s loud voice boomed, “Iwasaki, Hinagiku, care to explain?”

I realized we were already in the gym a little too late. Looking at the class everyone stared at us with a little pity while some kept themselves from laughing. The Coach tromped toward us, it would’ve been a funny sight had his eyes not flashed murderously.

He was about my height with beefy arms thick with muscles, but he had a large belly barely contained by his white t-shirt that said NATURE PWNS in big rainbow letters. He had a permanent scowl on his red pudgy face and wore a red baseball cap that played shadows over his face. For whatever reason he carried a large baseball bat over his shoulder.

He stood right in front of us, glared at both of us, then Hinagiku spoke, “Iwasaki had hurt herself earlier and I came down to help her Mr. Gleeson.”

Although I was a bit taller than him I couldn’t help but feel intimidated when he glared at me. He may be a shorty, but he makes up for it with two extra feet in attitude. He glanced down at my taped up knee, then back up at me, snorting distastefully he turned back around, “Fine, just get back in line.”

I looked at Hinagiku gratefully and mouthed thank you. She smiled back in response and we each went to our designated spots.

“Because of Iwasaki being so late, let’s do a quick physical regimen to start things up.” Gleeson said earning a chorus of moans and complaints. There was nothing quick about his regimens.

I was never really the athletic type, I’ll admit that now, so you can imagine how much gym kicks my ass. Yeah, it’s worse than you think. Coach Gleeson, as he prefers to be called, barked out orders to jog around the gym five times without stopping, then, after that little run we had to do like a million sets of push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and all of these stupid stretching exercises. I am normally flexible but doing those splits felt like I was going to be split in two.

I was pretty much sweating and nasty by the time we were done.

“All right, that was a good warm-up,” Gleeson grumbled sarcastically, “Now, time for a little dodgeball.”

I would’ve scream in protest if my legs weren’t melting, but I managed to trudge over to the left side of the gym. Gleeson barked out names from his attendance and they went over to the other side of the gym. Soon, I was left standing there with about ten other kids, all of them looking pretty miserable, but I found Hinagiku standing over to my far right.

I was about to walk over there when Gleeson blew his whistle and all Hell broke loose. Everyone sprinted toward the middle of the gym, trying to reach the line of dodgeballs scattered there. I was nearly trampled by my teammates which things were going swimmingly for me. After recovering I was about to run over to the middle when dodgeballs went flying everywhere.

I’d never seen a volley of dodgeballs all track my movements until today. Dodging and rolling I barely avoided being hit. Scrambling to my feet I weaved and ducked for all I was worth.

I heard some people yell on the other side, “Get Fourteen Karat!”

Oh great, they were specifically aiming for me? I can sorta sympathize but still, they throw pretty hard!

“Remember Iwasaki!” I heard the Coach yell from the sidelines, “The five D’s: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!”

I rolled to the right, avoiding another dodgeball, and snapping to my feet I glared at the Coach, “There’s no time for lame jokes like that Coach!”

But I took his advice, despite how incredibly useless it was. Ducking and dodging for more dodgeballs I wondered where on Earth my teammates were.

I glanced to my left and only Hinagiku was standing. Everyone else was sitting on the bench in the far corner of the gym. I was a little happy that I had lasted so long but at the same time it was a little depressing that someone like me survived so long. I’m not an athletic person, so the fact that I hadn’t gotten hit probably meant everyone else sucks or my teammates suck more than me.

Hinagiku looked at me and offered me a brave smile; even wearing those ugly gym clothes she looked stunning. I forgot my own name looking at her smile until she yelled something like, “Watch out!” Looking ahead a red dodgeball connected with my face and knocked me flat on my butt.

“Out!” the Coach yelled.

I woke up to an angel looking down on me. Blinking a few times I realized the angel was Hinagiku. She smiled and I sat up, my head was killing me. I tasted metal in my mouth.

“Are you okay?” Hinagiku asked, her eyes full of concern. I nodded dumbly.

“A concussion won’t be enough to keep me down,” I half-joked. Hina laughed at my lame attempt at comedy, it pretty much made this blistering headache worth it.

“You wouldn’t wake up, Coach thought it’d be a good idea to take you to the nurse.” Hina explained, gesturing towards the white room. I looked at Hina with wide eyes, one because it was surprising that Coach of all people cared about my well-being, and two for the idea of Hina carrying me all the way to the nurse which was across the school from the gym. Stupid design but hey, who am I to judge?

“Did you, um, carry me here?” I felt my face heating up and felt a little angry at how flustered I’m being today. The more I looked at her the more I couldn’t decide what she looked like. She looked like someone famous but she kept changing. It was in small details, like the color of her hair or the color of her eyes, it was distracting.

Hinagiku shook her head, “I’m not that strong.” She admitted sheepishly.

I was going to ask who carried me when the door opened.
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