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Recent content by insanehikari

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    Riku's Kairi

    See the signature? Thats everything I have to say, except for two things. :B KairixSelphie, and KairixNamine. There's some mad fluff to be written. There's really no arguing to be done over opinion. :/ It's pointless- someone will always burst in and be 'omg no ur wronge!!1!1" Nothing anyone...
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    Kh2. Seph... Er. >_> I got owned. Like BANG at 36 this time. *hides* But hey, I took down two of his bars on my first try. The rest of that battle... let's not talk about that. x_o;; Leveling up is my friend at the moment.. Sephiroth is definitely way harder this time... *pout* So... no...
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    In KH1, yeah. There's a pattern to his attacks, once you've got it memorized it's easy from then on. Expert mode too. And haha. I'm going to battle Sephiroth today. >:3 Be back later, after I have my ass butchered and handed back to me on a silver platter. Because... er. Level 36-ish right now...
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    Exactly how much harder is he in KH2? If he's really that much more difficult I'm gonna hold off on fighting Sephiroth till I'm at least level 40 :F (Ya know, he was easy in KH1. xP Beat him somewhere before level 35. Because 35 is when I beat the game.)
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    Does Anyone Like "Simple and Clean" Better then "Sanctuary"?

    Hikari is my favorite song ever, so... for me: Hikari > Passion > Sanctuary > Simple and Clean. Didn't really like S&C as much as I like the rest. xP
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    Whats your "ideal" KH2 environment?

    In the livingroom with the huge tv that decided to die a week prior to today. But since that's not possible until it comes back from repairs, I settle for the itty bitty one that's temporarily replacing it. Other stuff: my warm, fuzzy blankets! As for food:Coffee, water, and lots of Goldfish...
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    ... In summary: March 27th- Me: *calls* KH2 = when? :D EBGames: We'll have it tomorrow evening. March 28th- Me: KH2? EBGames: The shipment was just sent out and should arrive tomorrow around noontime. Me: ;_______; *dies* Oh yeah. That definitely killed my mood right then and there. -_-;
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    Happy K-H-freakin-2 day! Even though I don't get mine for at least another 12 hours. D: (Augh, cosplay would be so awesome! Except it's freezing outside ;_; and in school, 'cause the heat blows cold air.)
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    *just woke up an hour ago* Well, they tried right? ._. But hey, it's the 28th now. Someone is gonna get it up eventually. (And, if not, I'll try when I get mine xP)
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    Chill dude. You can't just make an upload magically speed up. Bleh, gotta go to bed. I'll join you all in the morning for the insanity that is sure to come. :3
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    xD Just hearing that it'll be up makes me want to stay up until it's posted! It's like Christmas eve or something. It's only 10 here. I'll be up till at least midnight anyway. Sanctuary or not. x3 We're so spoiled. D: ( Psh, I would've sat my butt right down in front of the TV for a few solid...
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    I am sitting here obsessively refreshing the page like, every other second! x3 It's pitiful. I'm pretty sure it's 'cause Square and Hikki specifically said it not be leaked? Er, that was the case right? Or am I hallucinating? o-o ^And the "aaahhh"s might be there after all? :D *boogieboogie*
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    kh2 opening video

    Opening, with Passion. Hah, you're lucky I uploaded it the other day to put it on a different computer. 82mb, high quality like BANG. I can play it fullscreen on my 1280x800 and it still looks good. :3
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    I begged and begged and begged, but since it's not: a. The last day before spring break b. A half day I will be at school. D: My mom is picking it up on her way home, meaning I'll have it around 7:30-ish. Tomorrow is going to be the longest school day of my life.
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    *FUN* how will KH2 control u once u own it

    I'm going to play nonstop and probably neglect my homework and forget to study for midterms. Come on. Girl's gotta have her priorities... :3 When spring break rolls around...Oh ho ho. Only meals, the bathroom, and dance classes will tear me away from my beloved! ;_; IF break ever gets here...