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  • :D you get another haliday?! damn i wish it was like that when i had school XD

    XD sorry thats yoh gettting elctricuted he's not really dead.

    i like your avie XD tho
    You have the big bird doll? XD
    My favorite character is the cookie monster XD I like how he goes crazy around cookies XD

    As usual? So you have had to do a lot of work? 0.0

    Do they have Sesame Street in Indonesia?
    Heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo XD XD XD

    How are you today? :D
    My bad for the late reply XP
    I like:
    D. Grayman, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some Soul Eater.
    How've you been?

    Oh, alright.
    See you later XD
    XD you seem to already have thought of it.
    XD i joke, here cat Shaman King 244 Page 11 - Free Manga Online, Free Manga, Read Free Manga at Ten Manga

    bye D:
    D: You should drink as much milk as you can. It helps you grow.

    O_O Those animals are dangerous. They make traps and have weapons.

    what is?
    D: why you cry? i dotn like it when you cry >:3

    ...then do you know what its about? XD cause it confused me.
    Maybe 0.0 I drank a lot of milk when I was younger.

    Sometimes the cats win the fights O.O Or they tame the dog O.O

    D: Poor Cinnamoroll, where would you put him?
    I don't either XD I just eat a lot because I need a lot of energy.

    Hello Kitty is Cinnamoroll's pawn, a mere puppet in his grand scheme.

    D: You would kill Cinnamoroll O_O; You're dangerous!
    XD i cant either.
    XD we'll be better keybladers than sora!

    D: cant you sneak over a boarder or something...wait no dont do that -_-
    then she isnt a student cause she's smart and she didnt get to germany the hard way she just bought it like a spoiled brat.
    You should make one soon X9 My list gets bigger and bigger.

    You didn't know? O_O Cinnamoroll is magical...

    It doesn't matter, he'll swallow you whole O_O;
    D: dont cry! if it helps i cant either XD im not good at sports.
    :D how bout we learn to use keyblades!

    XD they'll just send her with you cause of her stupidness.
    You have a food list now?!? :D

    0.0 But cinnmoroll is immortal though. XD

    That's just an act so you will get close... Then it eats you! O_O;
    XD but we could hide in shadows like ninjas!
    i heard that kendo gets boring :3

    thats descrimination! D:< why is your family still there if its that way?
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