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  • Main reason I hate the PSP Go, I could never buy any games on it. No credit card or any gift cards around here.
    they may not like it because 1. it would seem way to extreme. 2. they may never get to go. These people always give off their negative opinions. You get use to it after a while
    Goal as in number of signatures, or as in "Disney is in talks about it" kind of goal?
    You could try. if it does get submitted to Disney, they may not accept since Sora, Riku and the other original characters and weapons belong to Square Enix
    I know he did that. He announced it, but it isn't fair to be blaming me for it. He did it because he was thinking you were lying about the email. Please do not spread rumors or anything fake. If you didn't all of this would have been avoided
    Im fine I guess, at least everyone stopped fighting in the NA release thread. Now they are just talking in french
    And after the first few ones we told you, so then why the hell did you feel the need to attempt a fake email?
    And ever thought that people are saying rude things about you because they don't trust you after the lies?
    You have to reach 1000 posts first :|

    You need 930 more posts.
    I nega repped you because you insulted, not just me, but the other people because you lied and posted fake dates and you constantly do that even though we've told you the only way to know of the release date.
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