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    what is going on??

    so ive passed the game already a while back ago and i decided to go to theater mode to see some videos and when i saw snarl of memories through xions dream i was way confused. what was going on?? if anyone can explain everything that was going on i would apreciate it so much!! but i do have some...
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    Im not sure if i read this right but did nomura say that zack will have no connection to cloud or any of the other ff characters? im pretty sure this has been discussed but anyways yeah
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    How exactly did namine get her name?? im not sure if this was discussed before but if it was sorry i was to lazy to look or it XD
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    Whats this talk of this new Mystery game?

    Ive been looking over some threads and ive been seeing "mystery game" over and over again. i was wondering, is there any information on this mystery game? yeah i know this is probably a stupid question so go ahead and flame if you want i dont really care
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    santuary dancers?

    do these dancers remind you of the nobodys in Kingdom Hearts 2? you know the nobody dancers they are in 2:19 YouTube - Passion - Utada Hikaru (lyrics.)
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    I know someones made a thread of this but i was hoping to get more detailed answers, why was roxas crying? i mean he didnt have a heart did he?
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    What exactly is namine??

    I dont understand who she is and how she was born, and why she has control over soras memory?
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    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    Do they do anything special or are they just for show? cause i saw somewhere in some other thread that it does do something special but they didnt say what