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  • Hello! ^^ I guess I'm a new face to ya, since I only joined in October. Nice to meet ya! :)
    I have not played that one either... The only one I've played before all those was Kirby 64. =3
    Ooh really?? I've never played that one. I had the Super Star Ultra on DS, but I never played co-op with anyone! =/
    Haha well either way. I hope it's fun game. I wonder if it would be co op. Or just one player.
    I found that one the most easiest one, like the first one I completed first. What percentage is your completion rate??
    So you have four currently?? Well the last ones are defeat all enemies within a certain time limit, and the other beat the character in a race through the level.
    Well you are almost done! The only part I found a little infuriating to me was one of the later, bead collecting missions. I don't know if I sucked or what, but let's just say I had a little trouble... xP
    Yeah it is graphically awesome. Plus the transformations are cool too! I just didn't like the train one... I found that annoying. lol
    Thanks! :) lol I was looking all over here for a Ven club and I couldn't find one till now
    Hey could I be in The Ventus fan club?
    Awesome, thanks! :) And I hear you, I haven't been on KHI much lately either, and there's SO much I need to get caught up on!
    Hi khlover7!

    Actually, I already asked for full membership, but you must have missed it because I wrote it a few weeks ago. If you could add me as a full-time member, that'd be great, because I adore Ventus! Also, could I list your club as an affiliation with the Ven/Snow White club? :)
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