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Role-Playing Section Idea Senate~

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King Wolfe

Basically... Run
Nov 30, 2006
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Pressing F5
Well, not so much a Senate as it is a single person at the moment. I think I'm getting ahead of myself ne? ^^'

But regardless Romans, I have been stricken with an epiphany! Either that or a really powerful flu! I know that personally as a writer I dislike when I feel as though I've had a great idea but it fell through because of a lack of support or responses. This can translate to many things that even transcend outside the comfortable haven of the RP Section to the big scary world of creative writing. I often don't understand why this phenomena occurs. Could it be the presentation? Timing? The concept of my idea? Were my words too complex or too concise?

It is more confusing when my ideas are often given good review, but when I inquire as to the lack of posting and responses I get "Well, I just lost my drive for it." Or something similar. So my ideas can grasp someone initially but before I can drag them in to gut them they get away faster than I can reel. So, what to do, what to do? How about I inquire as to the community on ways to make Role-Plays and Role-Playing more appealing!

That certainly sounds like it won't backfire somehow...

Anyhoo, before I digress far too much; how about this thread be the subject of your up-coming ideas for posts or RPs or anything else of the sort? Got an idea that will blow our minds in a tsunami of awesome literary language? Want to post something but you don't know how to word it properly? Need some tips on how to make a character more rounded out? Do you want to progress the plot of your RP to drag everyone back in? This is the place for you!

I hope to expect more feedback from the community overall but if not I will shoulder the duties - teehee duty - myself. So! Let's.. not let this die so fast ^^'

So, I guess I should get the ball rolling.

An RP based around human concepts and emotions such as fear, anger, happiness; but also the metaphysics and the belief of death personified. Imagine if one of those concepts, or anything regarding humanity, was suddenly stolen away; think of how that would affect our world today. The plot of the RP isn't very clear to me now but it would be about the loss of those concepts and how chaotic humanity would become as a result.

Any ideas on that?

If you have any ideas of anything regarding writing then I would be more than happy to help in whatever shape or form.

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
You can use this an example.

Upcoming idea for a roleplay;
-Written off as a refurbish of "Darkwatch"
-Setting: Detailed as a quiet(oblivious) Apocalyptic scene.
-Mixture of Real World Paranoia/Hysteria, Propaganda, and Limited Science-Fiction.

Project Time Frame - To be up at the beginning of next year.

Basis is simple enough, its open to any suggestions. At the very bottom, there is an existence of three kinds of people. Protagonist(The Bold) Antagonist(The Brilliant) Innocent Bystanders/Potential NPCs(The Blind) It actually revolves around the story's narrarator as a continuation of his sudden disappearance. The Watcher, known as Isiah Ezeklev, a single man that had been monitoring the calamity to happen to this world vanished without a trace. He wrote letters, several, and mailed them to every Bold he could find through use of his eyes visions of the future, faces linked to names, to addresses, he carefully went through dozens at a time and set letters out across the united states. In his letter he explained the nature and classifcations of what the reader is and what they see when their special brand of vision is active. It was an incentive to seek him out, as he'd leave various clues for those wise enough to be thorough in their endeavors of finding Isiah. It is presumed dead, and he speaks in foreshadows as to let the reader 'think otherwise' which may be the case, this much still remains unclear.

The Bold -
That would be us, with the special brand of sight that enables us to see in best respects all of it. The much bigger picture, we're just blessed. For some basics on one's vision status here are some mechanics that should be memorized. While you don't have to suffer seeing the world, by simply focus and refocusing the pupils by dilation, its possible to switch view in between true vision and false vision. Its corny i know, but its all I could come up with.

The Brilliant -
It pieces so well and its the most fitting our real nemesis. Able to almost stealthily cloak themselves from the blind. Their miscalculation lies in the underestimation of the bold. The brilliant are from my understanding a kind of meta-physical being. Its as though their dead, yet terrified of us, or at least when they meet our eyes for a prolonged amount of time. Our vision beggots petrification of the brilliant, however they can act in retaliation for those prone to resist our sight, they can attack and kill us. There are sub categories of the brilliant, and below they are stated as follows.

[Undesired details, here.]

The Blind -
The blind are normal human beings, they walk the streets everyday unaware to the true fate of the community and the planet as we know it. Its befitting of ignorance, but how can they even resist what they're unable to see? Its truly in bitterest of sorrows.

Vision -
I guess I should explain how vision works, and lastly my own special brand. Vision is not to be confused with the term "sight" mainly because vision within itself is a blessing and not something limited to the ordinary boundaries. Sight is to the blind as vision is to the bold. More so, each of us is enabled different brand of vision. In my life i've seen those with many from comic books and others just willed a new kind of sight altogether. X-ray vision, thermal vision, night vision, heat vision, there are so many.

Now you may be wondering what kind of vision I had? Well its simple. No matter how cliche it sounds I possessed watcher's vision. My eyes formulate a potential future depending on its accuracy limited to being able to read and/or predict others wills, desires, or intentions being the unreadable spontaneity of each person. Able to see seconds, to minutes, to even days into the future. I foresaw my end hence you of possibly others to read this very letter or copy of one. Lets move on to something more vital shall we?

This is not only crucial but could stand to help or hurt you if your awareness hasn't come this far. The bold, when activating their vision, through the touch of another be them blind, bold, or brilliant there is an exchange of being able to see what it is you see. There eyes view what you do, it works the same way in reverse. This can be dangerous when a blind exposes a bold to the real world. I have lost many a comrade to the government's test labs since the time of Woodrow Wilson's presidency. Oh did I forget to mention your vision has two traits and one key trait?

The primary ability of your vision. I will use my watcher's vision as an example. My key trait is being able to view an evelope of time a while from when I currently viewed it. In that sense it is my primary ability. What ties into that ability is my first secondary trait, aging. I could control my age to alter my appearance and fool the brilliant and blind when one would think to monitor my face and movements. My tertiary trait or third, was recording. You might be confused as to what that is, but recording is quite literal. I witheld and retained information all coming down to what I saw or will see and came to refer upon it. You may think having that kind of skill would mean I wouldn't be able to be killed...you're sadly mistaken.

Corrupt Vision
The Darkwatch's brand of vision that amasses one of the most powerful and potent fields that cloaks the world from the blind. It is possibly the most complex there is, from what i've analyzed it's primary trait is this special feed of hypnosis the cast over the blind because they've seen it without actually seeing it. The bold are immune only because their special vision is shielding it. The corrupt vision's secondary trait lies within a special vision projected in the sense of omnipresence, but not completely. Its the human equivalent of a world covered in security cameras. The Darkwatch uses it's vision to link with the brilliant and observe most every point on the planet so when one brilliant is petrified or eradicated, it will know almost instantly. The tertiary ability of the Darkwatch I'm still not quite completely certain about...its...influencing. Does that make sense? Able and enabled the ability to push it's influence on even a bold, making what we may deem as a lie, the truth. Able to kill without lifting a finger, so how do you stop a power like that? In my lifetime, what I came to know, i never succeeded.

Taboo Zones -
This is crucial. By some mysterious force influenced by the Darkwatch, these are potentially the most dangerous spots to be in. The Darkwatch uses Taboo Zones to contain The Bold and temporarily lift the hypnosis on the blind that seem or are under the suspicion of piecing together the truth. They can effectively dull or buffer the abilities of special vision leaving those trapped to resort to modern ingenuity and wits. The Brilliant are dispatched in their greatest numbers to either anihilate or capture those within the zone's field. Taboo Zones are painted in black, white, and gray of what doesn't even look like the area anymore. Knowing when you're within one, the instant difference is when there is a definable lack or lapse in a structure's saturation, leading from color to desaturated landscape. There are many located in each hemisphere of the world.

The Citrus Cult
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